Allamassal's Song Rants and Raves: Love So Soft

Hi! It's allamassal and welcome to my post series "Allamassal's Song Rants and Raves". A rant is when I am posting about a song I hate, while a rave is when I am posting about a song I love. This one will be a rant. Fall 2017 was the time when I pretty much stopped expecting much of music, because a lot of bad music was playing every 2 minutes on the radio. One of those reasons is:

If you remember, on September 7, 2017, Kelly Clarkson released a song called "Love So Soft". Now, I didn't mind this song at first, but then it started to get popular and a tad bit overplayed in the second half of October. I felt that this song was too bland to be receiving the amount of airplay it was getting, and I felt like people only liked it because it's by her (what a horrible reason to like it).

So, basically, what I remember about this song is that there are these 4 chords that I remember exactly (for reasons I explain later), and then the verses are sung over a very dull beat. The only lyrics I remember from the first verse are "Every kiss is a door, can I knock, on yours, can you knock, on mine".

Then comes the chorus, which is almost as repetitive and annoying as that Say Something song. The phrase "love so soft" is repeated 4 times in each chorus, plus 2 more instances of the phrase "so soft", and of course the singing notes in the chorus are almost all the same, which makes it sound even more dull and repetitive.

What really ticks me off is, why did it have to be this song that became the most popular out of her newest songs, when there are probably great songs on this album that didn't get any recognition?

In essence, this is a song that tries to be catchy but fails, except for those first 4 chords that are constantly repeating in my head after I hear it. Thankfully this isn't a very potent earworm, but it is quite a persistent one (those chords repeated in my head 120 times one night!).

I think this song is the reason I now hate TV commercials (I get that they need to make money, I'm fine with that as long as they don't force subpar music into my head). For the last month and a half, there has been this Book Club commercial where they used this song, which keeps coming on on TV, and it got on my nerves from day one, for reasons I explained in the above paragraph.

And as if that wasn't enough, Kelly Clarkson was on the AMAs, New Year's Rockin' Eve, and she was a presenter at the Grammys, hosted the BBMAs, and above all, they picked her to be a judge on The Voice (which got her all the 2395623752356982376 mentions on the entertainment news shows), probably all because of this song (which they also used in an ad for The Voice). I don't get why she is getting so much promotion for a subpar song like this. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Song Rating: 3/10