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The "House Cat", also known as the Domestic Cat or the Feral Cat, is a small feline, a good hunter, and comes in a variety of colours and fur patterns. Contrary to popular belief, however, they are not truly domesticated.


Not that I dislike dogs or anything, but a few issues which I have with dogs is that their barking is way too loud and can get really annoying, I hate it when they lick you and sniffle at you, they are not cautious (they just step on your bare feet without even caring), they smell really bad regardless if you give them a bath or not, their fur is not soft, they are too dumb to go to the toilet, you have to take them out for walks, meaning they are extremely time consuming. Cats on the other hand clean themselves, never smell bad, go to the toilet, are very quiet, are very cute, are very soft, fluffy and cuddly, and are also independent. I just prefer cats over dogs in terms of which one is the better pet. After all studies support that cats are smarter than dogs. Put a pet dog into the wild and it will die, put a cat into the wild and it will dominate.

Think what you want. You're wrong, never did research, never had a Dog, Cat lover, Dog hater, but I don't care. You can believe lies all you want. At least I know what's true. - Blight

Opps I accidentally clicked on cats, since I clicked on it mine as well say something. I love cats and dogs equally, yet whats bothering me is how much hate dogs will get from SOME cat lovers, and also how much hate cats will get from SOME dog lovers. It annoys me how someone will say "Oh cats are so much better because there cuter, they purr and bla bla bla." I HOPE people know that, what they are saying is an OPINION not a fact. Some people will say "its my opinion" while others don't say it's their opinion or they say it's a fact. Also the same thing happens with dogs. People will say there BETTER, when in fact it's their opinion. This happens a lot, and this can end friendships or even break someones heart. Now yes in dedd I am MORE of a dog person but I respect other peoples opinions, and even if I DID say dogs or cats are better I would say it's my opinion. Not just say that In (FACT) they are better. Also if your wondering why I prefer dogs. Its that I kinda had a bad ...more

Cats are way more intelligent than dogs. They are also scientifically proven to have much better long term memory. The biggest cats are tigers at up to 12 feet long. The biggest members of the dog family are wolves, and they're much smaller than tigers. Cats are definitely the better of the two, and the best of them all.

For one thing cats scratch up your couch and dogs have self control and cats don't and dogs are protective and cats are not

Cats are by far the best pets! Dogs are cool but need a little more care than cats! There is nothing cuter than a kitten! When I'm old I want a cat as my companion. I had a cat that would go everywhere with me. He would do his business like a dog only better! Each place I would go into people were amazed at his personality and manors! I'm an insurance adjuster and he loved going to work with me! Boy was his name, white with odd eyes making him deaf in one ear. Never affected him! I will be scattered with him when it's my turn! He was so special, loved to ride on my HD as well! One in a million!

Cats are awesome and way better than dogs. They shouldn't be #2. So I'll explain why cats are better than dogs. They have better hygiene, they are WAY cuter, they have softer fur, easier to take care of if you treat them right, you can't get attacked unless you make them mad, and you can develop a VERY strong relationship with them and they can lower blood pressure! Dogs are too overrated. JOIN ME AND THE CATS! (AND SO MUCH MORE! )

When I was 3 years old we adopted a cat named Otto because we had a horrible mouse problem. He was the absolute greatest cat in the world! He was so affectionate with us whenever I would pick him up and put him next to my ear he would always lick my ears. He would even let strangers hold him. He was my best friend. He died when I was 15 in 2009 I was completely devastated!

Without a doubt, cats are some of the most majestic, reliable, beautiful and overall purfect creatures that have ever existed. They are independent, good listeners, natural entertainers, give you time alone when you need it, will love you so unconditionally, and a good thing to snuggle with at night. You can get all sorts of cats; fat cats, skinny cats, cats who climb on rocks, fierce cats and gentle cats, lazy cats and natural explorer cats, each one has their own personality. Personally, I've always been slightly timid with dogs, but I still love them, but cats have always appealed to me quite a lot more. CATS! CATS! CATS!

Like another comment said, cats are often misjudged. They are very smart and capable of living by themselves. They are also very adorable when they are kittens. I just melt on the spot when I see cat pictures on the internet. And just because not all of them are happy campers, that doesn't mean some of them can't be an amazing pet and best friend.

I don't really like dogs. They slobber on toys and drop it on your feet, ruining your shoes and they expect you to throw it and get your hands messed up with the slobber. And when you walk in the house and knock you down... Lick your face off... Hate that. Cats rule, dogs drool. Literally!

Dogs like you. Cats kill critters and drop it at your feet. That any better? - Blight

Wow, it seems a lot of the people who voted for cats are Warriors fans like myself. X3

Anyways, I personally prefer cats over dogs (though I love both), especially since they're way cleaner.

Me love kitties FOREVER cats aren't bad I hate that some people think they're evil because they're not there just softies that defend theirselves from strangers I would fight if a stranger picked me up

Getting my cat made my life better, as did the book series warrior cats. Dogs may be loyal, but cats have a unique charm that most can not resist. Go cats!

Cats are the best they've been worshiped and/or respected in many many different cultures and cats are love able little animals and dogs can be men's but you might want to ask your wife why she's been getting new slippers almost everyday

I LOVE cats! I don't understand why people hate them! Everyone is being biased on a list that I saw saying "top 10 reasons why cats are amazing" and everyone was talking crud about cats and saying dogs are better! What have they ever done? On the other hand, I think cats are loyal, will love you unconditionally, and are amazing house pets!

Cats are majestic, loving, kind, cuddly, and sometimes very fat like my cat! Also they are smarter than dogs. They never really kill people. One time, a person almost died because of a dog. Dogs are okay, but cats are the best. It's not fair that they can't have jobs.

Cats do have jobs: to rid your garden of critters. Literally: that's the only reason they even became pets. Many times, people grew BLIND because of their Cat. Not hating on Cats, but... they just aren't domesticated. Sorry. - Blight

Cats are so adorable. They rule the earth for me and they give the best cuddles ever. They are also so fluffy, soft and gentle and they are my best friends. Also cats are my all time fave due to the brilliant series of warrior cats by Erin hunter which are packed with so much adventure.

Cats are so awesome! My favorite cat series is Warriors. That's like the whole reason why I love cats!

Yea, lets own a little fur ball with 20 retractable razors and a temperamental need for affection. They'll be all cute, rub against you and make it look like they love you. They don't. They just want to eat. Then they get mad when you don't feed them and attack you or vomit food they don't like onto your friggen bed. Then they demand attention only to recoil 10 seconds later and shred your arm like you stuck it in a garbage disposal. And best of all, who doesn't love random dried piles of hair ball vomit on their carpets! - LordMongo

I LOVE cats. In fact, I am very OBSESSED with them. They are so sweet and adorable and every time I see one, I pet him/her and say "Hey Sweetie." There's even a song about loving cats that I relate to called, "Can't Hug Every Cat." I even have a cat. I love him and he loves me back.

Cats are really cute and adorable because they've got a really frisky mood which springs up when they're having fun and they're really soft and furry.

Cat are very loveable animals which a lot of people misjudge it as annoying, lazy, and dirty furry pest. It does take a while to trust, but as loyal as a dog and as sweet as sugar

I've read Warrior Cats too, but I already loved cats! They're so stunning, and mysterious - you don't know what they're thinking. But they can be very loveable creatures. Some people don't like cats because they scratch - right, but DOGS are even more savage! (Dogs are still my second favorites, though) - RueSapphireShiverpool

Cats are one of the most intelligent animals. I have a deaf cat, and I communicate to her with different motions, and she understands.

I absolutely love and adore a super, duper lot cats!
All cats! Form small house cats to big tigers, they're all amazing! :)
I think that a lot of people don't like cats that much because they say they aren't loyal. I don't know about anyone else, but my cat is super loyal to me. He comes every time I call, follows me everywhere, even when there's no treats or petting and trusts me enough to sleep on my lap for awhile. LOVE CATS!

Cats are so energetic and lively! I love Cats! Sure I like dogs too, but if I could have one pet, i.would choose a cat! Cats are the best pet for so many reasons! They are cuddly, cute, fun, and they are actually very protective of their owners. One cat saved a little boy because a dog was biting his ankle. And they are very smart. Vote for cats!