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Suits is a legal drama set in a fictional firm in New York City. The show follows our protagonist, Mike Ross, who talks his way into an associate job at the firm (originally Pearson Hardman) by impressing Harvey Specter. The two form a dynamic duo that is a force to be reckoned with.

However, Mike has a big secret that comes back to haunt not only him but everyone around him at the firm. (Viewer discretion is advised/Spoiler alert)
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1 Harvey Specter

Harvey Specter is honestly the best character in the show. Simply put, he's the most badass character on the show. He's very intelligent and will fight for his clients like no other lawyer, doing whatever it takes to win, no matter what. If my life were ever on the line, I'd want Harvey as my lawyer. The man is always confident, always knows the situation better than anyone, and can always anticipate his opponent's next move. He is the most feared yet respected lawyer in the business. He knows how to get deals done. He's the closer.

If Mike is Robin, Harvey is Batman. The two have an amazing friendship and are an unstoppable force in the courtroom. Without Harvey, there is no Mike, and the show doesn't work. The only real flaw is that Harvey doesn't always see the human aspect of the situations. He does have a heart, but when it comes to court cases, he cares more about the bottom line and winning.

2 Mike Ross

It's hard not to root for Mike even with his major secret. The main protagonist of the show may be a bit cocky at times, but when he's working with Harvey Specter, he pretty much has to be. Mike has a photographic memory, and he is very witty and skillful when it comes to finding ways to win in court, which was enough to impress Harvey Specter, and the rest is history.

I do enjoy seeing Harvey and Mike work together as a dynamic duo. Mike's photographic memory and quick, witty skill set pairs well with Harvey. And it's kind of fun to see these two form a bit of a bromance together. You'd think that he'd be set up to be an egocentric jerk, but this couldn't be further from the truth, actually.

Throughout the show, we see his struggles of belonging and we see his humane and sensitive side. Mike Ross cares about people and always wants to find a solution to do the right thing, regardless of the situation. He loves helping clients in need and caring for them in a way that Harvey doesn't, which makes him easy to root for. The show just isn't the same without him.

3 Donna Paulsen

Unlike most of the main cast of characters, Donna is not a lawyer. She was Harvey's secretary turned CFO for the firm. If Jessica is the head of the firm, Donna is the backbone of the firm. She's quick-witted with charm and literally a computer in human form. She's very intelligent and can immediately come up with a response in the heat of the moment, even before others know what to say. She's not one you can or want to pull a fast one on.

Donna doesn't let much get past her. She is someone whom anyone can turn to, and she'll always tell it like it is. She knows about Mike's secret all along and never tells anybody else, proving her loyalty to the firm and especially Harvey. Donna is definitely someone you want in your corner.

4 Louis Litt

At first glance, you'll probably hate Louis. He's a very jealous and petty man who has a short fuse. He was always playing second fiddle to Harvey. All he wants is to be seen, respected, and acknowledged within the firm. He hates Mike at first, which is reasonable considering Mike's secret, and he may give the associates a hard time, sometimes going too far, but he had a reason for it. He wanted the best for them and did so in a tough love sort of way.

He's an excellent lawyer who's very intelligent, especially when it comes to financial matters. He has his dark moments, and sure, sometimes he blows it, but his passion is rivaled by few. What really makes Louis Litt stand out in a great way is his quirkiness. When he's not being a serious lawyer, we see him and his quirkiness on full display, whether it's his situationship with Sheila, mud baths, or his love of cats. This man can be comedic gold.

5 Jessica Pearson

The best way to describe Jessica is the OG strong boss lady everyone looks up to. Throughout the show, we see her take command and lead the firm with an iron fist through the rough seas that is corporate law in the Big City. She never flinches, regardless of who comes for the target on her back, whether it's outsiders or internal pressure. She's always protective of her firm.

She's not afraid to drop the hammer on her own lawyers to keep them in line. She's the one that made Harvey as successful as he is, and despite being reluctant about Mike at first, she makes a big sacrifice for him. Simply put, she is the firm. Without her guidance, the firm would not have lasted at all.

6 Rachel Zane

Rachel is not only one of the best paralegals in the business but also in television history, for that matter. Rachel is an inspiring woman who's much more than just her looks. She shows that she's willing to be independent, and she manages to make her way into the world and becomes successful on her own without her powerful, influential father's help.

She's also very loyal to the firm and to Mike. Despite finding out about his secret, she supports him relentlessly. It feels a little bit unfair the way she left the show right about the time she was coming into her own. I would have loved to see her being a more formidable force for the firm and pair together with Mike, Harvey, and Louis.

7 Katrina Bennet

Katrina takes the cake for most honest and straightforward lawyer without any real sneaky tricks up her sleeve or any hidden agenda. Her dedication to the law and her work is admirable, and she proves her loyalty to the firm from the beginning, which the senior partners all appreciate.

My only real problem is Katrina feels a little "robotic" at times. We never really see her character outside the firm, which makes it hard to relate to her character because we really only see her in a work environment. She could be higher if we only had more of a backstory.

8 Daniel Hardman
9 Sheila Sazs
10 Jenny Griffith
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11 Robert Zane

Robert Zane is Rachel's big and powerful father. He can come off as pessimistic, yet he's very supportive of Rachel. You can see his protective instincts not only with his only daughter, Rachel, but for his team. He shows that he's willing to take a bullet for them and really cares about those who are close to him. He's a great leader and problem solver, always coming in clutch when his team needs him the most.

He's a great father figure to Rachel and Mike as well, for that matter, even if he does come off as a bit mean and aggressive most of the time. It's not until much later in the show we actually understand why Robert is the way he is.

12 Travis Tanner
13 Cameron Dennis
14 Charles Forstman
15 Edith Ross
16 Jonathan Sidwell
17 Trevor Evans
18 Sean Cahill
19 Dana "Scottie" Scott
20 Gretchen Bodinski
21 Harold Jakowski
22 Stephen Huntley
23 Edward Darby
24 Ava Hessington
25 Tony Gianopoulos
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