Bobsicles Reviews NSBFP Prologue - Meet The Zaibatsu

bobbythebrony Hello everyone, Bobsicles is here to reveal a new review series. I will be reviewing videos by my favorite YouTubers, New Super Best Friends Play (Formerly Two Best Friends Play). I will review videos on their channel, TheSw1tcher, as well as their videos on Machinima and MachinimaRespawn. The next episode will be a review but first, let's meet the Zaibatsu.

The Zaibatsu started around 2010 with the playthrough of Kirby's Epic Yarn. After several full length let's plays, they started a series on Machinima. Thus the Best Friends Zaibatsu was born. By the way, zaibatsu is a Japanese term for financial business conglomerate. With that introduction out of the way, let's meet all four members of the Zaibatsu.

Matt Kowalewski is the president of the zaibatsu and owner of TheSw1tcher. A self-described ladies man and hilarious loveable idiot, he is known for playing "babby games" and not being as good as the others at video games. He often makes pop culture references and perverse comments. He, like the others, is Canadian but he love America. He is often called stupid by his main partner, even though he worked in the video game industry prior. Most of the time, he wears a black hat with a white skull on it. He has mentioned that playing donkey Kong Country with his sister was the inspiration for the series. He is in his early thirties.

Pat Boivin, also known as Angry Pat, is the vice president of the Zaibatsu and Matt's best friend. A 29 year old ginger, he is described as perpetually angry at the others though this has died down some. He is described as the best gamer out of the four. He, unlike the others, didn't work in the gaming industry. Instead, he was a grocery bagger. He also is terrified of horror games. One joke is that he is a brony after mlp was found on his computer. It has since been proven false.

Woolie Madden is the third member and jester of the Zaibatsu. A black-canadian, he met both Matt and Pat in college. He also worked in the video game industry. His most notable feature is his long dreads which are black and green. He made his debut in the Marvel vs.Capcom playthrough. He also is known for being a so-called "Pie Stealer". He was the first candidate to be Matt's partner but was too busy playing a Street Fighter game.

Liam Allen-Miller is the fourth member and Princess of the Zaibatsu. He is also the youngest. An otaku and weeaboo, he used to be shy and quiet but has since become more talkative. He used to not get along with Pat but that has singer changed. Even though Pat describes himself as the best gamer, it's actually Liam. He also once worked in the gaming industry. He also has a close relationship with Woolie and has called him "Papa Bear" many times.

Well that's my boys. I can't begin to tell you how much I love them and not in a gay way. The series will review many varieties. From the main series to Mystery Box to the S***storm series' to Cryme Time and maybe Rustlemania too. We'll see when we get there. That's all for now. Goodbye!

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