Top 10 Biggest MySpace Pet Peeves

MySpace, that vibrant cyber-playground where you could pioneer your very own corner of the internet, adorning your profile with tunes, images, and texts that spelled out the essence of your personality. In its glory days, there was a reason why it ranked as the fourth most popular website in America. It was a place where you could meet people you'd never have the chance to encounter in real life, find out what your favorite band was up to, or even stumble upon a quirky blog post that kept you entertained for a while.

Behind its flashy GIFs and Top 8 friends list, MySpace had that serious mojo that made it irresistible to the masses. The thrill of personalization, the sense of community, the connection with artists and musicians, and the freedom to present oneself in the way they felt most real - there's no denying that MySpace had all that going on.

But let's face it, as much as you may have enjoyed your time on this pioneering social network, it was far from flawless. Just like how a hair in your delectable spaghetti can take the fun out of a meal, there were several things about MySpace that might have tweaked your nerves. But hey, no one's perfect, right?

Yet, in this journey of online exploration, you might have come across a few cringe-worthy or eye-roll-inducing elements that, if given the power, you'd gladly have hit the delete button on. And just like that slightly annoying friend who's great to hang out with but has a few habits you wish you could change, MySpace, for all its charms and appeals, had its share of habits that could easily trigger a heavy sigh or two.

As much as you might have fond memories of MySpace, it's also worth acknowledging that the site had its fair share of quirks that could test your patience at times.
The Top Ten
1 People whining because they are not on your top 8

Even if you hide your top friends and comments people can still view them it's so easy!

I used to have a top 5 but now I need a top 10 to put more people in from school.

The fact that Top 8 even matters to people AT ALL is pretty pathetic

2 Website technical errors

I totally agree... I usually have to put in my email and password 3 times before it accepts it (and yes, I am putting in the information correctly)... everything is so sloow on myspace.

3 Bogus bulletin stories

I hate how they always show up, they are one of the most annoying things in the world. I know when I wake up in the middle of the night a clown will NOT be standing above my bed ready to kill me bc I didn't repost a bulletin on myspace, of all places.

I hate those kinds of bulletins. Bulletins should only be used for important stuff, I.e. I'm out of town for a while, My friend's band is playing a concert this weekend, etc. Not this stupid spam.

There's only one thing worse than the bulletins themselves, and that's the teenage girls who keep reposting them!

4 Stupid picture captions
5 Non-clickable URLs
6 Spam profiles
7 Terrible profile customization options
8 Excessive profanity

Agreed. People who think the F-Bomb is the only adjective in the English language should be sent back to 2nd grade. Chances are, they haven't reached that maturity level.

Sort of a cross between prog and punk. Very witty and cool. Somehow obscure.

9 People hitting on you when you are not available

Especially when people write, "hey your profile looks cool and you're really hot." Its like, if my profile is so cool, you would have seen in it that I say at all over the page that I'm taken. Losers!

If you are going to take the time to write up a message, take the time to look at something more than the profile picture... like the personal status perhaps.

even worse is when you tell someone you're not interested, typically someone foreign who doesn't seem to understand the word 'no', and they keep talking to you! AHH!

10 Huge pictures in comments

I hate big pictures as comments! it makes my profile look doofy, and irregular. I end up deleting all of the picture comments. and then, when the friend that posted it doesn't see it on there, they post ANOTHER ONE! it gets on my nerves!

Don't add picture comments that make my page three times as wide as my computer screen

The Contenders
11 Begging for picture comments
12 Fake profiles

I just want to be friends with real celebs not made up pages.

13 People abusing the opacity CSS property

I hate trying to read a profile when everything is see through

14 Emoism
15 Changing your web name frequently

This is like saying "I don't know who I am so I will just put whatever my mood is for the day. When you wear your heart on your sleave not only does your family knows, but now 2 million complete strangers know it too.

16 People complaining about everything
17 People saying you stole their song
18 Video comments

Please, if you have a great video to show me, send me a link. Let me watch it on my own time and don't make it autoplay every time someone views my profile.

19 Add me messages
20 People that say that they're in a bad mood and post bulletins about it

I hate it when people post a bulletin telling people that they're in a bad mood and not to talk to them.

21 People who comment you demanding you comment their pictures
22 One word messages
23 Unnecessary Xs in usernames
24 Dumb bulletins
25 Entire conversation on comments page
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