Top 10 Reasons Why Family Guy is Better Than The Simpsons

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1 Family Guy Takes Risks
2 Family Guy Has Better Characters

Here's what I think.

The original Peter is funnier and more caring than Homer, he may make fun of Meg, but he has a soft spot for her and doesn't attempt to strangle her to death like a certain ass.

Lois is less annoying and has a better voice than Marge, though to be fair Marge is more caring for her children.

Lisa and Meg are both underrated and I feel for the two, Lisa has to deal with bullying while Meg has harsh treatment from her family.

Bart is funnier than Chris, though I don't hate the latter. I also feel sorry for Bart nowadays, as he's ridiculed too.

Stewie is better than Maggie, he's more productive, funny, and he is more well-known.

The Simpsons and Family Guy are both tied, neither are as better as each other. Both need to die nowadays.

Homer vs. Peter: Peter. Homer has been shown to be homophobic, racist, sexist, and abusive. Peter is hilarious, plus you can actually see why Peter and Lois are together.

Marge vs. Lois: Lois. Marge has cheated on Homer. Marge isn't actually very funny.

Bart vs. Chris: Neither. Both are annoying and have serious issues.

Lisa vs. Meg: Meg. Lisa is so preachy and up herself, she tries to force her beliefs on other people and is really annoying when she does.

Maggie vs. Stewie: Stewie. Maggie is occasionally funny, but most of the time she does nothing. Stewie is one of Family Guy's strongest characters.

Santa's Little Helper vs. Brian: Brian. Santa's Little Helper does nothing, he is just a normal dog. Brian is hilarious, he and Stewie are a great duo.

Seriously? Brian stewie peter quagmire and joe aren't the only funny characters. you obviously don't watch family guy. It's way better than the Simpsons and the other hilarious characters are mayor west, Herbert, Cleveland, consuela, mort, Carl, dr. Hartman, greased up deaf guy, Ollie Williams, I mean, seriously?

Come on, who doesn't love Brian, the martini-drinking, Prius-driving, liberal, talking dog?

And let's not forget Quagmire. Giggity giggity goo!

3 Stewie

Stewie makes family guy..

I still prefer the Simpsons but stepwise and brain are legendary

4 The Simpsons are Trying to Be Like Family Guy Now

I Hate The Simpsons nowadays. I used to love it but now I hate it. I already hated when they called Family Guy as "plagiarism" because I felt like they refused to accept that Family Guy is a better show than them. Of course, everyone found it funny and hated when Family Guy made fun of other shows because Family Guy is essentially the punching bag for the Internet but I think The Simpsons is just a blatant rip-off of Family Guy, or at least it is nowadays. And it never acknowledges it because the general assumption from the writers is that the people who watch their show are stupid and don't have enough knowledge to notice that. Homer Simpson is now doing stuff only Peter Griffin would do and act like, Marge is turning into the Protestant mother who is Lois Griffin, Lisa's now acting like Brian Griffin at his absolute worst and Maggie, I hate Maggie the most. I hate how the writers basically stole Stewie's character and claimed that character as their own. The only original character ...more

I hate The Simpsons nowdays, but it certainly doesn't rely on suicide jokes, mean-spirited humor, unfunny gags, etc. However, I will agree that The Simpsons is less grounded and is instead relying on random humor and pointless plots that don't get the episodes anywhere.

Family Guy and The Simpsons both need to die, we had a comedy gold cartoon about a family for seven seasons (The Simpsons) and another for about three or four (Family Guy).

I'm more of a family guy person (10), my brother is more of a Simpsons person (8), it is always playing because he is always watching it and I was listening and they copy a lot about family guy.

Also just so you know it's the other way around. Family Guy sometimes copies The Simpsons.

5 Peter

Peter used to be a better father than Homer, but nowadays they're both tied.

Peter is so funny

6 It Has So Many Gags
7 It's Funnier

I like simpsons better but I have to admit that Family Guy makes me laugh more.

8 Everyone Looks Like They Would in Real Life and Not Yellow

It's just a style of animation, just like South Park looks cut out.

Seriously there yellow because it makes it creative.

Uh it's called stylization, ever heard of it.

This list is racist

9 The Simpsons is Dated

Simpsons started on BBC 1996 moved to Channel 4 in 2004, started on Sky One in 1990. The Simpsons is still funny. Even stupid episodes like Skinner being an imposter was funny. "Skinner likes dog food" then Homer eating it. Skinners name and Bart laughing, "Up yours" Abe trying to pull his mother, "In your dreams" which Abe took as a compliment and went to sleep and then getting him back to Springfield.

The Simpsons was comedy gold for about seven seasons (or more, depending on your opinion), nowadays it just reeks of age and it makes irritated to see how much of a sellout it is nowadays.

10 Family Guy Makes Funny Jokes, the Simpsons are Afraid To

In this world of political correctness and all that jazz, despite Family Guy announcing the cancellation of "homophobic" jokes, Family Guy still refuses to adapt to it which makes Family Guy still great. The people who criticise Family Guy for being too "mean" are missing the point. Family Guy was always like that, it was always supposed to be the anti-family sitcom and it still is. And whilst The Simpsons now feels like your average safe family sitcom, Family Guy is still embracing that lifestyle and hasn't forgot about that lifestyle. It's still challenging the viewer and trying to make humour out of otherwise dark situations which was what Family Guy always did, whether you think it was well executed or not. The Simpsons doesn't have the power to do that anymore because it now is basically targeted at families, something it was always supposed to go against. But Family Guy has said no, we will not start being "safe", we're willing to ruffle everyone's feathers. They're against ...more

The Simpsons have made dark comedy jokes. Usually episodes that people hate in later seasons.
Family Guy just wants to offend everything on the planet, if we ever find a real alien they will probably offend it.

Look, Family Guy and The Simpsons are some of my favourite T.V. shows but by the way it looks you only ever laugh at swearing or blood - Unnamed Google User Remade

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11 The Simpsons Should Have Been Cancelled at Season 16

No no no the Simpsons needed to be cancelled at season 11. Season 10 was the last good season.

The movie should of been the series finale.

12 Seth Macfarlane is Hosting the Oscars
13 Half of the Simpsons Male Characters are Played by Girls

Half of The Simpsons Male Characters Are Played by Girls? You mean Bart, Ralph, Nelson, the three bullies and millhouse. Yeah that's really half the cast of male characters (sarcasm).

The fact is that 99% of the male characters are played by men, and the simpsons is way better than fam guy.

Why does that matter?

This is sexist

14 The Simpsons Have Gone Too Far

I think this means that its been on too long, which, I'm sorry to say, it has.

15 Bart is So Unfunny

I like Bart because he doesn't want to physically hurt anyone, just pull pranks on others. He can also be wise. Bullies once picked on his new friend for being a Muslim, and he said that you shouldn't pick on someone because of their religion.

I still like Bart.

16 The Simpsons Relies on Celebrity Cameos

My favourite celebrity cameos in Family Guy is Michael Jackson. But I like other celebs too.

17 Lisa's Jokes are So Forced It Hurts

That picture is incorrect.

18 Family Guy Has Done Star Wars

So Star Wars is boring

So has the Simpsons.

19 Too Many Episodes About Lisa
20 Meg
21 Marge Constantly Criticizes Homer
22 Meg's Abuse is Funnier Than Bart's Strangles

Yeah! Take that Meg fanboys!

23 Milhouse is So Annoying
24 The Simpsons Has Marge
25 The Simpsons Once Used a Ke$ha Song as an Intro to an Episode
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