Best Zoey 101 Episodes

I love and grew up with this show. What episodes do you think are the best?
The Top Ten
1 Chasing Zoey

This is a much better final episode than PCA Confidential.

Not a good idea

2 Girls Will be Boys

Horrible. How could the girls prove their point if Chase and Logan didn't even know Lola was pretending to be a guy. What idiots. I also agree with the boys. It is part of the boys' dorm and the girls can't just barge up there and then they refuse to leave it. Idiot Zoey also threatens to ban boys from the lounge just because of a dumb roof. Screw Zoey.

3 Jet-X
4 Haunted House
5 Spring Break-Up
6 The Curse of PCA

This episode was so bone-chilling. It literally terrified me when the ghost went after them, and Zoey fell. One of my top favorites.

The ghost's psychotic laugh is unforgettable.

I cheered when Zoey fell.

It has adventure, romance and its scary witch is everything you need for a good episode

7 Roller Coaster
8 Goodbye Zoey?

Too bad she just didn't stay in England forever so we don't have to watch her anymore. I would've been happy because she is so irritating.

Some people are so mean if you have nothing nice to say/write the don't say it you people are just spreading negativity in this already damaged world

9 Quinn Misses Mark

Quinn & Logan are by far one of my favorite T.V. couples! They seem different on the outside, but they mesh so well together!

10 Quarantine

This episode is so funny especially when
Lola's scream and then lost her voice.
It is so awesome

The Newcomers

? Broadcast Views
? People Auction

This is the episode with the famous "rejected, rejected, yeah you just got rejected" clip.

The Contenders
11 PCA Confidential

Well, it's the clip show episode. It's supposed to be flashbacks of what happened in the show. It's a pretty good clip episode, actually.

12 Blast From The Past
13 Dinner for Two Many
14 Little Beach Party

It was a very nice episode because it was very unexpected.And so much fun.

15 Trading Places
16 Favor Chain

So the chain fails and Coco still drives Zoey to the place. That's so infuriating.

17 Time Capsule
18 The Great Vince Blake
19 Wrestling

I cheered when she got beat up. The fight she broke up wasn't even a good fight.

20 The Radio

Mark's decision was biased. He chose Zoey because Quinn was supporting Zoey.

21 Bad Girl
22 The Play
23 Zoey's Balloon
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