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The horse is one of two extant subspecies of Equus ferus. It is an odd-toed ungulate mammal belonging to the taxonomic family Equidae, and can be tamed, bred, and trained, as a mount.


I think horses should be the first. They are beautiful, intelligent, spiritual, and they were a big part of history. I have only been riding horses for almost 2 years and I have fallen in love. I leased a horse for 3 months and it was amazing, a lot of responsibility, but still amazing. Now I am leasing another horse and it is the best thing ever. Also once you love horses most people never stop. I also always feel better when I am around horses.

Although other animals may be more cool, fierce, brave, cuddly, and easier to take care of, it is the horse that carried humanity for centuries. They helped us farm, they helped us move, they even helped us in battle. Now they are used mostly for show or fun, but not too long ago (only a couple hundred years! ) they were everywhere helping with a whole lot of things that machines now do. As well they can be extremely loyal and are trainable (unlike many undomesticated animals). They can be great companions who stay with you longer than a dog or cat. To top it off, horses are beautiful.

HORSE HORSE HORSE I think we can move this to the top! And horses don't deserve slaughter either there not made for food there made for loyal companions and heath is in danger HORSES ARE NOT BUILT FOR FOOD PERIOD.there amazing gorgeous animals that don't deserve to suffer help them by:DONATING, VOLUNTEERING, ADOPTING AND MUCH MORE help them... Please

I don't think you know but humans don't normally slaughter horses. - Brobusky

Horses are poetry in motion. They have carried us through the most brutal wars, never leaving us to die alone. They walk next to us until their last breath. They do not deserve slaughter or to be made into dog food. They are the souls that carry us into heaven, and they are the noble warriors who carry us to victory.

I disagree with your comment, Maverick. I think Horses are better off only being owned by people who like Horses, not by people who HAVE to own them. And I think that it's better now that Horses can be used as a means of transportation and fun. I like the fact that Horses are now loved.

You don't understand. I had a horse for 5 oaths after wanting him for 8 years and he was put down at the age of six. Exactly a month later I rode another horse and he picked up on me being kinda sad and he tried as hard as possible to make me happy again. That horse saved my life and pulled me out of a deep tut.

My Advanced Writing teacher LOVES horses, but she hasn't convinced me yet. Anyone have some good facts, positive comments, or anything else then just saying, "I LOVE LOVE LOVE HORSES HORSES HORSES! " Sorry, I'm kinda being negative. Well,...I, uh, the picture, I guess...

The horse is an elegant creature not in-bread like "pure-breed" dogs. They are strong, fast, beautiful, animal. It was used for many thousands of years for many reasons suck as war and contests. They are also smarter than all of the animals above. They are truly the best animal.

These are amazing animals they could hurt you but still they are very sweet if you be nice to them. I have a personal bond with horses because I ride them it is the best feeling in the world to ride, play, care, or even just pet this beautiful animal we call horses.

I love horses as well, they are very majestic and beautiful creatures. They can be trained to do many things, as seen in rodeos or horse shows and races. They are nice to have because they are one of many animals you can actually ride.

I think that horses should be top 1 or 2 because they are loving and caring animals. they are also they most fastening and beautiful animal I ever say in my life. would you think it should be 1 or 2?

Horses are by far the best animal in the universe, especially my pony. He is the most cheeky 12.5 hand person I have ever met which makes me love him even more! If you don't love horses there is something wrong with you!

The people who voted on this list have obviously no experience with Horses. Seriously; all they do is eat, defecate, and fart a lot. They are fat and lazy. Every time I look out my window, a horse is staring at me. This should be one of the Top 10 creepiest animals.

Whenever I say "My Favorite Animal is a horse! " people re very quick o judge and say how lame they are. They say they are just stupid ponies that little girls fantasize about. What? These are the same creatures that have led us to WAR, been there to help us keep going whenever we couldn't anymore, and they have such gentle and sweet personalities.

Horses are the best you can do anything with them. When I'm at horse back ridding its awesome you can talk to them, ride them, and even teach them tricks. I would so get one.

Horses are very loyal and smart fast too their in westerns and a horse is one of the most popular animals P.S black horses have the special ability to go faster than different color horses.

The horse is a majestic animal with independents the horse is so kind and gentle to each-other they are beautiful and friendly to their owners I love horses they are cute and cuddly

You can ride them and bond with them and you get really close with them to the point that they can almost read your mind and they're real cool and can jump high

I personally loved horses since I was little, my cousins have a farm with horses. They have one crazy Phsicodic horse named Holly. We went in the pasture to get sheep, (who has 4 babies) and holly ran up to us. While my cousins Ran, I stood there. Holly and I were looking in each other's eyes. I stood my hand in front of me to pet her, and she LET ME. We stood there while my cousins 'saved' the sheep. Then when she saw they were over there she ran an started bucking. AND FARTING! YES, FARTING! LOL!

They are the most majestic creature, and when you gallop or canter on them it feels like you are flying and it's the most wonderful feeling I know.

Horses are AWESOME! They have a whole bunch of personality and can be you best friend! You can ride them and compete on them NOTHING I said NOTHING can beat a horse!

horses are so pretty and majestic
just imagine pegasi and unicorns
imagine a black pegasi WOW!

Horses are the most beautiful animals in the world, they are so elegant and pretty. Horses should defiantly be at the top!

Horses are so nice. When I rode a horse for the first time, I didn't even feel scared! They are so calm and gentle. I can't wait to ride a horse again!

Horses are the most beautiful creatures in our world. There is no need for further words.