Bobby's School of Criminology Part 5 - David Berkowitz

bobbythebrony David Berkowitz, also known as The Son of Sam and The .44 Caliber Killer, is probably the most notorious serial killer in the history of New York. From 1976-1977, he stalked the streets late at night. He preyed upon young couples. He shot thirteen people, killing six of them. No one knows his motive, but how did he become the Son of Sam?

David Richard Berkowitz, formerly Richard David Falco, was born June 1, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was from a poor Jewish family and his father was an Italian Catholic. They ran a fish market but divorced before David's birth. After birth, David was put up for adoption and was adopted by Bronx couple Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz. They raised him as their own. He had a somewhat trouble childhood. Although he was very intelligent, he did poorly in school and engaged in pyromania. Considered a brat, he was forced to see a therapist but nothing ever transpired. His adoptive mother later died of breast cancer and his adoptive father remarried, much to David's dismay.

In 1971, Eighteen year old Berkowitz joined the Army and served in South Korea. After being discharged in 1974, he located his birth mother. From her, he learned of his adoption, which disturbed him. This discovery sent him into a mental crisis and he lost his identity sense. He soon lost touch with his mother and worked as a postal office letter sorter until his arrest.

In the mid -1970s, he began to commit violent crimes. He attempted to kill a woman named Michelle Forman. She survived but Berkowitz was never identified. He soon moved to Yonkers, New York. Soon, he shot two women, one of whom died. His next victims were a young couple, whom both survived. He then shot two more women, who survived. His next victims were another couple, one of whom died. A college student named Virginia was the next victim. She died from a shot to the head. Soon after, the murders gained publicity and a task force was formed.

The crimes continued. Berkowitz's next victims were another couple, whom both died. Near the crime scene, Police discovered a taunting letter. This letter gave the police a clue to the killer's motivation. A profile was soon created, which described the killer as a paranoid Schizophrenic. Soon, the infamous Breslin letter was recieved. The rambling letter soon sent the city into a state of panic. Thousands of females started cutting and dying their hair.

Berkowitz committed his final shootings in mid -1977. He shot another young couple, whom both survived. A young couple, Stacy and Robert, were his final victims. Stacy died while Robert survived. Several witnesses gave information, such as the killer's license plate. Berkowitz was chased by several people but got away. Based on key information, police made Berkowitz the prime suspect. They checked his car and found guns inside.

David Berkowitz was arrested August 10, 1977. He confessed to being the Son of Sam almost immediately. Police searched his house and found satanic graffiti and a book detailing thousands of arson fires. Berkowitz was interrogated and claimed that his neighbor's dog had commanded him to kill.

Berkowitz pleaded guilty and was sentence to life. He was sent to Attica to serve his time. Later, he retracted his statement of demonic possession and instead claimed he had been part of a satanic cult. While in Attica, his throat was slashed by an unknown assailant. In 1987, he became a born again Christian and became "Son of Hope". As of 2015, Berkowitz is incarcerated at Sullivan Correctional Facility. All parole opportunities have been denied.

So why did David Berkowitz commit these heinous crimes? He already exhibited sociopathic behavior as a child but the discovery and details of his adoption made him snap. Was he born to kill? I don't know. Maybe one day, Berkowitz will reveal the true motivation for his crimes. Is he truly rehabilitated? Does he deserve a chance at freedom? I cant say at this moment.

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