Most Annoying "Survivor" Contestants

The Top Ten
1 NaOnka Mixon

Isn't it true that NaOnka means "Annoying little pissant" in some obscure language?

2 Coach Wade

Get over yourself, big boy. Grow up.

3 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

I would be so angry if I was on Survivor with Russell!

4 Denise Martin
5 Shane Powers
6 Jonny Fairplay
7 Andria Herd

About as easy to predict his gameplay as a tornado's movements. And just as loud and windblown.

8 Corinne Kaplan
9 Colton Cumbie

(sigh) This little bug had no business coming anywhere near Survivor. He should just sit in his mansion and practice self-isolation for the next...oh, forty to fifty years. Absolutely nothing to contribute to society, except perhaps an example of what NOT to present to people.

10 J'Tia Taylor

Have you ever heard of starvation? Maybe you should have learned about it before going on Survivor and pouring all of the rice into the fire.

There's being confidence enough to express oneself decently, and then there's the opposite -- J'Tia.

The Contenders
11 Alicia Rosa
12 Sandra Diaz-Twine Sandra Diaz-Twine is an American television personality who became known for her appearances on the reality game show Survivor. She's well known for being the first person to win twice. (Tony Vlachos is the second person to win twice.)
13 Trish Hegarty

She needs to talk to Tony about paying for the burns that were caused by his saddle.

14 Kass McQuillen
15 Richard Hatch
16 Danielle DiLorenzo
17 Abi-Maria Gomes

I wouldn't have cried at all if a coconut fell on her head and knocked her senseless during a confessional. In fact, I would have applauded Mother Nature.

Go back to Brazil. Or the South Pole. Either way, don't bother us. Ever. Again.

18 Kat Edorsson
19 Tarzan Smith
20 Courtney Yates

Well, weren't WE blessed by having this skinny little ray of sunshine cross on our paths for not one but two Survivors! Hope she makes a lot of money waitressing, because her only other skill seems to be snarkiness.

She's not funny. She's not talented. She's not good at strategy. She's not particularly attractive. She's. Just. Not.

21 Candice Cody
22 Troy Robertson
23 Nina Acosta
24 Sophie Clarke
25 Peih-Gee Law
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