Top 10 Things Three Days Grace Fans Should Stop Complaining About

I made this list because some Three Days Grace fans really can't let stuff go. Even though I'm a fan of Three Days Grace, even I'll admit I'm sick of people complaining about these things. Let's end this complaining nonsense once and for all.

The Top Ten

1 Adam Leaving the Band

This should be absolutely be number 1. - Soulstealer

It's been 4 years now, and he's in Saint Asonia!

2 Matt Walst As the New Singer

I agree. Some people seem to endlessly bash on Matt just because he's not Adam. On every single cover video, I see comments like these: "you should've replaced Adam", "you are so much better than Matt", "you should've been the new singer" etc.

3 The Human Album
4 Their Modern Songs from Human
5 How the Band Has Changed
6 The Modern Sound
7 The Album Transit of Venus
8 The Modern Lyrics
9 What Matt Did to Adam On Twitter
10 Metal

They aren't metal though, so why would they be complaining about that? - Soulstealer

Three Days Grace isn't metal though. - Userguy44

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11 Complaints
12 Their Modern Music Videos
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