Top Ten Best Thriller Novels That You Have to Read More Than Once

I have read many novels of my favourite crime - thriller genre and these novels I've chosen, I've read at least three times because they are very chilling and so memorable. If you haven't already, try at least one of them at least once.
Please add your own favourite novel from the crime- thriller genre if you like. I'm always on the lookout for that next chilling read! Thank you!
The Top Ten
1 The Truth - Peter James The Truth - Peter James Product Image

The very first Peter James novel I ever read. This book very quickly made Peter James my favourite author.

2 Misery - Stephen King Misery - Stephen King Product Image

When it comes to thrillers and scary literature, you can't beat SK. Especially Misery.

3 The Ladykiller - Martina Cole The Ladykiller - Martina Cole Product Image
4 YOU - Caroline Kepnes YOU - Caroline Kepnes Product Image
5 You're Mine Now - Hans Koppel You're Mine Now - Hans Koppel Product Image
6 The Neighbour. - Lisa Gardner The Neighbour. - Lisa Gardner Product Image
7 Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens Product Image
8 Drawn To The Grave - Mary Ann Mitchell Drawn To The Grave - Mary Ann Mitchell Product Image

This was the very first thriller I ever read back in 1999. It's a great contrast to the Sweet Valley High novels I used to read. Once I finished this book, I never picked up a teenage romance story ever again. This really is a thrilling read. With a very clever title.

9 The Sculptress - Minette Walters The Sculptress  - Minette Walters Product Image
10 The Maddening - Andrew Neiderman The Maddening - Andrew Neiderman Product Image
The Contenders
11 Gerald's Game - Stephen King Gerald's Game - Stephen King Product Image
12 The Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris The Silence of the Lambs - Thomas Harris Product Image

This is one of the best novels ever written. Though fictional, Hannibal Lecter gets into your head and leaves a lasting impression. The movie is good too.

13 Before She Knew Him - Peter Swanson Before She Knew Him - Peter Swanson Product Image
14 Dead Like You - Peter James Dead Like You - Peter James Product Image
15 Orchid Beach - Stuart Woods Orchid Beach - Stuart Woods Product Image
16 Behind Closed Doors - B.A. Paris
17 Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough Behind Her Eyes - Sarah Pinborough Product Image

"Bloody brilliant" - Stephen King
"Not your expected standard outcome" - Sunday Times Culture
"One of the best endings to a book" - Prima
"The ending's a shocker" - Woman and Home
"Hugely entertaining, utterly compelling, this is the kind of novel that takes over your life." - Joe Hill
" A dark, electrifying page-turner with a corker of an ending." - Harlan Coben

And many more incredible reviews about this novel, particularly praising the ending. This novel really does live up to the hype. I've never before read such a shocking and unexpected ending. Read it before somebody spoils it for you and then read it again, and again and...

18 The Marriage Pact - Michelle Richmond The Marriage Pact - Michelle Richmond Product Image
19 Anything You Do Say - Gillian McAllister Anything You Do Say - Gillian McAllister Product Image

This is clever. The story is written in the first person which follows two paths and the outcome of a woman who is walking home alone and whom believes is being followed by the man who tried to force his amorous intentions on her inside a nightclub. Believing she is about to be attacked again, she turns and pushes him down a flight of steps where he lays motionless and face-down on the pavement... This is where the story splits into two: Does she Reveal, stay, call the police and risk being arrested of GBH with intent? Does she Reveal and risk her family, friends and outsiders judge her? OR: Does she Conceal, run, stay silent and carry on with her normal everyday life? After all, no one saw... but can she live with herself, knowing she left a man to die? What does her conscience do to her?
This novel begs the question: What would YOU do...? : Stay or run?

A very clever, well-written, thought-provoking psychological thriller with a moral dilemma that will make you question ...more

20 Bring Me Back - B.A. Paris

From the author of the excellent psychological thriller: Behind Closed Doors.

21 I Looked Away - Jane Corry I Looked Away - Jane Corry Product Image

More than a psychological suspense thriller; it's thought-provoking, heartwarming, cleverly addictive, and beautifully written. I've already decided that this novel is in my top five favourite thriller novels of all time. Absolutely loved it. And if you give it a chance, you'll love it too.

22 Cross Her Heart - Sarah Pinborough Cross Her Heart - Sarah Pinborough Product Image
23 Shame On You - Amy Heydenrych
24 The Perfect Wife - JP Delaney
25 Mother Loves Me - Abby Davis
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