Top 10 Yellowstone Characters

Yellowstone is a hit drama series that revolves around a large ranch owned by the Dutton Family and follows the constant battles they go through with an Indian Reservation and land developers and politicians. On top of that it follows the ranch lifestyle and the struggles and challenges that the ranch hands face. Currently it’s in the 5th season streaming on Paramount+
WARNING: Possible Spoilers will be talked about so take that information as you will. Don’t say I didn’t warn you
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1 Rip Wheeler

One of the most popular characters, Rip Wheeler is the leader of the ranch hands and is the husband of Beth. He's loyal yet he's a bit tough. He had a tragic past when his father killed his mother he killed his father so John brought him on the ranch. Rip always has a clear head and does the right thing putting the family first he intimidates the other ranch hands and keeps them in line and for that reason he's likable in my opinion. He also has a tender and romantic side that he'll show only around Beth. Those two are a perfect match because of their similar personalities.

2 Beth Dutton

Beth is the daughter of John and the wife of Rip. She is definitely a character you don't want to antagonize. She harbors a deep hatred for Jamie and takes every opportunity to destroy him. Although she may not ride horses or rope cattle, she is one of the most significant characters in the series, fiercely protecting the Yellowstone ranch by any means necessary. Simply put, she is deeply passionate about her father and the ranch.

Beth is fierce, loyal, and unafraid to speak her mind, regardless of who's present or the potential consequences. She is blunt and straightforward, saying whatever needs to be said. She will ensure things go her way, even if it means going through anyone who stands in her path. She refuses to accept "no" as an answer.

On the surface, Beth appears unapproachable, but she does possess a softer side that she only reveals to her father and Rip. She wrestles with the demons of her past, such as the loss of her mother and her inability to have children.

3 John Dutton

John Dutton is the owner of the ranch and the main character who you find yourself rooting for. He will stop at nothing to protect his family and his ranch. He does have a bit of evil in him and he is very stubborn one could say set in his ways he'll do what he believes is right and will do it no matter what even if it's not exactly the right thing to do. He is gritty powerful and relentless. And nothing usually fazes him. He is obviously what makes everything at the ranch work. He is the Father of Beth Kayce Jamie and father in law of Rip and grandfather of state yet he can handle everyone from spending time with Tate to talking with Beth. He can be a complicated individual with questionable motives sometimes at the end of the day his ultimate goal is preserving the legacy of his ranch

4 Tate Dutton

Tate is the youngest member of the Dutton family he is the son of Kayce and Monica and grandson of John. For being the youngest member he has been through some things including being kidnapped in season 2 and season 4 he kills an intruder to save his mom. He's embraced the outdoors and ranch life and wants to be like his dad and grandfather one day. Some of the earliest moments of Tate in the series are very heartwarming as he is with John embracing the outdoors. He does show a little bit of growth in the later seasons by season 5 he's probably middle school aged whereas before he was clearly younger

5 Lloyd Pierce

Lloyd is the oldest of the ranch hands yet he can still keep up with the much younger ranch hands. He's usually a nice guy and has been around the Yellowstone ranch for a long time so even Rip has a soft spot for him and even asks Lloyd to be his best man in his wedding. He's got a funny personality and is usually a likable guy to be around and as the oldest of the cowboys in the bunkhouse he is a respected father figure especially to Jimmy and he's more patient that Rip is so he's a better mentor for Carter. The only real unlikable moment is season 4 when he gets into a brawl and stabs Walker after some tensions had been building up. Otherwise he's the older father figure of the ranch hands

6 Teeter

It's hard to really pick favorites from the bunkhouse crew but Teeter is my personal favorite. She's the scrappy Texan who arrived in style and did everything better than most of the other cowboys and showed she's no pushover. She's brave and not afraid to speak her mind even admitting she has feelings for Colby which is adorable and she's also one of the most hilarious characters in the series but she can be serious at times and stand her ground. She even stands up to Rip and defends herself when John kicks her out when he made the "no girls in the bunkhouse" rule which is something not even the cowboys do.

7 Kayce Dutton

Kayce is the father of Tate and wife of Monica. He was a former Navy SEAL who works on his father's ranch. He is the ultimate good guy who you are always rooting for. He lives on the reservation with his wife and son and is an excellent father to Tate and as Livestock Commissioner he never lost his will to serve the people. He's the perfect balance of rough around the edges and yet soft hearted and humble. He's the one who will make decisions in a timely manner and not put in too much emotion into it. He normally sees things from both sides and is very dedicated and understanding to do what's best for everybody. He's such an easy guy to root for

8 Mo Brings Plenty
9 Monica Dutton
10 Jimmy Hurdstrom
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11 Chief Thomas Rainwater

Rainwater is the Chief of the Broken Rock Indian Reservation he is a solid character who fights for his people and the land that belongs to them. He is ambitious but not violent he's a moral man who wants what's best for his people but he wants to do so in a moral way

12 Jamie Dutton

Jamie is easily one of the most complex characters in the series. He's the adopted son of John and he's the only one to make a life for himself outside of the ranch. If there's one thing to know about Jamie He's the best at being the worst. You start to feel sorry for him because his biological father beat his mother to death when he was young. John doesn't show him much compassion at all and Beth destroys him every chance she gets. But it seems the minute you start to feel some sympathy for the guy he goes off the rails and does something that causes you to hate him again. He's a very intelligent lawyer but his actions cause pain and suffering for everyone else around him too many times.

13 Gator
14 Lynelle Perry
15 Lee Dutton
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