Top Ten Best Things About Rainbow Dash

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1 She's entertaining

All of the Mane 6 are entertaining in my books. MLP is such a great show and is way better than Investigation Discovery!

Her, Applejack, and Rarity are so much more entertaining than Twilight.

2 She's a great flyer
3 She got her friends their cutie marks

Remember that episode in season one where the Cutie Mark Crusaders are trying to figure out how each of the Mane Six earned their cutie marks? Fluttershy said that she wouldn't have gotten hers if it weren't for Rainbow Dash. And remember that rainbow that made the ponies learn what makes them so special to get their cutie marks? Well, that was Rainbow Dash's rainbow the whole time.

Yes, it was her. But don't you dare dish on my Fluttershy.

4 She's loyal

She is basically the Trevor Philips of MLP, aside from the psychopath part. They both have a couple of similarities.

1. They are loyal to their friends.
2. They are skilled flyers.
3. They are the reason why their franchise is great (RD: MLP, Trevor: Grand Theft Auto).
4. Their respective fandom loves them.
5. They don't care how they dress up.
6. They are a bit threatening to their friends but never actually intend to hurt them.
7. They stand out more than the other protagonists.
8. They have a mirror image character (Rainbow with Twilight, Trevor with Michael).
9. They are rough on the outside, soft on the inside.
10. They have a fear of cute things (Rainbow is afraid of girly things, while Trevor is afraid of clowns).
11. They are the best character of their respective franchise.

5 She's a good friend
6 She's funny

I love her for being a jerk. She's hilarious.

7 Her relationship with Scootaloo

This is how siblings should be! Loving and caring. That's clearly not the case for my sister and me, sadly.

Watch "Sleepless in Ponyville" if you want to know why. This episode made me love Rainbow Dash even more.

8 She defends others
9 She's powerful

She could probably beat most ponies on the show.

10 She's great looking

Yeah! I love her design. Although I'm not a fan of Rainbow Dash, Spitfire, Princess Luna, Rarity, Twilight, DJ Pon-3, and others have way better designs!

She isn't as cute as Pinkie and Fluttershy but she's still very cute.

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11 She's adorable
12 She's a hero

She's saved her friends multiple times, but her friends have saved her multiple times as well. They all help each other, and that's what makes their friendship so strong!

She's saved her friends several times.

13 She's an awesome singer

Rainbow Dash can sing. All I can say is that Ashleigh Ball is the perfect role to have. She was a singer from "Hey Ocean."

Her singing made Sunset Shimmer angry!

14 She has great episodes

Her episodes are among the most memorable.

15 She's badass
16 She has a good voice

Ashleigh Ball has a much better voice to listen to than that of Tara Strong.

Her voice actress is so talented.

17 Her jerkiness is funny and harmless
18 She's a tomboy
19 She and Tank are cute together

She really loves him! It's so cute!

20 She's selfless
21 She was going to be the main character
22 She's hot
23 She's the only reason Equestria isn't a wasteland
24 She made the show popular
25 She has tons of friends
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