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In superpower anime, sometimes the primary power system can make or break the series, depending on how well-structured the system is. This list is not dedicated to the strongest powers or even the most popular. Instead, it is to determine the best-made systems of anime abilities based on practicality, creativity, & fundamentals. More specifically, it should try to ignore systems that let certain users get overpowered with little to no consequence (unless there is a good reason for it instead of just "because they're the protagonist.").
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1 Nen - Hunter X Hunter

While many of us didn't expect this system to turn out as amazing as it did at first, by the time of the Phantom Troupe arc, most HXH fans came to realize the sheer perfection of the Nen system. The beauty of this system is that instead of relying on sheer power to defeat their opponents, Nen users must rely on skill & creative use of their abilities in order to win. Everyone is born with a natural affinity toward one of six categories, & whichever class they're in determines how powerful certain types of abilities are when used. And, while some abilities seem broken or overpowered at first glance, they can only be used to their fullest potential if the user sets certain conditions in order for to use them, making abilities overpowered only in certain situations. And the insane number of unique & creative abilities is almost limitless, making me always excited to learn what a new character's Nen power will be. I can say without a doubt that the Nen system is the best anime power system of all time.

2 Grimoires - Black Clover

Grimoires are currently the most underrated power system in all of Shounen. The power system gives characters abilities that reflect their personality much like other top power systems (Nen, Stands) while also leaving room for inherited powers (Noelle having the Silva family's water mana and large mana pool). A character's mana type can be one of 4 elements (Fire, Wind, Water or Earth) but the mana type does not limit characters to only the 4 basic elements. The sky is limit in terms of which elements can be spawned from these 4 basic elements (Steel from Earth, or Lightning from Wind are the more simple examples, while more out there examples would include Cotton magic from Earth or Mirror magic from Fire). All of this is only scratching the surface of what makes Black Clover's power system awesome though. The best part of this power system is the way that characters learn new spells in moments of desperation. In other Shounen this might feel like plot armor or "the power of ...more

Because I love it

3 Stands - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

As, well, bizarre as this power system can get, the Stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are actually a pretty well-made ability class. The concept of creating psychic guardians that only other Stand users can see is unique & the fact that the users still have normal human limitations themselves requires them to be just as skilled defensively as offensively.

The amount of creativity and freedom you can get with stands is simply astonishing. All stand battles have tension because of this freedom and will have you wondering "how can the group overcome this" or "can anyone beat this stand?" it's truly amazing and an honestly great feeling.

Stands are so unique and something that's never been done before. Stand fights can be goofy and ridiculous or just straight up intense, its insane flexibility and creativity make it one of the best in anime.

4 Quirks - My Hero Academia

While the whole "humans evolving to display superpowers" bit is getting decently played out these days, the thing that makes Quirks so interesting is the fact that they actually seem like biological adaptations. Each character's ability displays a major facet of their personality. And, to keep (most) characters from getting too overpowered, each Quirk has some sort of limitation that requires lots of practice to get around, such as Bakugou & Midoriya's Quirks causing backlash if pushed too far or Aiyoma's naval laser giving him a stomach ache if he overuses it.

5 Alchemy - Fullmetal Alchemist

While it seems incredibly similar to magic, what with the whole rituals & symbol-drawing parts of it, alchemy heavily relies on the laws of biology, chemistry, & physics to ensure that it stays within the realm of possibility. Since the central foundation of this system is the Law of Equivalent Exchange, alchemists must make use of their knowledge & surroundings in order to properly utilize this power.

6 Personas - Persona
7 Minimums - Hamatora

One of the things that I love about this power system is that almost every Minimum requires some sort of object for use as a catalyst, such as Nice listening to his headphones to travel through the soundwaves when he snaps, Murasaki removing his glasses to increase his muscle density, or Honey using her tablet to see ten minutes into the future.

8 Haki - One Piece

I am glad they introduced Haki so that Logia type users wouldn't be ridiculously overpowered in the New World. And most importantly, it's a power that anyone can learn and master. And the potential is crazy. Much more balanced and reliable than Devil Fruits. And it lets you swim, so that's a bonus.

This is the best power

9 Tao - Black Cat

Since this system requires life energy to use it, overuse can have disastrous consequences. And that's only if you're one of the rare few to snap out of the coma you get from drinking the solution you need to unlock it. However, while dangerous if misused, this system still gives the users incredible power tailored to suit their individual traits.

10 Chakra - Naruto

The chakra system, along with the three techniques of combat, makes Naruto's power system unique and above anything else. Firstly, taijutsu, the way hand-to-hand combat is utilized in the whole universe, brings it to a whole different level when some main characters in the story survive solely by evolving their ability to throw punches, much like in the real world where epic fights such as Kakashi vs. Obito are chiefly held by using hand-to-hand techniques, with swords and kunais much like real ninjas. Secondly, Genjutsu - is there anything better than overpowering your enemy by putting them under an illusion? Yeah, that is what a genjutsu is, an illusion activated in different ways when engaged in battle, in which someone uses to have mental control over your opponent.

And most importantly, Ninjutsu, much like Nen in Hunter x Hunter, it is a life form inside of most people, which people use to manipulate and use in combat. Different from Nen, there are five main natures - fire, water, lightning, earth, and wind - and most people are more inclined to use one of them. However, in certain clans or certain ninjas, two or more are used to derive a kekkei genkai, which is rare throughout the universe. And the seals - the fact that you have to amass your chakra when using it to generate different seals makes the fighting even more beautiful in a way.

There is a huge array of jutsu, and different people use different ones. The fight is not limited by a single secret move you, as a fighter, have. It is easy to understand and to predict why someone would beat another person and on what premises. It is easy to understand the criteria to be regarded as a good fighter. It is epic, and the series had everything to be the best ever, but the writer got lazy as the season went on and made it worse with Boruto instead of doing a prequel on the warring periods.

The Contenders
11 Life Fibers - Kill La Kill
12 Devil Fruits - One Piece

The abilities you get from eating these rare fruits are pretty awesome & all, but what makes this so interesting is that anyone who eats one becomes completely disoriented upon contact with water. Which kinda sucks if you're a pirate like most of the people who find these things.

13 Trion - World Trigger

This is one of the best power system but it's underrated. The power is not overpowered or under powered, its just right. To overcome your enemies, you need to use your strategy.

I suggest you watch the anime to fully understand what I'm saying.

Trigger On!
World Trigger's power system is totally on par with with Nen (Hunter x Hunter).
It's restricted, but still requires creativity. I also love side effects.

Better than any other system in my opinion. the main character remains weak because he does not have a large amount of trion. Even though he goes through many training montages, he ultimately must rely on his strategies in order to win a fight.

14 Zanpakuto - Bleach

One of the most stable power systems which require hard work and training

15 Talk No Jutsu - Naruto
16 Psychic Powers - Mob Psycho 100

There's no better power system for a somewhat goofy, somehow down to earth anime about a kid who just wants to be normal.

17 Breath Styles - Kimetsu no Yaiba
18 Ki Blast - Dragon Ball Series

There are a lot of intense energy blasts a.k.a ki blasts in Dragon Ball Series which are incredibly powerful.

19 Spiral Energy - Gurren Lagann
20 Hamon - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
21 Pokemon - Pokemon
22 Impulse - Apple Black
23 Dying Will Flame - Hitman Reborn
24 Servants - Fate Series
25 The Spin - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

This is probably better than stands.

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