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1 Jason - Mighty Morphin'

The most selfless, yet confident leader of any PR generation. And the only Ranger skilled enough to go toe-to-toe (vs initially evil Green Ranger) with an enemy skilled and focused enough to defeat all of the other Rangers at the same time.

Let 's admit, Jason was the best. Not only cause he was a team player, but he was the first. Sure him and Tommy had so trouble but no ranger is perfect. But as Red, Jason wins. If it's the. 6th ranger I'd pick Tommy. Wasnt a big fan of Jason as a Gold Ranged.

Jason is and always will be the best. He was everything a leader should be, he was everyone's big brother, he always but his team before himself, and he never asked for anything in return.

2 Conner - Dino Thunder

He's the underdog. He is easily looked over.

He was my favorite because of his coolness in most situations

He had so much power and was a great leader with humour and fighting skills

3 TJ - Turbo

He is the first black man to be a Red Ranger; not Jack, not Scott, and not Jayden.

TJ is nice guy and he was the first to say when I was a kid I always wanted to be a Power Ranger. He got his wish. He even destroyed a powerful monster that the megazord was unable to do.

TJ is the first black leader of the Power Rangers.

He's nice and he's willing to work with others unlike other red rangers we know like Jayden the loser, Scott the mean red, Jen the ugly girl. Wes the weakling. Andross the annoying red.

TJ is the first black leader of the Power Rangers.

Jack from SPD is a quiter and a loser.

Scott from RPM is a jerk.

Jayden from Samurai and Super Samurai is the worst Red Ranger in Power Rangers history.

Andross is underrated.

4 Wes - Time Force

Wesley is the best red power ranger not only did he had to prove his worth to become the red power ranger but he also won jen's heart. He you Ali possible the least selfish of all the power rangers. His just awesome. Please vote

You gotta admit, sending your friends back to the future to save their lives and after that fighting an army of cyclobots all by himself is pretty badass.

Wes is cool. But he got be leader at the end. Unlike the red alien ranger.

5 Scott - RPM

Scott was too bossy, but I personally loved him. Definitely a favorite. Not the best, but high up there. Then again, all rangers are great. Summer is gorgeous.

Scott suck as a red ranger. He should have been the pink ranger. He was playing butt darts on Spartacus.

After all he is better than red samurai ranger.

6 Casey - Jungle Fury

I love Casey. He wasn't a leader to start off with but he lead the team very well and if anyone forgot he saved Jarrod.

Obviously the best because he had the best story. he was the only ranger to lead the purple and white rangers, he like to fight empty handed and lets face it he is just a cool dude. oh and plus he was featured on the new powers rangers mega force and taught how to awaken there spirit animals. that's awesome!

Casey was awesome because he wasn't always awesome and isn't a perfect character and he's really relatable. Also he's really cute

7 Andros - In Space

I'm surprised he's so low on this list. Not only did he save the entire universe (have Jason and Tommy done anything like that? ) but he's also the first Power Ranger in the whole franchise who wasn't just a two-dimensional goody two shoes. He had some inner demons, and he went through a lot over the course of the series.

Andros is easily the best red ranger. He saved the whole universe by sacrificing Zordon. Andros should be tied for Jason and number one. And personally I don't think Tommy should've ever been a red ranger, sure he's a good fighter and everything but he's way too overrated. Andros for #1 or #2!

8 Carter - Lightspeed Rescue

You mean carter and he was way better then 21. He's in my top 10.

9 Tommy - Zeo / Turbo Thomas Oliver is a fictional character and the overarching main protagonist of the American live-action television franchise Power Rangers.

Tommy was, and is to this day, a ranger legend. Not only was he a great green ranger and white ranger, but he is was also an awesome red ranger in zeo, a real leader, unlike Jason, who was just sort of the lead charcter. Even many years later as the black ranger in Dino thunder, he was still kicking butt.

Jason way have been the original, but tommy improved upon him in every way.

He is not my favorite character in power rangers for sure, but I really like Jason David Frank (JDF)!

Timmy has ben a ranger enough times to from his own team.

10 Bridge - SPD
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11 Sky - SPD
12 Rocky - Mighty Morphin'

He was cool, funny, and an impressive martial artist (some of those kicks were crazy, and a lot of it was done by the actor, not a stunt double). He was one of the only red rangers not to regularly lead the team and this made him just a little more laid back, good for comic relief and a good second in command.

13 Hunter - Ninja Storm

He was good as the Crimson ranger. Sure it's not red but he still was AWESOME!

14 Troy - Megaforce

Troy is the best red ranger. He should be on first place. He's a great leader, loyal and a great fighter of martial arts. His character is so good, a lonely and a shy boy. The best power rangers are power rangers megaforce. I also want to say that my favourate pink ranger is Emma Goodall

He is the best ranger in fighting. He really hates bottle. In the legendary battle he was the leader of all legendary rangers. He also fight the evil Rob knight and defeated him.

Troy is the red megaforce ranger.

He's a great fighter. He makes Wes look like the butt of the joke. Jayden the res samurai ranger is a big fat loser.

15 Jayden - Samurai

Jayden has been shown the most patient, sacrifising and caring leader thus making him the best red ranger ever. He also values others'opinions and never bosses the others around. He also quick witted and sharp minded and can make excellent strategies on the spur of moments

Jayden should be in top ten. He can use his sword fluently. He has a very nice team spirit which no other ranger has. So he should be in top ten.

He is the best. I love his couple with pink ranger mia. She is my female favorite. And he's my favourite ranger

16 Mack - Operation Overdrive

He is the real red ranger.

I don't like Scott. The only think Scott did something right is that he made the Samurai Rangers look like weak losers.

He is the first ever robot to become the leader

He is the greatest character.

He makes the Ultimate Sacrifice to kill Flurios and himself by saving his teammates, and everyone

Jayden sucks!

Mack went out of his way to kill the main villain!

Jayden and Scott didn't do it/

Mack did!

17 Charlie - SPD

Charlie is so cool! The only downside is that she shook hands with Grumm... but she deserves to be in the top 5 red rangers... At least.

18 Shane - Ninja Storm
19 Jack - SPD

Jack is definitely the best and those who don't like him shouldn't isult him. TJ was really bad he bored to death. Jayden was a responsible red ranger and is NOT a loser

Red SPD ranger is an awesome ranger a thing missing is that he should have a separate megazord like red mystic ranger Nick.

Other than the original Red Ranger he is hands down the best Red Ranger and my personal number 1!

20 Eric - Time Force

He is the only one sixth ranger with red color and battelizer mode.

I hate his guts because of his attitude.

A true antihero to hero at the end.

21 Tyler - Dino Charge

Tyler is awesome! He's willing to help everyone before he was a ranger. His t rex Super Charge mode is pretty badass as well. Tyler for life!

How could you not like him? He's got the super dino charge mode and dino maximum and victory chargers to make a powerful blast.

Tyler is a great dino red ranger like Conner and Jason.

22 Leo - Lost Galaxy

He is cool and has a huge story arc.

He was the first red ranger to felt that he wasn't meant to be red until his older brother showed him that Leo was always meant to be red ranger.

He killed two main villains

23?! Really?! He's my all time favorite leader. And he's cute.

Leo defeated the main villains unlike Wes!

23 Lauren - Samurai

Lauren was a great red ranger. She showed that girls have power too. Right away she was ready to step up for jaden. She was also kind and compassite.

24 Aurico - Alien Rangers

Aurico is the first non-human red ranger.

Not trip the ugly green ranger

25 Nick - Mystic Force

Nick he is a perfect red ranger who never give up. He has a battlizer with fire heart and a legendary warrior mode. I say he is much powerful than red samurai ranger and red mega force ranger because they just do advertisement for them.

I loved Nick ( still do) in mystic force! He and Madison are a great couple!

Nick is the best red ranger ever he is strong and brave.

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