Top 10 Worst Back to School TV Commercials

Ah yes, back to school commercials. In the middle of July, you always start seeing some obnoxious and stupid advertisements related to going back to school. Between the actor's annoying voice, the annoying songs they play in the commercial, the terrible acting, songs being ruined by these ads, and the fact that there are some back to school commercials that have little or nothing to do with going back to school, I've decided to dedicate this list to these terrible back to school commercials because of how awful they are. I once even saw a back to school commercial in June 2019, but that's a story for another time.

Feel free to add any back to school commercials you despise.
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1 Cra-Z-art Back to School Commercial

Every single year, Cra-Z-Art puts out the same most obnoxious back to school commercial that involves the children in a classroom dancing around to the obnoxious song they put in the background with their new Cra-Z-Art supplies. There is no other back to school commercial that makes me want to smash my TV or phone more than this one does. It's an annual tradition for them to put out the same exact commercial and I swear it's the worst one I've ever seen. No other back to school commercial is more deserving of the number 1 spot than this one.

2 School Bus is My Limo Commercial

Yep, I had to put this terrible Kmart commercial here because of how stupid and annoying it is. No, the school bus is NOT your fancy limousine, it's just a regular yellow school bus. They are 2 entirely different vehicles. The only reason why I even know about this commercial is because I saw a funny 2014 video someone of someone making fun of stupid back to school commercials.

But seriously, this commercial belongs in the trash can.

3 East Hills Mall Back to School Commercial

I saw the video on YouTube and I deeply regret it because of how bad it is. First of all, the people singing is annoying, second, the lyrics are stupid, third, why the hell does it look like it was edited in Windows Movie Maker? Finally, very little of it has anything to do with going back to school. This commercial is so bad it's become a meme.

Even though dislikes aren't visible to the public, I decided to dislike the video anyways. >:)

I expected it to be on here, it's still better than the Grubhub crap.

4 Kohl's Furniture Back to School Commercial 2021

I saw this very stupid Kohl's back to school commercial in July 2021 that had absolutely nothing to do with going back to school and advertised products such as coffee makers and vacuum cleaners. What do these things have to go with going back to school? Absolutely nothing at all. What student is going to use a coffee maker or vacuum in the classroom? Whoever came up with this advertisement must have a tiny pea sized brain or something.

5 Staples "Most Wonderful Time of the Year" Back to School Commercial

Staples once made a back to school commercial in 1996 where they put that "most wonderful time of the year" Christmas song in the background while this maniac guy is running around the store with a shopping cart while his children are watching in extreme disappointment. Hell, he even points a stapler at them. Staples is pretty infamous for their terrible back to school commercials, but this one takes the cake.

It's the most HORRIBLE time of the year!

This is annoying that they play this song in staples commercials it is so annoying

6 Walmart "Go Back Big" Back to School Commercial

I remember seeing this one on TV during summer 2019 shortly before I started 8th grade. This commercial is really stupid and it basically features these giant kids (who look like they're about to destroy the city) walking around with their back to school supplies, meanwhile the adults (and possibly some of the kids) are normal sized people. The normal sized people look like ants compared to the giant children. This ad is just stupid.

7 Kmart Yo Mama Back to School Commercial

Really, Kmart? They once made an entire layaway back to school commercial of kids making some unfunny "yo mama" jokes about each other's clothing for 30 seconds straight. It was annoying to watch. No wonder why Kmart is going out of business.

8 Staples "Do the Shopping Cart" Back to School Commercial

Where do I even begin with this one? The people in this commercial are dancing around like maniacs and pretending to pull a shopping cart to the "do the shopping cart" song they put in the background.

Also, what's with the red guy at the end of the commercial? It looks like there's a giant tomato dancing around.

9 Payless "Oh Yeah" Back to School Commercial

There's this payless back to school commercial where 2 little girls jump around and just say "oh yeah, oh yeah" for the entire commercial while the mom shares how excited she is for her kids to go back to school before it cuts to the image of random shoes floating around. This commercial is stupid and kind of annoying. No wonder why Payless already went out of business.

10 Lysol Back to School Commercial 2019
The Contenders
11 Kohl's Everyone's Looking Forward to the School Year Commercial

More like "Nobody's looking forward to the school year".

Words can't describe how bad this commercial is.

12 Macy’s "Dust Yourself Off" Back to School Commercial
13 Joe Fresh Back to School Commercial
14 Kmart Parent's Vacation Back to School Commercial

This woman isn't fooling anybody. We all know it's a back to school commercial.

15 Staples "School Supply Serenity" Back to School Commercial

I remember being extremely angry when I first saw this ad in July 2018 while I was trying to watch The Simpsons. This commercial is stupid and contains annoying music in the background.

16 Target "First Impressions" Back to School Commercial

Don't even get me started on how obnoxious this commercial is. I saw it in August and September 2021 and I especially hate the "it's my birthday, no it's not" song that they used in the ad.

17 Target "School Bus" Back to School Commercial

I saw this one when I was 13 years old shortly before I started 8th grade on my TV all the time and I hated it. It drove me insane with the annoying music and it reminded me of how much I hated middle school.

Still, I have to give this one some credit for being slightly better than the 2021 back to school commercial.

18 Macy's "All Brand New" Back to School Commercial 2019

I remember seeing this and this one also drove me insane. The people are dancing around like maniacs, the song they use is annoying, and the ad is overall just bad.

19 Target Back to School Commercial 2020

I hate this one because it reminds me of that stupid Staples 2018 back to school commercial.

20 AT&T "Best Deals Back to School: poquito" Back to School Commercial 2021

Why do you need a phone to go back to school when your teachers are likely going to confiscate it anyways?

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