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1 Bughead (Betty and Jughead)

I LOVE THIS SHIP it will always be my favorite in real life and on the show they communicated and had so much in common it's an amazing ship!

They are endgame! Plus the Lili and Cole are dating in real life so it makes their on screen chemistry even better. And I know some people might disagree with me, and that's fine but no matter what Betty and Jughead always find a way back to each other, they're probably the most healthiest couple in the show. And I know some people say that Barchie will happen but I don't want it to and I don't think it will because Bughead is to strong for Archie just to break it all apart. I understand if you disagree with me but Bughead has always and will always be my favourite couple in Riverdale and in any TV show. We all need a Jughead Jones or a Betty Cooper in our lives. They're literally so cute and so is Lili and Cole in real life like in the heathers song Seventeen I couldn't see Jughead and Betty I saw Lili and Cole and that's what I love about their chemistry. I could go on for ages but they are endgame and there's so much to say about them I could go on for hours but anyway Bughead is ...more

Lili and Cole are dating irl, so that concludes that this is the best ship on and off screen. Like I get why Choni is number one, like QUEENS! But, Bughead will never leave my side. The first half of the second season kind of almost messed up everything and my life was upside down. But it got better. A boyfriend who SACRAFICES himself? Mainly, the ship concludes my favorite character, (Jughead) Betty on the other hand doesn't really scream "best girlfriend". But she is still really cool and hard-working to TRY to live normally. Together, Romeo and Juliet NEVER EVER leaves their side. It really never ends with the breaking up and getting back together. But sticking together is their special secret power. Another thing is that they are the COMPLETE opposite and that suits my liking. Besides the fact that they are both very flirtatious with each other, a dark person, and a girl next door. In my opinion, "dark betty" I don't like. I don't mean to be rude, but it's kind of, well wrong in a ...more

Season one was probably how I started getting into the bughead fandom. I just love it. Jughead and Betty were cute together and everything. The kisses, the magic, the same mystery loving Sherlock stuff is what made me fall in love with it.

But season 2 just put everything in denial. Jughead and Betty both went dark and pulled apart. With Jug being a serpent and all. That's when I just had it. But I still love them despite their flaws. And since they're dating irl, I just love it even more.

2 Choni (Cheryl and Toni)

I think Cheryl and Toni are the best couple right now. With Betty and Archie cheating, I think Bughead's down the drain for sure. The first kiss was forever iconic and I loved Cheryl's coming out story. Though I think it was a little messed up when Toni was singing Call your Girlfriend which is a song about breaking up with your girlfriend I felt bad for Cheryl. I feel like they bring out the best in each other. Pleasee make their be a Toni storyline without Cheryl and enough with the tickling stuff. Also I hope Cheryl can meet Toni's parents and find out her backstory.

Love them.! # justice for Cheryl, she deserved to continue with Toni, who was a jerk to her since she knows Cheryl is not her family!

Omg I've been watching this show for like forever! And I can not get over this ship, they are the best ship in Riverdale I can't wait to see their future together!

100% the greatest couple on the show. They are the only couple I really trust to stay amazing throughout, unlike both Bughead and Varchie, with for me were both ruined by season 2.

3 Varchie (Veronica and Archie)

People like to say that Veronica and Archie's relationship is mostly just sex but that's absolutely not the case. Yes, they didn't have the same start as Bughead who had sex for the first time after a long time of dating and I think this is why people see Varchie as a fast burn who is destined to end. However, they had instant chemistry from the first time they locked eyes and tried to fight those feelings for the sake of their friend during the entire season 1 and did too during a good part of season 3. They've been good friends, being supportive of one and another when needed, and never failed to find comfort in each other. After that, season 2 and 3 just showed us that they are meant to be. I agree that Veronica does more for Archie than he does for her. She's been this crazy uplifting force that helped him every single time whether he asked for it or not so I really don't understand how she's portrayed like a succubus. They definitely have more of an unspoken connection through ...more

Varchie is my all-time favourite Riverdale couple. The lengths that they go to for each other and to be together is unreal. It truly does show that their love for each other overpowers every obstacle that comes their way. Also, I think it's so beautiful that Archie was the first and only person to show Veronica what love was and what it felt like, and I feel like that's something that she will always carry with her. Not to mention that they've been Riverdales Epic Love Story since the first episode when they had the "love at first sight" meet. Yes, they do have sex a lot, but who could blame them, they're two very attractive people, and that's their way of showing their love for each other. Also, if people want to say they're just sex, then I think they should take a look at barchie, who is literally friends with benefits in season 5. Anyways I genuinely do believe they will get back together, get married and be endgame.

Like really despite being the rich girl, Veronica always had tenderness for Archie. Honestly she had helped him a lot. And Archie do really love her. If it's just for sex he wouldn't have risked his life for her. In S3, they really showed how they actually love each other a lot. Their Chemistry is the next level. They understand each other. And Veronica even though she married someone else now,she's still in love in Archie for sure. And I think do gets jealous sometimes seeing her with Chad. Hope they get back together cause they're a Great Couple.

They are endgame. Their the perfect couple and the cutest. There my favorite couple they are the reason I watch riverdale. I love them so much. I wouldn't even know what to do If they weren't a couple.

4 Beronica (Betty and Veronica)

Way better than Varchie in my opinion and they would be more believable as a couple, but knowing the writers it's probably never going to happen unfortunately.

It would def be an unexpected twist on the show. They should just ditch their boyfriends and go on a romantic getaway together.

I think it pretty cute, I don't ship it as much as Bughead! I love Bughead!

Since they kissed, I've been shipping them. Hard.

5 Falice (FP and Alice)

I ship! I mean I honestly feel like they would get secretly married so Bughead can date and nobody will know they are step siblings, but if they end up hurting the chances of Bughead I will kill them make no mistake >:c

They are just so perfect together. They complete each other in a unique way. They are definitely soulmates and deserve to spend the rest of their lives together. They love each other a lot and it is really beautiful!

I love that they rekindled something old and made it something new. No offense but I hope they don't get married because everyone wants to see Bughead get married so if Falice gets marries it would be incest for Betty and Jughead

I stan them and I don't mind them getting married as well but I don't want that to affect bughead by any means. I fact it would be cute to see bughead cringing over falice romance like they did in season 4 episode 16

6 Barchie (Betty and Archie)

Barchie for life, nothing will ever change my mind. its just the looks they give each other it's so real and pure than varchie. varchie is all about whose gonna rip their shirts off first and I don't like that not even bughead is like that. varchie is probably the worst ship I have ever encountered and trust me I watch a lot of shows

Everyone likes Betty and Jughead, but I like Betty and Archie. Even though people say that Bughead works because they're so different, in reality, they are VERY similar. Barchie is so cute together and they have a more healthy relationship than Bughead or Varchie (which is wayyy too sexual)

They have been iconic since season 1 episode 1. They have been iconic in all the t.v. shows movies and comics. They have such a great connection and care about each other so much. They have been best friends and next door neighbors since day one. They really deserve a chance and I hope barchie will eventually rise.

They are the main two characters I love them together they probably should have been together since the beginning. They are best friends and its great for your boyfriend to be your best friend. they would make an amazing couple I ship them soooooo much BUT I am varchie forever.

7 Cheronica (Cheryl and Veronica)

There friendship is probably my favorite friendship In riverdale. I thought they were goi g to date from the beginning they would be sssoo cute but I am a varchie fan.

Cheryl was definitely into her in season 1, everything she did with Toni in season 2, she did withRonnie earlier, if they would stop being cowards and let Ronnie be bi, we would have a power couple on are hands

Could be a great couple

Now they would be so cute.

8 Kevangs (Kevin and Fangs)

My favorite ship for both characters, they could of been up there with Choni if they were treated better.

Fangs is the best suited for Kevin!

I ship and there a really good couple but no where near as good as Bughead or Varchie

9 Joavin (Joaquin and Kevin)

I am crying every time I see or hear Joavin.

10 Swangs (Sweet Pea x Fangs)

I love a good bromance and they bromance was lokwy fire I do ship the bsf thing not the couple but #swangs.

Best ship ever! Swangs is my world!

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11 Cherie (Cheryl and Archie)

I think these are great. Try reach out to cw and see whether they can make happen in the foreseeable future.

They look like twins

I ship it so much

12 Regonica (Reggie and Veronica)

Veronica has been hurt a lot by Archie and with Reggie she has stability when she was with him she was happier and more e independent Reggie is good for her so O ship them more than VARCHIE.

Feel like of Veronicca and Archie were ever to break up, Veronica would start to fall for Reggie. Even though Reggie is far from perfect, I feel like Veronicca would be that type of girlfriend to whip him into line.

They look so good together in rl so why can't they stay together in the show. Besides its way more conferrable tokiss your girlfriend in the show you both work on, instead of watching her make out with KJ Apa.

No it should be Veggie

13 Moovin (Moose and Kevin)

They are literally the cutest! I ship

They are so sweet

They were so pure.

14 Lopaz (Veronice and Toni)

Hands down now knowing that cami who places veronica said she would want her character veronica to be bisexual and she also said that she would love to date toni topaz and vanessa morgan who places toni said the same thing that should would date veronica if choni broke up.

They would be pretty adorable together though.

I shipped it forever.

15 Jurger (Jughead and Burger)

We all know how much Jughead loves burgers and this is the perfect ship.

BEST SHIP EVER! we all know jug loves him some burgers so this ship has to be switched to top tier

I just love these joke ships. In all fandoms.

This ship is just hilarious and I love it!

16 Coopaz (Betty and Toni)
17 Jarchie (Jughead and Archie)

I think of this more as a friend kind of ship since I don't completely see them together, but I can kinda see it!

Come on, who doesn't love the sense of lgbtq. the brother-like relationship is so adorable!

Jarchie will rise

18 Hiail (Hiram and Jail)

I love this have you guys seen all the seasons I can't wait for 4!

He got what he deserved

Hiram belongs there

This is amazing

19 Vughead (Jughead and Veronica)

Since the beginning I wanted them together. But it just never happened. So I got used to Bughead and Varchie. But still if they ever happen in the future,I'll have no regrets. Cause I think they'll be cute together. And when they kissed I knew they had chemistry. So yeah.

I think they have a lot in common, which could make them both develop a strong bond. Also, they complement one another in a nice way and would be an unexpected couple.

It's not very popular but I think their mutual level of sass is just skksks slay me.

Vughead needs to happen !

20 Veggie (Veronica and Reggie

Love them and this ship name so much! Reggie is just really hot and Veronica is super pretty so there you go!

Literally my favourite ship. Such a power couple

I think Reggie was there for Veronica when Archie wasn't and I think he makes her happier

21 Jolly (Jason and Polly)

Love me some incest

They are related

22 Swosie (Sweet Pea and Josie)

I love this ship they like a staright version of choni which is cute but they didn't end up together I wasn't mad but they could have been so cute.

That Swosie kiss on 3x1 left me SHOOK. They would be cute together, irl and in Riverdale. I love Swosie.

Am I the only person that ships this?!

Should be more than a fling!

23 Betshake (Betty and Milkshake)
24 Archosie (Archie and Josie)

Them to me were really cute! I loved their dynamic and their love for music and they were both really supportive of each other.

They were a cute couple and Josie and Archie brought the best of each other

25 Roni (Rosalind Walker x Toni)
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