Top 10 Creepiest Commercials Aired During Children's TV Programming

These are the scariest/creepiest adverts to ever air on children's television. Ads that are so bad they would make any child wanna turn off the TV and go outside for a while. Feel free to vote and remix if you want.
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1 Krinkles the Clown (Rice Krinkles)

"What? Krinkles isn't number 1? How could you?! "

That's very simple. The Top 3 are more disturbing. But hear me out. This is still a truly disturbing commercial, appearing number 1 on most scary commercial lists I've seen. All it shows is a overly happy clown eating cereal. What makes this ad scary is two things. One, that the whole ad is in black and white so it already looks unnerving, and two, the design of the clown is very unsettling, with that long sinister grin painted across his face and those wide eyes (kinda reminds me of the Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, only this time it's made ten times more creepier by having it be a clown instead of a girl).

2 The Kinder Surprise Humpty Dumpty (Kinder Surprise)

I've already mentioned this ad a couple times so I'm gonna just describe it. It's a British commercial featuring a very human Humpty Dumpty speaking in a high-pitched gibberish, saying weird things like "CHOCADOOBY! " before falling off his wall. And believe it or not, the toy advertised in this commercial (Kinder Surprise) is still going strong today.

And people say Krinkles is scary...

I'm from England, the home country of this, and I am SO sorry about this airing on T.V.

This commercial makes me proud to be American.

3 Ronald McDonald Debut (McDonald's)

The McDonald's commercial that introduced Ronald McDonald to the whole world. But the weird part is that Ronald looks way more different than how he looks now. His design is very unusual for a clown and he has a deep creepy voice. You may have always thought Ronald was terrifying but what til you see this Robald.

Is that a yogurt cup on his nose? Jeez, he might get his schnozz stuck!

4 Baby Laugh-A-Lot (Remco)

This doll is just hideous to look at! A 70s commercial where it shows a very creepy looking doll laughing uncontrollably. The kids in the ad even turn to the screen and look like they're terrified. The doll was so creepy looking that the company that made it had to recall it due to complaints from parents who said that the doll scared their children. Thank god cause if I ever had a kid I would NEVER buy him/her this demon-possessed abomination!

At least Tickle Me Elmo was made for kids to love and get hyped this wasn't at all

5 Baby Wee-Wee Doll (Famosa)

A commercial advertising a seriously inappropriate doll for children. It features little girls playing with a doll that actually has a little wang (I'm not making this up). Unlike the Magic Potty Baby ad, it actually shows a little boy doll's private part. As truly terrifying as the Humpty Dumpty advert is, I had to give this the top spot for pretty much being child pornography. I really don't get how the director of this commercial wasn't arrested.

6 PS3 Baby (PlayStation 3)

A PS3 ad featuring a baby doll in a room with the PlayStation 3. We see it come alive and laugh and cry. It didn't make any sense at all. And believe it or not, this ad was part of a 150$ campaign. Let's just hope that the person in charge of that money was fired immediately.

Lets hope this never happens again!

7 The Creepy Australian NES Commercial (Nintendo Entertainment System)

An Australian NES advert featuring CGI Nintendo characters saying "YOU CANNOT BEAT US! " in creepy and distorted voices. Video games already have a bad reputation of being violent but I don't think it wise for Nintendo to add to it by making creepy commercials like this.

8 The Creepy Little Sun (Sprite)

I put this low because this commercial is a parody. It parodies how poorly designed some mascots can be at times (which makes them look creepy). I can respect it for that, but you still can't get over how overly cute that little sun guy looks with those eyes and that voice. It's still a creepy design.

9 Baby Secret (Mattel)

Another creepy baby doll commercial. While this one is not as bad as Baby-Laugh-A-Lot, it's still pretty unnerving. The appearance of the doll is already creepy enough, but what makes it more creepy is the fact that it whispers everything it says. Kinda sounds like a serial killer ready to stab you in the head.

10 Magic Potty Baby (Tyco)

This one is just gross. Apparently this toy is a baby girl in which you're supposed to make it take a leak and you can actually see it's urine coming down in a little cup. If anything, this looks like something R. Jelly directed.

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11 FIJIT Friends (Mattel)
12 Super Mario World 2: Yoshi Island (Nintendo)
13 Eggs (PlayStation 3)
14 Z is for ZALGO (Sesame Street)
15 Little Miss No-Name (Hasbro)
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