Top 10 Worst Things About Teen Titans Go!

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1 The show ruins the reputation of the original characters

You know "Teen Titans Go!" just delivers a message that whenever you put "Go! " behind a great T.V. show the show becomes horrible. In "Young Justice" season 3 they have a "Doom Patrol Go!" in one of their episodes. "Doom Patrol Go!" is basically the "Doom Patrol" acting like characters from "Teen Titans Go! ". I guess "Young Justice" is mad at "Teen Titans Go! " because the stupid show decided to put great "Young Justice" characters into one of their episodes and made those characters look like idiots. I am just writing this comment because 1, I think "Teen Titans Go!" is never meant to exist, and 2, I am very angry at that show when I watched their episode about "Young Justice" because the person who made "Teen Titans Go!" definitely did not even watch "Young Justice" because he got all the simple facts wrong! How can Superboy fly and how can Aqualad communicate with a watch?!?! I think I gone off topic right there but I love "Young Justice" and hate "Teen Titans Go!".

2 The episode "The Return of Slade"

I could kind of see the ratings trap from far away. I mean, they make an episode about Slade's return and the Titans leave the tower to battle him, and we had to miss-out on the action! What the hell?!

Yet, the rest of this episode focuses on a clown! A CLOWN?! Seriously, this episode is downright revolting! This was supposed to be about the epicness of a fight! Yet, they decided to do a clown instead. The creators are making the episodes stupid on-purpose! This episode makes me want to sue Cartoon Network!

That's it? No Slade? But Beast Boy and Cyborg turned a clown into a monster? Starfire, since they showed a picture of the true version of a horrifying clown, beats up the clown in the end.

3 It is an insult to the Teen Titans fans

Especially the one with British stereotypes. So disrespectful.

Cartoon network messed up... Big Time

They insult more than fans of the original show,they also insult haters and the Queen of England! This show is on the verge of getting banned in the UK.If it does,it will be the only safe haven.

4 The writers make every titan in the show a jerk that nobody likes

They act like the characters of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, acting like the Worst human beings on the planet.

I agree on this one. Every single one of the Titans are now jerks.

5 Stupid episodes

Don't get me all wrong. The Smile Bones episode, Garfield and Victor eating everything without biting makes their stomachs bloat. Then in the end Robin does it because "he's the leader."

Robin telling his top secret mission about The Bat Cave before they didn't care until he said the words. Making up his blaming and acts himself like a victim with Alfred and Batman punishing him.

Genderbend versions met. When Starfire liked her boy version of herself, suddenly Robin threw him out the window. I was expecting the female Robin to kick his butt for that.

Back to School, Protecting Cyborg against Beast Boy many times in detention until he made everyone expelled from school. Until I truly saw he is a full bully in an biker outfit with a motorcycle.

Starfire was in prison by Blackfire and after all the hatred when she was told by the titans all Starfire did was love Blackfire when they were teaching her how to be a good sister to Starfire. Until they said those words to Blackfire, she changed her mind. But Starfire came back ripped and beat her up with no forgiveness. That's when she was glad she beat her up and settled down. Now that's f'd up.

Beast Boy and Cyborg don't want to hear the word "responsibilities" from everyone and had to return back to their timeline to change the past.

Raven and Beast Boy's relationship to marriage. A perfect dc comic reference, until cyborg's machine ruined everything because it had an "error" effect.

6 Bad animation

When Control Freak showed the titans the original series of themselves, then pretty soon decided to change. But they turned themselves into something worse. I blame Control Freak changing the original Titans to uglyness. And when Young Justice came where they are. They did their too serious faces.

They seem to be inspired by anime perceived characters. However, it's all just lazy Flash animation crap that no child would understand.

Every single time I look at this show my eyes start to hurt and give me a FREAKING headache.

7 Robin's a jerk

Dick Grayson is among the best hero of all time, but this version is more like Hitler than a good hero.

Everyone's a jerk here if you ask me.

8 The ads for it say it's your new favorite show

I agree with this statement. I think Cartoon Network doesn't know about what "favorite" means. This show came out of NOWHERE. It's even way worse than SpongeBob. It takes over too much of the time slots in Cartoon Network and I hope it will be canceled and gone for good!

I bet that's what the guy who wrote this was telling himself when he released it to the public. I know it's not the show's fault but Cartoon Network should stop shoving these crappy cartoons down our throats.


Voiceover B: Uh, excuse me, sir...

Voiceover A: What?

B: Are you really saying that this dreck is the American public's new favorite show? I mean, what if they have different new favorite shows? Like that 9-year-old in Mobile, Alabama who favors Gravity Falls or that lonely teenager in Hackensack, New Jersey who claims that The Good Wife is actually his new favorite show?

A: Get out of here! I'm trying to record a promo!

B: But sir, you're clearly trying to make people like this! I mean, the animation sucks, everyone's a jerk, and--


B: "Your new favorite show". What a tightwad.

9 The writers purposely make the episodes stupid
10 Batman is a joke

He does nothing except laugh with Commissioner Gordon, neither of them say actual words.

I can actually agree. Batman points and laughs like a douchebag

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11 It rips off the original Teen Titans

Come on you guys. Teen Titans Go is a revival of the original Teen Titans and the closing lyric of the Teen Titans theme song is Teen Titans Go!

And Teen Titans had no real humor. Teen Titans Go had real humor, such as the scene where Beast Boy says, "Huh. Naked butt style... I likes it!"

They have changed all the characters from cool, serious, mellow, and awesome to stupid, childish, and repulsive dirt-bags.

Robin is an arrogant jerk who only cares about himself and wants Starfire to like him. He is also known as "The Crane-Kicking Idiot."

Starfire is an alien princess psychopath who does not acknowledge Robin's love for her. She is mean and spoiled to others and only cares about herself and Silkie. In the original version, Starfire would not be happy with her new self.

Beast Boy is a vegetarian food-idiot who plays video games for an excessive amount of time. He only cares about himself and Cyborg. He also eats too much junk food.

Raven is a demonic psychopath who is bossy, sarcastic, and aggressive towards her teammates. In one episode, she destroyed a baseball field just because one of Billy Numerous' clones accidentally hit her on the head with a baseball. She also watches a My Little Pony ripoff.

Cyborg is half-man, half-robot. We get it! Cyborg is just plain ridiculous in this abomination. He only cares about himself, video games, and Beast Boy. What the hell! This version of Cyborg makes me want to throw the TV out the window!

12 They made all the characters stupid

I'm sorry but robin is such an embarrassment now! He's the worst of all of them! They have turned him into a joke. Oh, and don't forget Raven. Her character design is totally off, she would never like my little pony, like really stick to the original character!

I don't know how my little sister thinks that watching a bunch of stupid characters is much more entertaining than watching smarter superheroes.

In the dodgeball episode, they all acted like noobs! They never even moved at all and just let the hive have free targets!

13 Not funny

I can't believe I used to like this show as a kid (I'm a teenager now) but now I completely dislike this show and I don't care how much I laughed or chuckled It still remains trash to this day.

I can agree with this one. Teen Titans Go! 's humor is like inviting that weird kid in kindergarten to be a stand up comedian for tonight's comedy night, and makes nothing but potty jokes to a group of adults.

When watching TTG I never even laughed, hell they didn't even get a chuckle out of me. The worst part about TTG's humor has to be it's 'self aware jokes'.

They try to make up for the backlash of TTG 'being a bad show' by being COMPLETELY aware that it's a bad show, on top of that they even mocked the fans of the original teen titans(even though I never watched the OG Teen Titans).

That's not being funny, that's just sad. Nothing else. It's just incredibly sad.

14 It replaced Young Justice
15 Horrible morals for kids
16 Bad episode names

Are we also going to mention their first half-hour special being named Two-Parter? The one with Darkseid? Yep, it's really called that, I'm not kidding! It's beyond worse than all of the TTG! episode titles combined! It is so lazy and it sounds like it never got past the concept point, yep, it's like the writers had an idea for an episode but they can't think of a name so they put a placeholder until the episode is properly named. It's like they never got past that and just went with it! That's so lazy! Worst episode title ever!

17 It's an embarrassment to the original Teen Titans

All they ever did in this stupid show was make them stupid and just a bunch of crapheads. I'll admit, I used to watch the original show when I was a kid (I'm a teenager now) but this just ruined my childhood. In the original, Robin was this badass martial-arts leader, Starfire was a curious alien princess who was trying to fit in with the others, Beast Boy was smart and had a good sense of humor, Raven was a mystical wonder who was good at meditating and casting spells, and Cyborg had all the brains in technology.

In this show... They're the complete opposite of who they were. Robin was an arrogant jerk who constantly bullied his teammates, Starfire was a bratty psychopath, Beast Boy was really dumb and made-up really bad jokes, Raven was a stupid MLP ripoff fangirl, and Cyborg was dumb as poop.

They made all the characters from independent, loyal, kind, and headstrong, into whiny, bratty,demanding, and selfish pricks

18 The new Robin makes you want to throw the TV out of the window

Robin once ate beast boy when it was at a the episode Mother Nature in the end. I don't care what made Beast Boy tell mother nature about how nature is wrong in the forest to a modern forest city. But when Beast Boy had his powers back by turning into a butterfly, Robin or should I say Savage or Ka-Zar Robin ate him and said, "Pure Protein." And during a titans movie. The original Robin hated Go Robin for copying him in annoyance. I agree to the immature Robin.

I hate what robin has become. He was such a wonderful character before this. And I agree with the post about Ravens smile, there really is no sense of specialty in it anymore.

19 Cartoon Network plays it way too often

This crap stain show is the main reason why I stopped watching CN.
Well that and Uncle Grandpa (shutters) and Clarence. (barf-o-rama)
Great job writers you ruined the good name of Cartoon Network!

Where is Young Justice? Oh yeah. It was sent to HBOMax instead since Teen Titans go has made a marathon almost everyday.

More people like Steven Universe so why do they play this all the time?

20 It feels like the writers just don't care about their own show

Twitter complains to TTG for being idiots. Who invited the melodrama series here?

21 Cartoon Network thinks it's the best show ever

High ratings don't mean nothing if the quality of the show isn't the same amount as the former.

22 The main characters fight over the littlest of things

Sandwiches? Really, Robin? Then suddenly it had a worst plot twist?

I mean literally! Imagine them fighting over who gets to leave the tower

I bet the titans are going to start fighting just for blinking

23 Horrible lessons and morals
24 Has inappropriate jokes

If the cartoon was for us who did watch Teen Titans in the past, it would be appropriate if it ended up on Steve Blum's Voice Host Toonami shows. But Cartoon Network's 2000 version is better. But this? On the current years starting with a Starfire and Robin kissing as puppets? It ruined me.

25 It replaced Green Lantern
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