Top 10 Things Three Days Grace Fans Should Stop Complaining About

I made this list because some Three Days Grace fans really can't let stuff go. Even though I'm a fan of Three Days Grace, even I'll admit I'm sick of people complaining about these things. Let's end this complaining nonsense once and for all.

The Top Ten Things Three Days Grace Fans Should Stop Complaining About

1 Adam Leaving the Band

This should be absolutely be number 1. - Soulstealer

It's been 4 years now, and he's in Saint Asonia!

2 Matt Walst As the New Singer

I agree. Some people seem to endlessly bash on Matt just because he's not Adam. On every single cover video, I see comments like these: "you should've replaced Adam", "you are so much better than Matt", "you should've been the new singer" etc.

3 The Human Album
4 Their Modern Songs from Human
5 How the Band Has Changed
6 The Modern Sound
7 The Album Transit of Venus
8 The Modern Lyrics
9 What Matt Did to Adam On Twitter
10 Metal

They aren't metal though, so why would they be complaining about that? - Soulstealer

Three Days Grace isn't metal though. - Userguy44

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11 Complaints
12 Their Modern Music Videos
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