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1 Stiles Stilinski

I found Stiles to be the best character in the show from beginning to end. I was urged to watch Teen Wolf by many people, and eventually, I did but very late in the game. For the majority of season one, I was constantly cringing at Scott, Allison, Lydia, and Jackson because all of them were so unbelievably cliché that I could hardly bear it.

Derek, on the other hand, was a good character from the beginning, but he was not always there, and his character was so complex that it took some time to relate to him. Stiles was the polar opposite of all this. From the very beginning, Stiles made season one decent, bearable, almost enjoyable for me before season two onwards, where the series became far better.

The most important thing you have to realize is that Stiles' character foundation, if you tore his character down to the bare bones, was the forgettable best friend character, the supporting role, and replaceable. But Dylan O'Brien (his actor), the scriptwriters, producers, and directors all made him a character that was irreplaceable from beginning to end.

Even in the final season where he wasn't there all the time, the other characters just couldn't stop mentioning him over and over. He had managed to become so central to the series. Stiles was very funny, incredibly smart (only equaled by Lydia), resourceful, and unshakably loyal. And he never let being entirely human while the majority of the other characters were supernatural slow him down.

2 Lydia Martin

Lydia is the strongest and most influential character in the whole show. Season four basically revolves around Lydia and her powers, and she continually saves everyone but sadly gets none of the credit. She went through hell in season five and came out of it stronger and braver than ever before. Not only this, Lydia is a great example for young female viewers.

Lydia illustrates beautifully how being smart is cool and that you can have both a brain and be pretty. Her intelligence has saved the pack on multiple occasions, and she has received no praise. Looking back on the first couple of seasons, I would have never expected Lydia to be this important to the show, but Teen Wolf wouldn't be the show it is today without the Badass Banshee.

3 Scott McCall

I wish Scott were ranked #2 instead of Derek. I think he is much better than Derek in that he never thinks of himself, only his friends and family. He is the best good guy on TV right now, and the best part is that the actor who plays him in real life, Tyler Posey, is also the nicest guy you've ever met. So perfect! Such a sweet person.

Scott has amazing character and a pure soul. He would probably risk his life for a little bunny. His relationships with everyone are amazing, and the way he helped Liam grow and become a werewolf while trying to keep himself under control is so cool and cute.

4 Derek Hale

Derek Hale is so amazing. I love his character so much. He cares about everyone, even if he never shows it. It proves so much about his character when he told the Alphas to let his sister go, even though he was the one with the hole in his chest. He always tries to protect others, even when it gets him almost killed.

In season two, Scott says that Derek turned Isaac, Boyd, and Erica because of power, but that wasn't true. Derek could have turned anyone he wanted, not just teenagers who needed it, whether it be to escape an abusive father, recover from an illness, or have a pack. While some could argue that Derek only chose them because they would be most likely to say yes, he can turn anyone, whether they give permission or not, it doesn't really matter in the long run.

Maybe it really was about power in the beginning, but at the beginning of season three, Derek outright said that it was his life for theirs. He was willing to die for them, and even later on, when he said that the only option was killing them, it was obvious that even the idea of it devastated him.

I could keep going on about every time he risked his life for someone else's, but that's unnecessary because it would take too long to name every event.

5 Allison Argent

Allison Argent is the best damn character in the whole show. She should be at least in the top three. She is so underrated, but she brings a story to the show that no one notices.

I have one very important statement to make. Remember in the episode "The Divine Move" (Episode 24, Season 3B), Stiles was going to kill himself while the Nogitsune and the Oni were fighting the pack? It was all fake because it was the state between life and death. Kira explained this in the earlier episodes. The state is called Bardou, and whatever happens there is all in your mind. So, what if Allison "died" in Bardou? What if her death was fake...

6 Isaac Lahey

Isaac... oh my goodness, I miss him so much. He left so abruptly, and I couldn't handle that. He was such an adorable character, even on his own, but when he was in love with Allison... My heart couldn't handle the love! Plus, I love the funny shape of his ear. Random thought, go check it out. It's so cute.

I wish he came back. I miss him so much. He was different from the others, and I just loved him. Loyal, sweet, and funny. Daniel was simply perfect at portraying Isaac.

Honestly, Isaac was such a sweet and funny character. Not to mention, seriously cute. I was really wishing he would've come back for the finale. Definitely in my top three characters!

7 Malia Tate

Malia is a strong character who deserves better than she gets. She may not have been the smartest, but she was trustworthy. Any chance she had to help someone, she'd take it.

She gets hated on for apparently 'ruining' Stydia, yet before Stiles and Malia were a couple, Lydia wouldn't even consider being with him, especially in seasons 1 and 2. Malia has done nothing wrong, and I'll always love the best badass female character of Teen Wolf!

She is the best female character, hands down! We all know it. She might not have been in the show from the start, but that doesn't make us love her any less.

She's funny, caring, loving, hot, strong, and also very emotional, which makes me love her even more. Her development in just three seasons has been incredible, and people tend to forget about it.

8 Melissa McCall

Mama McCall FOREVER! And how cool is it that her name in real life is Melissa too? Way too cool for me to handle.

Scott's mom may be the most perfect mom in television history.

Such a good mom. Cares for everyone.

9 Kira Yukimura

Kira is my favorite female character. She is just so amazing and absolutely stunning, as well as fantastic with a katana. She is an absolute badass! Anyone hating on her is just jealous that after Scott and Allison broke up, he fell for Kira.

Kira has so much potential, both story-wise and power-wise. She is also a katana-wielding badass.

Pure and sweet, she's the cinnamon roll that deserves the world.

10 Liam Dunbar

He was amazing before he was even a werewolf (especially when he's playing lacrosse)! His loyalty and love for Mason is so sweet, and Layden is such a cute relationship. He's also a perfect addition to the pack. With no other werewolves still on the show beside Scott in the pack, he fits in perfectly as the "true beta." He's like a combination of both Scott and Stiles in the sense that he never gives up, he cares so much about his friends, and he's absolutely hilarious!

Liam Dunbar first appeared in Season 4 of MTV's Teen Wolf. He was a transfer freshman at Beacon Hills High School, coming to the school from Devenford Prep. Liam was bitten by Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and now struggles to control himself while helping protect Beacon Hills.

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11 Sheriff Stilinski

Sheriff Stilinski is the most loving father. He's smart, creative, unconditionally loving, and an integral part of the team. I adore this guy.

I love how sweet, funny, and kindhearted he is. The relationship between Stiles and his dad is amazing. To be honest, I watched the series because of these two.

It should be illegal not to love him. I cry every time he mentions Stiles' mom.

12 Danny Māhealani

An actual fleshed-out homosexual character. Danny being gay isn't treated like a huge thing or anything, just a Oh, Danny's gay? Cool, love that guy. Those amazing moments when he's with a boyfriend are done well.

Although voting for him because 'he's hot' devalues him as a character since, funnily enough, that's his actor.

Hot. Not my favorite, but he is hot. Also, I loved his relationship with Ethan. I mean, that was perfect. Pretty much everyone ships that.

He should be a recurring character past Season 3!

13 Chris Argent

Argent is a badass werewolf hunter who turned from douche to favorite.

14 Jordan Parrish

I love this character! Parrish is probably one of the best characters on the show. He is hot (both literally and metaphorically), stronger than all of the others, and he's sweet and caring. He always puts everyone else before himself. And the most important thing...he's a hellhound. I mean, come on! Honestly, the best thing is that the majority of the time he is shirtless or with just a pair of boxers on since he is crazy hot compared to any other Teen Wolf character. He should also be way higher up.

The more involved Jordan got in the plot, I found myself squealing whenever he came on screen. His entire character arc was fascinating to me, and I always wanted to see more of him.

He's so dutiful and adorable. He's such a seemingly ordinary individual, yet there's so much going on with him that he doesn't quite understand. He also delivers quite a few hilarious lines.

15 Jackson Whittemore

I think out of all the characters, Jackson is by far my favorite. A lot of people really dislike him, which I do understand in some ways, yet I honestly couldn't adore him enough. He has so much development. It's insane. He started off as a jerky jock type, which was instantly ripped away from him by Scott. His girlfriend, his sports, and his popularity went. He wanted it back. We all would if we were in his position, so he fought. He felt very threatened by Scott and Stiles as he just wanted to fit in.

Season two is when he develops the most and when my love for him grew. He just wanted to fit in, to have power, to be somebody. He never meant to be evil and hurt Lydia. That was never his intention. He tried to gain power and respect from everyone, but it never really worked. Instead, somebody else was controlling his body, so he turned into an emotional freak, which wasn't really him.

I also always felt really bad for Jackson, as when everyone died, nobody really cared, even though he was a friend to quite a few people. But if Scott died, everyone would make a big deal out of it.

Also, Colton's amazing.

16 Peter Hale

Peter Hale is easily one of the best characters in the show. The fact that he has no morals works for him. He isn't evil. He is just greedy. He only hurts others if it is in his favor. He is funny and probably one of the best actors.

Objectively speaking, the actor is the handsomest one of the entire series (especially from season 3 onwards). Stiles/Void Stiles has this haunting beauty, but Peter's just ruggedly handsome.

I love to hate Peter, and that makes a villain all the better. I love his somewhat morbid realism, and I can't help but understand him and his reasoning.

17 Theo Raeken

He is such a complex character. He deserved to be treated with so much more respect. I love his story, and it's so cute how, even though they don't let him into Scott's pack, he still tries. He's such a trooper, and I love him.

He is such a badass, but he is so hot! From loving him as Mike in PLL to hating him as Theo in TW shows how good of an actor he is! Support him!

18 Ethan

He's very caring and cares a lot about his brother and Jackson. I wish he and Aiden had more screen time, or even a spin-off could be cool. Of their past or Ethan trying to bring his brother back.

This is my favorite character because he's so dreamy!

He is the good twin, and I love the way he turns out to be good and also loves his brother, Aiden.

19 Bobby Finstock

Honestly, I don't know how he isn't higher. I originally came onto this page just enjoying reading the comments, but Coach is just that forgotten character that makes the show that much better. Just imagine how much the show would lack without Coach! The actor that portrays him does an excellent job.

Love him! His interaction with the kids is perfect. I love the conference with Stiles' dad!

I loved how he wound up Stiles, and his sarcasm even surpasses mine.

20 Erica Reyes

She deserved better. She never had a good life. Gerard and Allison tortured her, and the Alpha Pack killed her.

21 Mason Hewitt

Not my favorite, but he is pretty awesome. He is super sweet. When Lydia stained her carpet, he was so nice.

22 Cora Hale

Her character is so underrated! She is awesome: beautiful, strong, caring, badass, etc. I actually shipped her and Stiles at some point, but Stydia is the best.

23 Dr. Deaton

He is so strange and supportive, plus fearless.

24 Aiden
25 Julia Baccari / Jennifer Blake / The Darach

I loved the mystery about this character and the reveal. I found her one of the most compelling Teen Wolf villains.

The best villain of the show, by far.

My favorite villain. I usually spot when an innocent person is really a villain, but I never suspected Jennifer to be the villain.

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