Top 10 Family Guy Christmas Themed Episodes

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1 Road to the North Pole (Season 9 Episode 7)

This is one of the best episodes in the series. Brian and Stewie go to the North Pole to prove Santa is real only to realize it's not the happy place. They were thinking it would be, but Santa and the elves are miserable in a living hell. Both the songs are great and some of the best the series has to offer. This is in my opinion one of the last truly great episodes and I love watching it every year. It has a different tone from most Christmas specials but it works well here and it's a "Road to" episode. There's a lot of humor spread throughout. Brian and Stewie save Christmas but their attempt to deliver presents is truly a nightmare. It's overall a fantastic episode I highly recommend watching.

2 The First No L (Season 19 Episode 9)

I'm surprised I liked this one as much as I did. Lois feels under appreciated and then finally snaps when the family refuses to help. So she leaves them only for the family to do just fine without her in a surprising twist causing Lois to ruin their Christmas out of jealousy. I really like the parody of the Grinch here I think it works well.

3 Don’t Be a Dickens at Christmas (Season 16 Episode 9)

It's common for every show to have a spin on the classic A Christmas Carol tale. In it we see Peter losing his Christmas spirit and is visited by the ghost of Patrick Swayze which is so random but fitting at the same time. It follows the same story as the original tale; not necessarily always accurate but it still fits and works well here. Peter eventually finds his Christmas spirit again and goes to Carter's house to reunite with the rest of the family. If you like Christmas Carol parodies, this is worth a watch.

4 A Very Special Family Guy Freakin Christmas (Season 3 Episode 16)

For being the first Christmas episode of the series it holds up pretty well honestly. In it we see Peter getting frustrated when Lois asks him to help her out and do basic tasks to get ready for Christmas. Then he accidentally gave away the family's presents to charity. The family goes shopping and leaves Brian home alone when all hell breaks loose. When the family comes back, Lois loses her cool and starts wrecking havoc after her perfect Christmas is ruined beyond repair. It's got some hilarious moments and is one of the better Christmas episodes in the series.

5 Christmas Crime (Season 20 Episode 10)

The latest Christmas episode as of the making of this list. In it we see Mayor Wild West unveil a town nativity scene. Brian also lacks Christmas spirit and accidentally destroys the nativity scene. He's forced to hide the evidence but has a change of heart when he's finally caught. The Happy Asking Panda gag is also kinda funny. This one's alright in my opinion.

6 How the Griffin Stole Christmas (Season 15 Episode 9)

Peter fills in as a mall Santa and then takes advantage of it when he realizes people will give him things for free just for being Santa. The B plot is just Stewie and Brian going to random office Christmas parties for the women, and alcohol, and drama. It goes about how you'd expect it to. It's kinda forgettable to be honest. The Peter plot carries the episode but it's not anything special. To be honest it barely feels like a Christmas episode.

7 Jesus Mary and Joseph (Season 11 Episode 9)

This is basically Family Guy retelling the birth of Jesus story. It's not bad, kinda boring, and has a few pointless cutaways like the Northwest airlines cutaway and Christmas Carol cutaway that drags on for way too long. It's not perfect, but considering the other episodes in the Christmas category it gets 7 by default.

8 Christmas is Coming (Season 18 Episode 9)

So remember in Christmas Guy where Peter forces Carter to drink eggnog? Yeah, well imagine turning that scene and making an episode about that kind of humor. Because that's what this episode is. Meg takes Stewie to see Santa and then she pleasures herself sitting on his lap. Stewie is traumatized by the experience and Meg goes to try and find the same Mall Santa because she wants more… No I'm not making this up. You can tell they were running out of ideas so they used that kind of humor and made an episode about it. The school choir part could honestly be cut out. It's completely irrelevant to anything else in the episode. Watching this episode just makes you feel uncomfortable and gross. Do not watch this episode. I don't recommend it unless you have a nearby trash can because you'll feel like you need to vomit afterwards.

9 Christmas Guy (Season 12 Episode 8)

I've talked about this episode already so I won't go into too much detail. Not like there's much to go off of anyway. Seriously, the entire first half of the episode is nothing more than filler. The entire Christmas carnival plot line is irrelevant and adds nothing. It actually is worth skipping over just because of the fact it contains one of the worst jokes in the series up there with the one suicide "joke" from Brian's a Bad Father. I'm talking about the Peter and Carter eggnog scene… just do not watch it. This episode is one of the worst simply because of Life of Brian tries their damn hardest to paint themselves in a corner once Brian is dead only for this episode to then give a middle finger to that episode. And even worse is what Brian would turn into like Herpe the Love Sore and Brian's a Bad Father. Was it really worth bringing him back? As far as Christmas episodes go it's fine, I guess. It just feels very hollow because only about half the episode is really relevant here.

10 The 2000 Year Old Virgin (Season 13 Episode 6)

Here's an idea take a religious figure and make him a casual resident. The rest of the episode is just mocking Jesus and angering Christians everywhere. Yes I know that it's Family Guy and it's their thing, but it's usually in small doses not an entire episode based on it. Jesus is made out as some lazy guy who manipulates Peter. It's just a terrible episode overall that is either boring or just seeing how many jokes they can make with Jesus as a regular person who's basically just out of college. There was honestly no way this episode could've gone any other way but bad. It's barely even a Christmas episode at all. Other than the beginning and the very end, you could honestly say this is an ordinary episode. Like, at least the rest of these episodes are Christmas themed. This is a poor excuse of an episode that makes a poor attempt to just mock Christianity as a whole. Everything about this episode is just pathetic.

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