Top Ten Things That Should Happen to Barney the Purple Dinosaur


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1 Never Air On TV Again

They already cancelled it.

Its not on anymore

It got a reboot last year

Don't worry,Barney is history.

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2 Eric Cartman Kicks Him In the Purple Nuts

So Barney Doesn't Molest Kids Anymore

Aren't his nuts green? - Mcgillacuddy

Or should I say "right in the purple grapes"

3 Put Tape On His Mouth

I love you
You love me
Let’s get together and kill Barney
Chase him to the sea
And push him off the shore
No more purple dinosaur! - HelloWhyImHere2

4 Throw Him In a Tornado
5 Put Him In Jail

He is in jail actually.

When did that happen?

6 Put Him On South Park
7 Barney gets Cancer
8 Burn Him

Let me guess, this list was made by 10 year olds?

If not, then this list is rather immature.

9 The Kids Stop Loving Him
10 Elmo Shoots Barney

Yeah! - andrewteel

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? Becomes A Meme

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11 Justin Bieber Sings to Him
12 Hang Him
13 Throw Him In Cow Poop
14 He Catches Ebola
15 He Burns to Death
16 Dies

I Wish To Gets Barney Falls To His Death In A Cliff

17 Tell Him to Listen to Justin Bieber

Tell the haters of Barney to listen to Justin Bieber and hang around with an extreme beliber

18 Take Him to a Therapist
19 No More Singing the Corny Love Song
20 Order Him To Be Executed By Big Bird
21 Tristan from Yu Gi Oh steals his voice
22 Power Rangers take down Barney

Kicked in the purple grapes

23 Spongebob Kills Barney

Spongebob is way better than Barney! I would love to see this!

24 Make It So That He Only Sings Songs by Eminem

That would be awesome plus then I would watch the show more.

25 Ed, Edd, n Eddy Steal Barney's Funds and Spend it on Jawbreakers
26 Barney Farts on a Show


27 Sanjay Farts in his Face and Kills Him

I hate both shows

28 Teen Titans take down Barney
29 Someone Pelts Him With Rocks
30 Explode his head by giving him a hard math problem

1222+3000 DEAD!

123 + 5575 = Dead!

31 He Gets Blasted
32 He Becomes a Zombie
33 Barney gets Falcon Punched and lands on Jupiter
34 He Falls Into A Sarlacc Pit
35 Have the First Batch of Kids (from 1992) File a Law Suit Against Him
36 Elmo Shoots Baby Bop With a Shot Gun

This list is about Barney, not Baby Bop...
But that's a good idea though..

37 Star Butterfly casts a spell on him and he disappears

I love Star Butterfly, she can do this to Barney.

I hate both shows - Fabricitem

38 Barney Makes Fun of Elmo and Elmo Beats Him Up
39 Nuke Him
40 Gets Burned in a Forest Fire
41 Force Him to Listen to Gilgar13Vids
42 Force Him to Watch Pewdipie
43 Let Skydoesminecraft's SkyArmy Threaten His Life
44 He Gets Accused of Raping the Kids
45 He gets eaten by a Titan (Attack On Titan)
46 Throw him into The Grand Canyon
47 BarneytheDinosaurRocks Stops loving Him

This made laugh hard

48 Shave All of His Fur and Put Him On Almost Naked Animals

Umm, Barney doesn't have fur because he's a dinosaur and dinosaurs are reptiles and reptiles don't have fur. - Murvine_Taylor

49 Homer Simpson Shoots Him in the Nuts
50 Barney Jumps off the One World Trade Center
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1. Never Air On TV Again
2. Eric Cartman Kicks Him In the Purple Nuts
3. Throw Him In a Tornado
1. Barney gets Cancer
2. Burn Him
3. Elmo Shoots Barney
1. Never Air On TV Again
2. Eric Cartman Kicks Him In the Purple Nuts
3. Put Tape On His Mouth


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