Best Total Drama Seasons

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1 Total Drama World Tour Total Drama World Tour is a Canadian animated television series that aired in 2010. It is the third season of the Total Drama series, and it involves contestants traveling around the world to compete in various challenges. The series is known for its parody of reality television shows, particularly... read more

I really like this season! I think this season is really good because: 1. It fixes some of the problems Action created. Not only that, I actually like Heather. I love how she didn't totally screw over her team for the most petty reasons and how she put her manipulative ways to use and actually win. 2. It's kind of like season 1, but even cooler mainly because of the world traveling. Overall, this season was probably the best!

Heather and Alejandro were the only two contestants who played the game with strategy. Every other contestant just 'went with the flow' and tried to win. The two 'villain characters' both made it to the finale because they deserved it. The only thing I didn't like was Zeke destroying the money at the end, but overall it was amazing and my favorite season by far.

2 Total Drama Island

This season was the best! The characters were well-written, the couples developed nicely, and I wouldn't want to forget the DRAMA! After this season, the characters' personalities changed, couples were ruined, and it just started to get boring. I mean, I don't remember Courtney being a villain in season 1.

Heather changed a lot too, so did Gwen. The awesome goth girl with the attitude changed into a complete joke. And don't even get me started on the new cast - ugh! Anyway, all I have to say is this was the best season.

3 Total Drama Action

There is so much wrong with this season. The finale should have been Lindsay vs. Harold. Duncan was a screen hog, and he wasn't much of a bad boy. Courtney was so much different, and I didn't like it. Gwen dumped Trent just because he liked the number 9. I hate how Duncan helped end Gwent. Heather was not the same. Justin was supposed to be a villain, but he only was a villain for an episode or two.

I didn't really feel like Beth should have gone to the finale, and TDA character development is nowhere near the quality of TDI. Neither Duncan nor Beth deserved to win. I hated the Aftermath show, mostly because Geoff and Bridgette were hosts. Geoff and Bridgette are some of my favorite characters, but the Aftermath show kind of ruined them. Katie and Sadie should have hosted, haha. I hated how Owen was a villain, but not as much as others do. Also, sometimes the challenges were lame, and I did not enjoy how Duncney was kind of forced.

Anyway, there were some good parts. Lindsay, Justin, and Harold were all great in this season. Late TDA was actually amazing after Gwen and Trent were gone, and Courtney was there. I loved the murder mystery.

4 Total Drama: Revenge of the Island Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is another installment in the Total Drama franchise, premiering in 2012. This Canadian animated series introduces a new cast of characters who participate in increasingly outrageous challenges on an island. Like its predecessors, the show is a parody of reality television,... read more

This one is definitely the best season. I liked how they were singing and how Blaineley joined and revealed all that no one knew. I also loved spotting Ezekiel hiding. I also noticed lots of character development, and some were bad. I hated the way so many people betrayed their couples (e.g., Bridgette and Duncan). Gwen also ruined my favorite friendship between her and Courtney.

I absolutely loved Sierra's character and how she would do anything for Cody. I love the end when she finally understands that they can just be 'best friends'. I loved how Heather adored Alejandro but tried to keep it quiet. Some of the songs were amazing (e.g., Loving Time/Rowing Time). I also enjoyed watching Duncan and Alejandro compete, and Heather and Alejandro compete.

I disliked the way no one but Heather, Sierra, Noah, and Cody realized what Alejandro was doing. Noah's unfair elimination was interesting, and I loved it when Lindsay realized that Tyler was back. I love their relationship and think that it is the least toxic relationship that season.

5 Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race is a Canadian animated television series that first aired in 2015. It is a spin-off of the original Total Drama series, but rather than being a parody of reality TV shows like "Survivor," it parodies "The Amazing Race." The series showcases different teams... read more

Wow! Was this season a breath of fresh air! A brand new cast and new host. This season is honestly amazing. The challenges are tough, and you can really feel the contestants struggle to not be the last team to arrive at the chill zone. This season is also very suspenseful, more so than TD's elimination ceremony, but that's just my opinion.

10/10, definitely recommend it.

Second fave season, second only to Pahkitew Island (I can feel you judging me). I just love that the characters are realistic, and Noah and Emma have one of the biggest 'will they, won't they?' relationships in TD history. I kinda wish it was Geoff and Duncan, or Geoff and DJ instead of Brody, but he was a pretty good character too.

6 Total Drama All-Stars

I know this one gets a lot of hate, but I personally love it. Sure, characters like Sierra and Lindsay went right back to normal after all the character development, but I don't know. Scott was so much better and became one of my favorite characters, as he is more of a comic relief character.

Although, the fact Zoey won was kinda boring because she kept winning all the challenges anyway and is a total Mary Sue. It would've been so funny if Courtney and Scott got into the final two, but that's just my opinion. I give this season an 8/10, one of my favorites to rewatch!

7 Total Drama Pahkitew Island

Total Drama Pahkitew Island was my favorite season. A lot of people hate on this season because it's a new cast. The same old cast gets boring after a while, and it was good to see them bring in new characters that are all likeable in their own ways.

I think Tom McGillis knew what he was doing when he brought the new cast in. Jasmine, Shawn, Ella, and Max were all great along with many others. The characters had more distinct personalities, and the relationships had development along with the friendships. The challenges were fun, and there was a decent amount of action to keep it fun and interesting. This season was the best and had the best characters along with the island.