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The top ten free online language translation tools.

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1 Google Translate

It is quick, but not always grammatically correct

English to German Translation very inaccurate, sentence structure based on English, grammatically incorrect - generally poor translation. The same goes for English to Dutch. Personally, I feel there is too much editing needed. It is not a translation tool I would use.

This website is so wrong its not even funny it should definitely not the number one I have found by farr

Hello my dearest

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2 Bing Translator

One of the best I have seen!

The best. Google translate can't even measure up to this one

I've been inputting the same phrase on various websites. So far I've found and Bing to be the best (I looked after finding some nonsense on Google). Bing has a thumbs up/down feature which I find very convenient and, hopefully, they act on it.

Did one sentence test on it, Goolgle's and Free Translation. This one topped them although the translation wasn't 100% accurate

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3 ImTranslator

Love it whether I haven't used it yet.. laugh out loud...

It is by far d best

You so stupid bunch

Its awesome! EVEN I HAVEN'T USED IT YET! :) lol!

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Prompt online-translator is not always working but it makes the best or the most correct translations of any language it offers. I m looking for another one like that but not even one other translator can reach that level of correct translation

Good tool language wise but screen is stuffy. - rednbluearmy

Shrek approves of this translator

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5 Free Translation

Free online translator website without adds.

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We are sending your letter dated 23.07.2013 and replying the same as stated.

Actually did the best job for the required Rus-Eng translation (compared to the abovementioned)

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6 Reverso

but better and more appealing than google translate - ronluna

Reverse is good because it can translate any language to the other

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Only really designed to translate short texts - rednbluearmy

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7 Babel Fish

Simple layout with quick results. Good choice of international languages. - rednbluearmy

Free alternative of Altavista Babelfish.

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International company offer free translations; also includes website translator. - rednbluearmy

Comparing a paragraph translation from Portuguese to English made by three software, SDL was the best.

Really nice. love your website. keep it up. you've got my vote 100%

The same as #6, best option for me.

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9 Free Online Translation

Nice looking site with a simple interface; at present only European languages. - rednbluearmy

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10 ConveyThis

This one is the best of the most appealing and useful translation tools in the internet. You can embed them to your own website. There are lots of choices in the design of your button. Take a look and see why that tool is indeed the best among the best translation tool ever created in the internet. - ronluna

Paras käännös suomenkieleen tästä lauseesta :

"It's rare to meet someone with a mind just as beautiful as their face."

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11 Applied Language

more appealing and beautiful than babelfish - ronluna

Allows you to also download the tool on to your own website. - rednbluearmy


This is a great online translation site which I have ever visited. What is more, no any adds on this site. I am sure that at least 4 out 5 will vote on this site, if they give it a try to use it.

What I like most is that it has no adds and translations are very close the their real meanings.

Great indeed.

That is gorgeous.

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I'm using Linguee every time I can't choose the right translation with normal online dictionaries. Linguee gives a context, which is perfect to avoid any mistake in your translation. You don't always have the proper word you looked for, but there are always results.

I use this daily for my translations from French to English. Shows the words/phrases in context.

I highly recommend it!

Great dictionary with example sentences that also offers and app with fantastic features which can be used offline and all for free!

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This is the most popular online translator website in Turkey. I suggest you should add it to your list.

Great site. I though it was in Turkish at first sight, but then I realised that it also has English version, which is fantastic and great to use.

A great website indeed.

15 Word 2 Word

Complicated layout but also provides dictionary and chat translation. - rednbluearmy

16 Traddukah

Eh, that's what my French teacher makes me use.

It's one of the best translators, plus there's a forum included that people can use to ask for a complex translation, really good

Some very wordy people on this site. Has helped me out a lot

Helps you find the correct usage of a word via forums. If you really need to be exact this site is good.
It also has the possiblity to listen to different pronunciations (UK/US/Southern US accents.)

18 BabelXL
19 Free Email Translation

Send and receive emails in foreign languages for free. - rednbluearmy

20 Power Translator World 15
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