Top Ten Things that Should Happen in Future Diary of a Wimpy Kid Books


The Top Ten

1 The Cheese Touch Returns After Traveling Around the World

Lol, good idea. And this time Manny gets it. - TwilightKitsune

Greg will not like that - Kaboom

I used to be a huge fan of the series back when the books were actually good. Since somewhere between 2007 and 2008 (I know I was a little young at the time, but who cares? I don't.). Nowadays, Jeff Kinney makes a bunch of terrible books in the series, and probably forgot about the old books because the newer books seem to be a disgrace to the entire series, kinda like how Teen Titans Go was.

RIP Good Diary of a Wimpy Kid books (2004-2009) After that, every book, including Cabin Fever, was just a bunch of crap.

2 Greg Goes to High School
3 When the Cheese Touch Comes Back, It Brings a Whole Story

Imagine the legend it would have - Kaboom

4 Rodrick Starts Another Cheese Touch in Greg's High School Just Before He Graduates Middle School

That would make the whole story happen all over again.

That will be funny. - Arcxia

5 Manny Does More Evil Tricks
6 Greg Finally Gets a Girlfriend and His Mom Embarrasses Him


7 Rodrick Does More Evil Tricks
8 Manny and Rodrick Team Up Against Greg
9 The Series Ends

How come it hasn't ended yet?

10 Manny Makes a Computer Virus

The Contenders

11 Greg and Rodrick Brings Manny to See a Deadpool Movie

Greg and Rodrick takes Manny to see Deadpool after they learned the Snurples The Movie was cancelled shortly

Manny: Mommy I just learn a new word from the Deadpool movie! $&@$, $&@%!, #%**!
and #%#^, #%#%! Hee hee!

12 Fregley Gets Sent Into Captain Underpants Book Series

What's wrong with Captain Underpants? - KalloFox34

13 Nasty Pants Gets Grounded

After Mrs. Pants finds out the her son, Nasty Pants, was bullying Greg and Rowley the whole time, she finally yells at Nasty and grounds him

14 Greg and Rodrick Creates a Goanimate Grounded Video

With Manny as the star. - RoseWeasley

15 Manny Accidentally Burns Down the House-And Greg Gets in Trouble for It

This list is crap

16 Rodrick Moves from the House
17 Rodrick Moves Out
18 All the Characters Die
19 All the Characters Live
20 Greg Asks Out Holly Hills

She will never say yes unless mom dies

21 The Pig Gets Sold

A lot of fans hate him. I don't see what his purpose is. - Hotheart123

22 Corny's Family Restaurant Bans Changing Diapers in the Dining Table

After Greg watched a family changed a baby’s diaper at on the dining table in horror, he and Rodrick takes drastic measures calling Corny’s Country Style Family Restaurant to hire high security guards so they can to catch the family and the other families who changes baby’s diapers on the dining table, toddlers leaving diapers in the ball-pit, kids throwing food from the buffet bar, kids stinking up the play structure tube with dirty socks and arrest them or kick them out

23 Greg Feeds the Lil' Cuties Comics to the Pig
24 Fregley Gets Sent Into Teen Titans Go
25 Manny Gets the Cheese Touch
26 Rodrick Gets the Cheese Touch
27 Fregley at Corny’s Family Restaurant
28 Little Kids at Corny’s Family Restaurant Gets the Cheese Touch
29 The Beardo Family Gets the Cheese Touch
30 Fregley Gets Sent Into Guardians of the Galaxy

He would chase the Ravagers including TaserFace with a booger stick to his finger

31 Patty Gets the Cheese Touch
32 Fregley Gets a Parrot
33 Greg in an Anime Convention
34 The Misaventures at Corny's Family Style Restaurant
35 Manny Actually Gets in Trouble
36 Patty Diaper Hands
37 Rowley Gets a Baby Sister and Asks Greg for Help Taking Care of Her

I think Rowley should finally have a younger sibling!

38 Greg and Rowley Use Yahoo Answers
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