Top Ten Best Main Villains in the Pretty Cure Franchise

Time for a list involving Pretty Cure villains. But rather specifically, the MAIN villains of each given season, the Big Bads, in other words. I'll be listing them in overall ability to do evil, their main goals, and what they end up doing in the seasons and their overall actions in the seasons. These main villains are the ones that have subordinates, which won't be listed (unless it's a special case like Elisio), and do not include any villains in the movies.
The Top Ten
1 Goyan (Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star)

The #1 pick here is the main villain from the second generation of Cures (the third season), and in this case it's the one that doesn't actually look like the main villain, as that would go to Akudaikan. Goyan initially looks like this toad creature, very short and seems to be only an advisor to the main villain Akudaikan, seeming to be scared when Akudaikan gets angry. However, we see just how bad he is and how powerful he ends up being, to the point where he destroys Akudaikan, revealing he is not only capable of doing so, but also actually was Akudaikan's own creator. And we get to see how powerful he is with an extremely muscular form rivaling that of Dragon Ball Z characters. He was so powerful that he actually shatters the ENTIRE WORLD. It's truly insane, and it makes the ending of Splash Star and the final battle insane. He is that strong.

2 Elisio (Kira Kira Pretty Cure A La Mode)

Elisio is a very similar character to Goyan, he seems to be a subordinate in the employ of the supposed master Noir, but ends up being much more than that. Elisio is a fan of utopia, and also manipulates the minds of opponents when he can, and is terrifying as a result. But it gets worse when he reveals that he can absorb others, and actually does so to the big good Lumiere as well as Noir himself. And while he manages to turn the world devoid of memories, when they come back he goes even crazier and actually tries to absorb EVERYTHING. Yes, another villain who is capable of destroying the world and does so, and that's what brings him significantly higher than others on this list. In this case he absorbs everyone and the Earth itself, and although the Cures are inside him they only win by showing him that mixing his kirakiraru energy with others can make people happy.

3 Pierrot (Smile Pretty Cure)

Pierrot is heavily hinted multiple times before he really does appear, and yeah, he resembles a pierrot, a large one at that. He's another one of those that is totally capable of destroying a planet, in his case he can tear an enormous chunk out of it. This villain actually parallels Black Hole from All Stars DX3, which I don't cover here due to being a movie villain, but it still means that this villain is capable of getting outside the atmosphere and doing planetary destruction. His ink creates regenerating minions and he ends up actually becoming a powerful black hole himself.

4 Darknest (Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure)

Here we have yet another outer-spacey villain, one who was actually associated with the Star Princesses of the season, as Ophiuchus. She's capable of universe creation, but with that she's also capable of universal destruction. The destruction in this case involves throwing darkness across the universe. It luckily got stopped thanks to the Twinkle Imagination the Cures gather from everyone. Ophiuchus even actually acknowledges their strength and leaves. However, despite this, I still rank her highly, due to her universe-reaching power. But also because she actually manages to be one of the few villains to kill a good character (Fuwa in this case).

5 Deusmast (Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure)

Deusmast is yet another otherworldly villain. The main goal is to unleash chaos upon the worlds, in this case the Magic and No Magic worlds of this season. This thing's true form is an utter abomination, created from the main subordinates Labut, Benigyo, Shakince, and Orba. To think that its true form had to be fused from the subordinates (who except for Benigyo were all killed previously beforehand), but also having been sealed into the sun. And with the subordinates working behind the scenes for the first half until they are main villains in the second half. The chaos done by Deusmast effectively merges the worlds and makes the people think they were always merged, which would have made things truly chaotic. Thanks to the power of Mother Rapapa, Deusmast is to be obliterated, and while this isn't what we consider world-destroying in terms of power, it's enough to create psychosis in some form.

6 Moebius (Fresh Pretty Cure)

From my favorite PreCure season we have Moebius, who is also not world-destroying, but world-conquering in some form. While I consider Deusmast's psychosis-spreading to be nastier overall, Moebius is still of note, as a flaw in human ambitions actually. Moebius is a supercomputer created by humans, and eventually created Labyrinth, where the denizens are his mindless pawns. And he desires Infinity so he gathers Sorrow to get it. Eventually with the power of Infinity he takes over the many worlds, including Earth, and everyone is a mindless pawn of him now. And while the Cures do battle him and would win, he does do a last-ditch attempt to self-destruct, proving that all he wants is rule.

7 Dune (HeartCatch Pretty Cure)

Compared to other villains, Dune's a straight up sadist with a slasher smile. While he takes a while to show up, in his first appearance, it shows that Cure Flower used up all her power in the past to defeat and seal him away. But like other sealed villains, he gets out, and when he does, he's bound to show some serious power, and on the Christmas episode of all places. He doesn't even take a lot of effort, depowering all the Cures with ease (even Cure Flower at the time). He also effortlessly destroys the Heart Tree, and the entire world gets turned into a desert planet as a result. Not entirely as apocalyptic as other examples, as there are quite a number of survivors in those who had had their Heart Flowers restored, but to turn everything to desert is insane. That and his easy ability to create Desert Devils makes him very tough. The semi-final battle against him by the four main Cures was done in order to make sure he never has an opening of attack, which makes it one of the best ...more

8 George Kurai (HUGtto! Pretty Cure)

The president of the Criasu Corporation, he's around in civilian form very often and shows a lot of mysteriousness before it's revealed who he is and what he's after. The Mirai Crystals. He's mostly after Hana Nono, the main Cure, and certainly was creepy towards her. His main ambitions were driven because of Hana, or rather, an alternate timeline version of her which had presumably died in his time, which means he's a tragic villain. So he uses the power of books and time freezing to basically stop time, thinking it will bring eternal happiness. He does have the ability to become a Mou-Oshimaida at the end to attempt to destroy everything when he fails (keyword on attempt) but accepts defeat afterwards. Due to having the ability to stop time causing no one to be able to move, he's very much dangerous. Oh, and he also has an affair with one of his subordinates, which shows he's dirty in a different way.

9 Noise (Suite Pretty Cure)

The main villain behind all the weird villains of Suite Pretty Cure, who is Noise exactly? Someone who ironically prefers total silence, hating great music. Before the season begins, the old warriors manage to seal Noise, and while his first revival from being sealed is botched, leading to a small bird form, the mischievousness almost cost some lives. And when fully revived by Falsetto's Melody of Sorrow, we get to see how powerful Noise is. His own noise is capable of petrification, and the entire world is affected by this, later on Major Land, the other world, is also turned entirely to stone. The Cures do avoid this, and Cure Melody in particular realizes what this guy's main goal is, how Noise was shunned and now seeks actual death, removal of worlds where even he'd cease to exist. So now the Cures must beat him to get to protect his smile, a recurring theme for PreCure as a whole believe it or not. So everyone is restored, even Noise becomes a good character at the end.

10 Dyspear (Go! Princess Pretty Cure)

A sinister witch which took over the Hope Kingdom, Dyspear's a lot more than just this though. Originally just darkness from the kingdom's forest, it manifested in Dyspear, and tried manipulating Towa into being her own daughter successfully as a result. Though the Cures do help out Towa and she becomes Cure Scarlet, forcing her to retreat and revive her own power. So yeah, for a main villain, Dyspear seems somewhat weaker than others, having to retreat to a Forest of Despair for healing purposes to restore her strength. And her abilities by then are strong enough to beat everything the Cures do until they get the Grand Princess powerup. So I still put her here for one reason and one reason alone, she's effectively immortal. She's created from despair, a concept that basically always exists. Even in the penultimate battle after being defeated, she's absorbed into her most loyal subordinate Close who keeps her inside him. While Close does leave Cure Flora alone for now, it's somehow ...more

The Contenders
11 Evil King (Futari wa Pretty Cure)

Evil King/Dark King/Jaaku King is the first official Big Bad and narrowly missed my Top 10 but it's worth mentioning this guy anyways because he's probably the only main villain to actually last more than one season, and basically the first two for that matter, although he is technically two characters, Baldez and the little boy who becomes Hikaru, for the second season.

So this guy is obviously made of immense darkness, and has large chains. He seems like a typical "Orcus on his Throne" character giving orders to the minions of his, but he actually must rely on his minions due to the chains that bind him, as well as the power of darkness eating him away. This is why he narrowly misses the Top 10 in my eyes, his actual handicap. Plus, being in a weaker state during his first confrontation with the Cures and the miracle that happens destroys his body. His latest manifestations do revive him, but they rebel and Evil King does manage to gain stronger power to absorb them before ...more

12 King Byogen (Healin' Good Pretty Cure)

So even though I don't like this season, this villain was actually quite interesting. He's based on pathogens, and wants to infect everything with disease. He also wants to absorb things, and actually does so to Daruizen, a villain who wishes to soon defect, as well as Guaiwaru who did the same thing. His main goal aside from infecting the Earth is to defeat those who stand in his way, namely the Cures and Queen Teatinu. So he's definitely not above killing, and also goes for the slow way to infect people painfully.

13 Red (Happiness Charge PreCure)

Red is a god like the good god known as Blue, except he's, well, Red. And Red is more evil than the benevolent Blue in this case. He actually owned an entire world all by himself, but it fell into ruin and he ended up wanting other worlds to suffer similar to his, which is just insanity. And he'll steal the people and lock them away in mirrors to do it. Or better yet, brainwash certain Pretty Cures or other denizens in order to reach his goals while he himself stays hidden. In other words, he's behind Queen Mirage and her own minions, but as you might expect, he's no slouch in combat, capable of brainwashing a repentant Seiji and making him stronger than the Cures, and also being himself strong enough. The thing that ends up holding him back may actually be that he does end up being a good character in the end after all, willing to help alongside his own brother Blue to try and rebuild the old world.

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