Best Total Drama Seasons

The Top Ten
1 Total Drama World Tour

This the best season of Total Drama, only just ahead of season 1. I wasn't a big fan of Gwen not making merge and Noah getting eliminated.
It would have been cool if Duncan got voted out before Gwen and Courtney because I was never really a massive fan of Duncan.
The Drama was great and I felt sorry for those that got voted out because of Alejandro, DJ should have made merge but not the finale.
Noah should have made it further than Owen because Owen always makes it to merge. Same with Duncan.
Overall, this is a great season, 8/10 rating from me.

By far the best season. I loved Alejandro and my favorite character of all, Cody, makes it to the final 3. And as a big Star Wars fan, I loved the revenge of the sith reference at the end where Alejandro, burned and scarred, becomes the drama machine, reminiscent to the scene where a limbless, burnt Anakin becomes the feared Darth Vader, Chris even had a black cloak on during the time. Every part parodied the scene, apart from the beginning where Chris asks Chef about how long it will take. Overall, an amazing scene with an awesome reference at the end

Sierra is very underrated but I personally think she's hilarious. Alejandro, Heather, Cody, like the top 5 made this season. Especially all there voices I mean like they're amazing. The aftermath have also improved a bit. Plus I love the Bruno and Bridgette thing. Heck even Blainiely made it funny. The only thing I'm concerned about is the eliminations. I think Bridgette should have made it longer like at least top 8. Hear old should also go up like top 6. Other then that I loved this season.

I can see why World Tour is so popular it has many memorable factors such as
-The drama(The love triangle between Duncan Courtney and Gwen for example)
-New faces! Don't get me wrong I adore the OGs but it was nice to see new faces.
-Introduces audiences to one of the most Manipulative villains this show has seen
-Musical Numbers! This was so fun to watch in my opinion

Great season! a 910

2 Total Drama Island

Absolutely legendary! Why is this not number 1? Apart from dodgebrawl and that's off the chain all the episodes are great! Gwen is the true winner, and every character is at their best this season. My only complaints are that sadie should have been eliminated in episodes 6 because Katie is more athletic than sadie, as shown in dodgebrawl and courtney should have merged, whereas owen shouldntve.

This season was the best! The characters were well written, the couples developed nicely, and I wouldn't want to forget the DRAMA! After this season the characters personalities changed, couples were ruined and it just started to get boring... I mean I don't remember Courtney being a villain in season 1, Heather changed allot too. so did Gwen, the awesome goth girl with the attitude changed into a complete joke. And don't even get me started on the new cast ugh! Anyway all I have to say is this was the best season.

This is my favorite season. It is so good! Things I would have changed:
Tyler getting eliminated before Courtney because Tyler is better.
Katie and Sadie lose the challenge for the Killer Bass because it was pointless.

This season is also very good but when Katie was eliminated, Sadie didn't really didn't do anything, I think it would be cool if Sadie made merge but not make it that far, maybe before Bridgette got eliminated. Speaking of Bridgette, her and Geoff were my favourite couple in this season, but later on it just dissolves.
Overall, it is a great season but gets second out of seven, 7.5/10 from me.

3 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Second fave season, second only to Pahkitew island (I can feel you judging me). I just love that the characters are realistic, and Noah and Emma have one of the biggest 'Will they, won't they?' relationships in TD history. I kinda wish it was Geoff and Duncan, or Geoff and Dj instead of Brody, but he was a pretty good character too.

Wow!, was this season was a breath of fresh air. A brand new cast and new host. This season is honestly amazing! The challenges are tough and you can really feel the constants struggle to not be the last team to arrive at the chill zone. And this season is also very suspenseful, more so than TD's elimination ceremony but that's just my opinion.

definitely recommend it.

Not a real total drama season, just a spinoff. Chris McLean is missing, and only four stupid characters, Owen, Noah, Leonard, and Geoff returned.It should've been Geoff and Bridgette on one team, to replace the stupid Dater/Hater team. Owen and Noah are good, but where is Duncan, Gwen, Heather, Jo, Lightning, and Ezekiel?Ezekiel should've returned and at least've been 17th.I think Chris should've hosted this season, Chris or Topher.

This season was such a breath of fresh air! It saved us from the crap that was all stars and pahkitew island! With 32 new characters, most of them were great! Of course there were some bad characters like tammy, Taylor and Mary, but apart from that it was a great season. Its basically world tour with different characters, no songs but more positively, NO CHARACTER DERAILMENT! They had female winners, legendary villains and the great emah ship!

4 Total Drama Action

One of my least favorites honestly.
I don't know why but I just find it kinda boring and you couldn't even tell Courtney and Justin were meant to be the main antagonists of the season. I was also really upset that Beth won instead of Duncan

There is so much wrong with this season. The finale should have been Lindsay vs Harold. Duncan was a screen hog and he wasn't much of a bad boy. Courtney was so much different and I didn't like it. Gwen dumped Trent just because he liked the number 9. I hate how Duncan helped end Gwent. Heather was not the same. Justin was supposed to be a villain but he only was a villain for an episode or two. I didn't really feel like Beth should have gone to the finale and TDA character development is knowhere near the quality of TDI. Neither Duncan nor Beth deserved to win, I hated the Aftermath show mostly because Geoff and Bridgette were hosts. Geoff and Bridgette are some of my favorite characters but the Aftermath show kind of ruined them. Katie and Sadie should have hosted haha. I hated how Owen was a villain but not as much as others do. Also sometimes the challenges were lame and I did not enjoy how Duncney was kind of forced. Anyway there were some good parts. Lindsay, Justin, and Harold ...more

This season sucks. It is the worst. I thought Duncan would get nicer but he got meaner. Courtney being a villain was stupid too. Justin started off with great potential. He was the light of the season...only for a short time. He wasn't mean enough. He turned into just a whiny brat. Trent and Gwen broke up. All the characters became bland and dumb and lost their development. This season sucks. World Tour was good but total Drama was damaged so badly because of action that it made world Tour worse

Underrated season. It was a hilarious season though flawed (Bridgette and Geoff's constant kissing and Courtney being even more annoying in this season than any other). Justin, Lindsay, Beth, and Harold who are really awesome characters, really got to shine in this season. Which was great!

5 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Revenge of the Island was pretty good for the most part. I really loved the cast, they were so interesting! And as much I love the og cast we needed a break from them. Another part of this season that I really enjoyed is Zoey & Mike's relationship. They are just adorable!

Overall I'd say a 810

I liked this season, don't get me wrong, but it wasn't the greatest Total Drama could do. I would have liked another Original Cast season. At least All Stars brought them back. The Mike-Zoe subplot was good, but all kinda fell apart when Mike was voted and only finished 6th. I liked the idea of Brains and Brawn (Cam and Lightning) in the finale. I might have preferred Scott or Dawn instead of Lightning though.

I like Total Drama Island and Worl Tour nore than this season. But I have the most respect for this season as his started fresh with a new likeable bunch of characters. I don't like all of them (Staci, Anne Maria) but half of ny favorite characters are from ths second generation of characters like Zoey, Cameron, Brick, and my two all time favorites, Mike and Scott. This season was a blast. 8/10

This was a decent season. I think it's good at number 3. I liked the characters in this season, but some were bad. Overall, the new characters were pretty good, the season was well written out with a good plot, and the characters interact well with one another

6 Total Drama All-Stars

I know this one gets a lot of hate, but I personally love it. Sure, characters like Sierra and Lyndsey went right back to normal after all the character development but I don't know. Scott was so better and became one of my favorite characters, as he is more of a comic relief character. Although, the fact Zoey won was kinda boring because she kept winning all the challenges anyway and is a total Mary Sue. It would've been so funny if Courtney and Scott got into the final two but that's just my opinion. I give this season an 8/10, one of my favorites to rewatch!

I don't hate it as much as most people but it does have some serious flaws. Scott and Courtney would have been a better finally. Like I think Mike deserved a win and this season made the most sense but Scott and Courtney would have given the finally some real competition and both are overdue for a win. Also the fact they made Courtney lose her development after finally getting it was just wrong. I also think that it would be controversial finalists but I think they would be interesting. Mike and Zoey are good character but overplayed in that season and by the time I reach the finally I am tired of them.

This season was the worst! Lindsay being kicked off first really upsets me because everyone likes Lindsay and she should have a chance to win! The animation was different, the challenges were boring, the elimination contained spoilers, and the finale was stupid. They put the wrong campers in the wrong teams. Gwen should of been with the hero's and Courtney should of been on the Villain's. And the idea of Duncan switched to a hero and Cameron switched to a villain was really dumb. That made Duncan turn into a boring character, and how is Cameron a villain?

So many things wrong with this season...don't get me wrong I love the fact that they merged the two generations but some of these characters are not all stars and don't get me started on the finale and the plot oh my goodness terrible season 510 don't watch it!

7 Total Drama Pahkitew Island

This season is so hated, but man I liked it. Yes it is one of the worst but, I could say it is worst of the best. Seriously, I would have given at least 7/10 to it as it was epic. All characters were fun and had some gimmick to them. Yes they weren't developed as good as characters of 1st and 2nd cast, but still are quite memorable (Except for Beardo). The best of them are definitely Shawn, Jasmine and Sugar. Athlough my favorites are Scarlett and Max. Challenges were quite interesting like contestants building houses for themselves, or their own challenges, etc. Once again, this season is not bad at all, but it is the worst out of all (except for All Stars), and once again, I would have given 7/10 to it at the very least.

I just love Scarlett. She kept me watching this, she was my Bi awakening, love her character design, kinda hate Max and Amy. Jasmine and Sammy were cool too. The idea of the island being robotic was good in theory, but it was executed quite badly, that's my only major thing I dislike about this season. So much better that Action

Total Drama Pahkitew Island was my favorite season. A lot of people hate on this season because it's a new cast. The same old cast gets boring after a while and it was good to see them bring in new characters, that are all likeable in their own ways. I think Tom McGillis knew what he was doing when he brought the new cast in, Jasmine, Shawn, Ella and Max were all great along with many others. The characters had more distinct personalities, the relationships had development, along with the friendships. The challenges were fun, and there was a decent amount of action to keep it fun and interesting. This season was the best, and had the best characters, along with island.

Ok we all have opinions I got that. I find this is the most underrated season. Yes I do agree some of the characters were just kinda silly. This is season included a member of my top 3 al time favorite total drama characters Jasmine. Anyways I would say this season could have been better but it was still decent. I do some complaints though.
1. The contestants are getting starved. Considering the level of activity they have they need a breakfast and other meals.
2. Chris was sorta annoying
I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. He started to get really annoying in TDAS I would say he was ok in the season but still kinda annoying
3. A lot of characters were rip offs
Sky- don't get me wrong I love sky but she pretty much is a Zoey, Gwen, and Courtney in season 2 combined.
amy- basically the lesser Heather
Dave- his appearance reminds of Mike but his character reminds of Cameron.
Sugar- basically the girl version of Owen