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1 Like a Prayer

Maybe the best song of all time not of course because of Madonna's vocals but for the great lyrics rhythm and the amazing gospel choir

I love the song with all my heart! Really amazing! Madonna is my favorite singer ever. You know I was born in 90-s and I used to dislike music of 80-s mostly but one of the singers who really changed my mind is Madonna and the songs which helped me are Like a Prayer and Like a Virgin. Like a Prayer is her best song

It takes you to heaven literally

Love it

2 Vogue

1) living for love
2) vogue
3) girl gone wild
4) la isla bonita
5) like a prayer

A bop period - Yusuf_1989

Only a star such as Madonna could perform such a bold and iconic (both in lyrics and rhythm) song. The coolest, true dancefloor burner!

Vogue song I think is the most beautiful of all. Madonna I my idol and I love all that she sings. I am listening her songs since I was 10 years. I thing that she is doing a great job and I thing she likes making music. I love her. go Madonna.

3 Frozen

Best best best

A brilliant song. The album was a masterpiece, and this song is different from what Madonna usually sings. It's catchy, groovy, calming and New Age. I love you Madonna, and wish you all the best.

Not only her best song but also one of the best songs ever if not best! Pure perfection!

A beautiful song - Yusuf_1989

4 Like a Virgin

Most nostalgic Madonna song I've heard. also the best. - BloDayBey

When you released "Like A Virgin" there were no going back, you headed to become the most succesful female artist in the world. You have ruled the world for 30 years, and you did it all because of this single!
Love You Madonna!

The greatest!

A bop Period - Yusuf_1989

5 La Isla Bonita

Greatest song with greatest melody. Can't pass my day without hearing this song. It is a great party song.

Legend makes legend! You will love any form of this song. No matter what the decade you are passing...

La isla bontia is pop perfection - Yusuf_1989

It has a great melody and nice lyrics. Unlike most 'controversial' songs of Madonna, this one is tolerable, but is also so much more. Nice and sad, but also a great party song when heard on the beach.

6 Borderline

Simply the best pop song ever

The song that introduced me to the Queen of Pop, and still one of her best of all time

This is by far my favorite Madonna song. Such true lyrics, I love it.

This song better than some other songs

7 Into the Groove

I love lively, uptempo dance songs like this one!

going crazy for this song!

No one can compare Madonna and her god gifted voice

I've been dancing this song since high school and every time it gets me Into The Groove!

8 Hung Up

I don't know if this is the greatest Madonna song ever, but I'll you this with confidence - THIS IS THE GREATEST DANCE SONG OF ALL TIME. The beats, the synthesizers, the busy beats, and the nonstop music gets you grooving uncontrollably on the dance floor.

Hung up is pop perfection - Yusuf_1989

Best song with ABBA which makes it even better

Supreme song best since music ultimate Madonna song like common the song is perky fun and very good dancefloor hit along with other masterpieces from the album so it is very easy to see why this is the best Madonna song and last great venture into the hearts of young fans because her recent songs try to hardto be cool unlike past works so hopefully the reputation will carry on how great this is love it best song ever

9 Papa Don't Preach

A good song - Yusuf_1989

Love this song. ICONIC

My Love to Madonna started with this song. Brilliant voice, great melody, fantastic musical combination with orchestra. Not to mention Madonna's wonderful performance - Irina2932

I came to know about Madonna with watching this song on VH1.. "... I know I'm keeping my baby... ".. Come on I want to see this in Top5.. Vote everyone..

10 Live to Tell

Utterly amazing.

That should be #1 worldwide

A good ballad - Yusuf_1989

This song is a perfect 80s song, when everything was so good and original.


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11 Express Yourself

1 like a prayer
2 vogue
3 frozen
4 hung up
5 like a virgin
6 ray of light
7 express yourself
8 4 minutes
9 la isla Bonita
10 live to tell

This is the best song. It has the best message!

I am surprised to see this song falling outside of the Top 10. I do think it is one of her greatest. Very meaningful and powerful while still being extremely fun. No matter the version/mix of this song, it still always holds up and is a great anthem to encompass her career.

Shocking to not see this song in the Top 5. Madonna recently said in an interview that if she could pick one song to represent her entire career, it would be this one. Still holds up today.

12 Holiday

I honestly don’t like some Madonna songs. But I love the catchy tune to this one and the way it makes u wanna dance.

First hit,should be highter

This deserves to be way higher. It has got to be her best song ever. I first heard this when I was 5 (2008) and it has stayed with me ever since. - RockFashionista

Its once of the classics

13 Crazy for You

This song

How is this 18th? This was her first great ballad!

The best love song I have heard till date. Madonna is the best.

One of the best pop ballads of the 80s.

14 Open Your Heart

It's my first favorite Madonna song

Hey this is such a good song! It deserves to be in top 5

Might not be top ten material, but it's a very underrated, great song. One of my personal favorites.

I adore this robust number from true blue. Everybody just open your hearts madonna

15 4 Minutes

the music is fantastic and madonna has sung it in a very different style...

I love this song... Madonna sings wonderfully and so does Justin! Its lyrics are awesome, the music is awesome and its truly one of Madonna's best ones!

I came across that list, after I watched Glee's episode dedicated to Madonna. "4 minutes" would probably be my favorite song from her, just because I love the drive, the style, the vocals and the energy that song wanna pass!

This song was so great I found myself saying why isn't it 5 minutes

16 Material Girl

Perfect in every little detail

Iconic... Legendary... This song, along with Like A Virgin, put Madonna on the map. Even today it is considered an anthem, especially among female rights organizations. Keep Going, Madonna!

The best song of Madonna. If you like 4 minutes of Madonna this is hundred times better. She sounds so young in this song too. I highly recommend it. All fans of Madonna should have this song in their playlist

The song everyone thinks of when they hear her name. This should be number 1, like a virgin number 2, and like a prayer number 3. But seriously this song never gets old!

17 Take a Bow

One of her best songs - Yusuf_1989

Most of all I love Madonna's fantastic performance of this song. The way she changed her voice was impressive. This is definitely one of her most powerful tracks - Irina2932

One of my favourite madonna ballads. Felt so good when it featured on FRIENDS. Deserves to be in the top ten. Everyone, take a bow before the queen of pop

Naah this song should be top 5... Too awesome

18 You'll See

Her strongest ballad of the 90's which proved she could sing very well

Though this song was a big hit, it seems to often get forgotten. One of her greatest ballads. Emotional and poignant.

One of the greatest vocal performances from Madge. Seriously, she sounds amazingly beautiful here. - Irina2932

Absolutely her best! It is timeless. - mood333

19 Ray of Light

Love this song!

How is music and hung up higher than this masterpiece - Weirdest-thing

Greatest dance track of all time

Why is this only top 30?! THIS DESERVES TO BE ON TOP 5. This song showed me how wonderful Madonna is as an artist, the same with like a prayer. This song is timeless and is it deserves to be recognized as one of Madonna's best singles EVER

20 Music

This is a top 3 song right here, along with 4 Minutes and either Hung Up or Celebration. Those should be in the top 3.

One of the only three Madonna songs I actually like (the other two being 4 minutes and frozen)

Should be top 10

Made radio what it is now in 2015

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21 The Power of Good-Bye

Very deep and really powerful ballad with great Madonna's vocal. She sounds wonderfully brilliant here. And the video was amazing. Fantastic track! - Irina2932

Haunting beat which fits perfectly with her vocals. This is truly an enchantingly beautiful song. - mholland1997

Another gem from ray of light. Just brilliant. Even 50 years from now, people will still listen to this song. That's the power of madonna.

Beutiful and unique ballad. Such a fun, addictive song. I miss this kind of pop. This is her best song and also it's extremly underrated in todays generation. Madonna is 4th on my list only behind Celine Dion, Lara Fabian and Anastacia :D.

22 Lucky Star
23 This Used to Be My Playground

Sad song when I listen, I also reflect on the past...

One of Madonna's best ballads.

Best vocal I ever heard

24 Hollywood

The best song on american life - Yusuf_1989

American life is so underrated album - Yusuf_1989

Best song from the American life record

Best song from American life album it has a folk rock beat whitch is very different but cool

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25 Sorry

I love this song it really makes me want to dance and jump favorite party song, it may not be to new anymore yet music is timeless especially if the song is really good like this dance hit.

How come this song is in 30th when there are so many comments for it like how can songs with one or no commets be ahead of this terrific song I love with should be higher up on the list

Timeless song never outdated never will it is just so good and her 7th best selling single of the 2000s I'm loving this song so much " almost fandom" either way great song

My new favourite Madonna song. It GETS TOGETHER with Forbidden Love

26 Cherish

Out of every Madonna song ever made (and I've heard them all) the lyrics always stay stuck in my head. - pazampogna

Romantic, beautiful, sweet song about LOVE

This song is really catchy!

Best Madonna song Eveer

27 American Pie

I think this should be at least in top ten

28 Miles Away

This song is very good and gives a good love message about long distance relationships. Along with like a prayer and hung up, this is my favorite! This song hit number 2 in the US clubs chart (the song has a good pop beat)...

This is definitely one of Madonna's best songs, severely underrated.

My favourite by Madonna.

29 Jump

This is awesome! - BloDayBey

Very meaningful song. I always thought it should have gotten more recognition than it did at the time. It hit #1 on the Dance Charts in the US and inspired millions.

30 Beautiful Stranger

Well this has always been one of my favourites. It's at number 51 as I write - should be in the top twenty. Anyone else love it?

I love this song, it's the only song by Madonna I listen too!

Must be top 10 alteast

In the U.K. This was he most played radio song in 1999. Great track between the ray of light and music albums too

31 Till Death Do Us Part

Best Like a prayer's song, it's too ggo, with a wonderful beat, and a sad story to tell.

The best non-single probably. I don't know why this is not performed - it should be on top 20.

Gorgeous Lyrics

32 Human Nature

Express yourself,don’t repress yourself - Yusuf_1989

Truly gorgeous, by far the best from the somewhat underwhelming Bedtime Stories.

33 Burning Up
34 Revolver
35 Ghosttown

This should be in the top 20s

Best song in the album!

One of best Madonna's song's.

This song is powerful

36 Secret

One of my favourite songs from Madonna
The best song on bedtime stories - Yusuf_1989

What's not to love?

Madonna hit single from the bedtimestories album it is a very good song if you ask me at least the beat has yet to become outdated like songs from the 80's era people need to let go from 30 years ago better single by madona

37 Faz Gostoso
38 Words

I love this song..I hope it will make it to Madame X tour setlist

39 Bitch I'm Loca
40 Who's That Girl

Top 10 of my all time Favorite.

Agree with previous, this is far too low. Still sounds good today!

How is this song this low? Is this a joke. Number 81?!

One of the best Madonna songs and is no. 81. Really?

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41 Don't Tell Me

Her best song ever

My favorite song by Madonna! It should be in the top ten! Great hook and great lyrics - Lowmax

Great lyrics and amazing production; it's like a sonic country song. - TheMarkA1996

42 I'll Remember

Please get this top 25!

43 Erotica

Madonna at her best



Even though it was aa very minor hit I think everypone loved this dirty hit of the nities that was a really good club song
Much much much better then justify my love!

44 Devil Pray

SO GOOD - Brxtney

45 Justify My Love

Obviously, not her best song, vocally or lyrically, but damn that music and trip-hop beat light this song on fire! Not to mention the music video is nothing short of soft porn, and after seeing it, the song itself just sounds like porn for the ears.

Her real best songs, though, are
#1. Like a Prayer
#2. 4 Minutes

Amazing song. Madonna's vocal delivery is stunning. This song is so sexy, the video's even sexier.

This is my imagination in 5 five minutes!

46 I Don't Search I Find
47 Drowned World / Substitute for Love

Her voice at it's best

A very heart touching song and it deserves more votes

Very beautiful meaningfull amazong and heart touching song+ beautiful music video and Madonna. One of her best songs (she has like 30 best songs xdd) but this song is very different and it's working on my emotions.

48 Why's It So Hard?
49 What It Feels Like for a Girl
50 Bad Girl

Definitely one of the most beautiful ballads from the 90's and Madonna herself. Very nice and melodious sound and brilliant music video only makes this track look more special - Irina2932

"Bad Girl" is ridiculously underrated! It was one of the best songs on Erotica and one of her best from the 90's. - theOpinionatedOne

Fantastic song! And yes - it's so underrated!

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