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1 Copyright Paranoia

YouTube is working with the already rich corporations to isolate certain material and censor the internet. It all seems innocent now, but this is setting up a population for brainwashing and social manipulation. Soon entire websites will be banned and controlled and the only people who serve to gain are, again, the already rich.

These petty copyright issues shouldn't be a problem. I shouldn't have to dispute a claim because of 20seconds of someones song. It's not even the whole thing. Unless it's a 1 to 1 copy of something in its entirety YouTube should bud out. To hell with the lobbyists looking to improve sales stats at the costs of freedom.

I can understand the issue with showing full songs/videos of songs, but what really annoys me is this:

Someone uploads a video that could be of say: skateboard tricks, bloopers, stunts or anything really. They use bits of songs in it to make it "cooler", and because one of the bits of song is deemed copyright infringement, the whole soundtrack for the video is removed. It just seems a bit over the top.

2 Ads Before Videos

It's getting worse and every single video i videos has a ad before watching, most of them aren't skippable nowadays, i see the same product in ads everyday and i have to install adblocker to get rid of them. Adblockers are relaxing and can watch a entire video without a ad popping up, the Vizio remote my parents have doesn't work properly anymore and harder to skip a long ad than ever. The good way i did with the remote is scroll in different movements so i won't be stuck tryna scroll what video to watch.

How is this not first. YouTube ads are by far the most annoying thing, if not the only annoying thing about YouTube! Can you really blame me for wanting to throw my computer or phone out the window when I see two little kids advertising Honey Nut Cherios? If I was allowed to skip, the ad, or if it was an ad I liked, that would be ok, but YouTube's insistence to torture me with that elementary school commercial is too much. I refuse to watch it. I just won't watch the video I wanted to see. That ad will not be given the satisfaction of having me watch it beginning to end. Is it really that had to make it skippable? It's not. I can wait five seconds, but I'm not watching a little kids advertisement beginning to end.

3 This Video is Not Available in Your Country

YES! My friend uploaded a backyardigans video and it's not available in the US but she didn't get a copyright strike. Also this channel called Treehouse Direct is a verified channel but like almost all of the videos of the episodes of The Backyardigans same with the official backyardigans channel are blocked except for a few, Surf's Up (Season 1), Race Around the World (Season 1), High Tea/The Tea Party (Season 1), and one of the International Super Spy either part 1 or 2 (Season 2). Those are the only videos unblocked for the official backyardigans youtube channel but all of the episodes on Treehouse Direct are blocked.

I agree! This is very annoying! People just want to watch videos or listen to music, that kind of thing. But this irritating thing completly stops them from having the freedom of access. It's ridiculous! For instance, I wanted to download mp3 audio files of the newest definitely Leppard album to my iTunes, yet I only got the first two tracks. YouTube somehow wouldn't let me access the rest of the album. Why? Is the music too explicit? Is my country not eligible to watch/listen to certain content? I just wanted to listen to their music. Everyone else can, why can't I? And thanks to this "This video is not available in your country" malarkey, I don't know what the rest of the album sounds like because of this bullcrap. Bravo, YouTube, bravo! You've really messed up. Send me back to 2005 style YouTube when this garbage didn't exist and you could watch whatever you wanted whenever you wanted without having to worry about being blocked off. That would be nice.

4 Ads That Display In the Middle of a Video

The one thing I hate most about this, is when something good is about to start, like there about to start playing the game, and just when they say "Let's get right into the video! " a stupid French perfume ad comes on which I can't understand! Seriously, people need to cut down on the ads! I mean, if it's a 40 minute long video (which I would never watch) then I can understand, but if it's just 12 minutes long, you don't need 5 ads!

I guess these would be fine once a while on long videos (30 minutes or above). But these appear every minute on videos that are short as 10 minutes it gets irritating fast.

This drives me nuts! I hate ads in the middle of videos super annoying when trying to watch a video! Wish I could turn them off on moble for free without buying youtube plathem

5 Buffering

The worst part is when you right click and report a problem. Then youtube asks you what was the problem. GUESS WHAT GENIUSES, WHAT ELSE? What else might go wrong to youtube except for video not playing?

With all the advanced technology we've created we couldn't make it to where YouTube videos don't have a second loading bar that makes the video buffer and pause if the red bar goes past it? Like why can't the video start and already be fully loaded? It's even more frustrating when the video buffers for like 20 seconds and then says "Loading Error, Tap to retry". It's super annoyingf

I agree, they must be #1or 2 because they were there longer than ads! Eversince youtube came out!

6 Unskippable Ads

I had this dream last night that I clicked a video there was five ads before the video! I was like omg so annoying! I hope it doesn't come true, if it did I would be mad.

Just reload the page, or skip 5 seconds by pressing the keyboard arrows, or go to a different browser, use adblocks, many ways to surpass YouTube's greedy things.

You can't skip a 15 second ad but you can skip a 5 second ad even though the ad already finished before you skip the ad.

7 Age Restriction

The kind of people that report these videos are angry parents with 3 kids that aren't allowed to watch nick, Cartoon Network, Disney, Disney Channel, or anything but baby shows and can't get on the computer unless it's for school.

I really don't care I mean, like, what? Just curse words/inappropriate sentences? Who cares? I am under 18 and I still watch AGE RESTRICTION videos. But not the censored content, though. Only bad word ones.

I love how YouTube will unnecessarily censor an innocent video where a content creator accidentally says "heck" because that's inappropriate for kids yet they never age restricted any of Cardi B or any other modern rapper's music videos which contain full pornography.

8 Google Buying It

Youtube is dead. It died as soon as Google bought it.
Youtube was once a giant forest where everyone has their place in it, sharing the fruits of the trees and having fun with each other. After the corporates discovered this elysium, they cut down the trees, deprived the people of their property and built estates/manors for the powerful landlords (like Smosh, RWJ, ShaneDawson) who then enslaved the natives and made makes every effort to profit off the already-poor natives. That is a perfect metaphor to what happened to Youtube.
R.I.P. old Youtube!

Google sent YouTube's trajectory down a black hole when they bought it, throwing in the small YouTubers first into the event horizon and letting the big channels stay on the asteroid (YouTube) that was slowly drifting towards it's ultimate doom. As Google kept on making unnecessary changes to the site, the asteroid picked up speed, getting ever so closer towards the event horizon and ultimately, the central singularity. While this happened, the asteroid was beginning to be torn to pieces as rogue meteors (copyright abuse) began smashing against the asteroid, causing some users to be knocked off into the black hole (terminated accounts and channels) while the big channels kept their ground. By 2013 A.D., the asteroid reached the event horizon as the linking between the civilization of Google+ and inhabitants of the Youtube Asteroid was successfully created in an attempt to pull the asteroid away from the hole's grasp. But it was not successful as the inhabitants on the asteroid rebelled with hate comments and Bob spam, which just made the asteroid fall faster into the black hole. It unfortunately seems YouTube will fall into the central singularity anyways.

My own metaphor for what happened to Youtube. (Inspired by the one two comments below me. )

9 History Box

I hate it with burning compassion, there is no need for it to exist.

You can block it

10 The COPPA Update

Youtube Kids is one of the most pointless apps in the entire universe! What was the point? How am I supposed to comment on MLP videos?! If kids want entertainment, let them watch their shows on TV, not THIS! Youtube was made for 13+ age, not for kids! Did you know that some videos that were not made for kids are on Youtube Kids?! If Salad Fingers (one of the best shows ever, in my opinion) was ever on Youtube Kids because it is animated, I will personally go to court and sue COPPA! This is not okay if you really think about it!

I will always still love Youtube, but the system is broken!

The COPPA Update was likely made because of squealing karens who restrict their child from watching everything because of the "inappropriate" content that's apparently displayed to them.

Oh so now soccermoms are going to tell US what to watch and what not to watch? Susan doesn't seem to give a damn about Youtube's drowning reputation.

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11 Comments are Disabled for This Video

It's annoying, but sometimes it's not the creators that do it. On about half of my old videos, (that I don't have the password to the channel I uploaded on to take down or at least set them to private) comments have been disabled. I have never uploaded a video where I've disabled comments myself.

Probably because of the infamous update in late February 2019 where people can demonetized for the comments.

12 30 Second Ads with No Skip

Ugh so annoying.

13 Censorship

YouTube is not censoring the extremely suggestive cartoon thumbnails.

14 Videos You Don't Like Are Recommended for You

Yeah I get this a lot. Every time I go on YouTube, I see a bunch of videos that are irrelevant to what I like to watch getting recommended to me. And then I have to constantly press "not interested" to get rid of them. So annoying

In my recommendations one time I saw a Monster High Anaconda Music Video and I was like lol it's in my recommendations.

Update: Today when I was browsing YouTube I saw Barney videos in my recommendations and I was like omg really?

Another Update: I saw Puppy Dog Pals videos in my recommendations and I was like oh great this PAW Patrol ripoff is in my recommendations

Even if you accidentally click on a bad video just once, similar stuff floods your recommendations all of a sudden. So annoying!

15 Clickbait
16 Slow Loading

Ugh I hate it! It drives me insane.

It's ran by a hamster wheel.

It's probably your internet.

17 Removal of the Dislike Button
18 Constant Layout Changes

They feel the need to constantly make the layout look "modern" but they just keep making the layout worse. Growing up during the "Golden Era" of YouTube (2008-2012) meant the layout was nice and creative with tons of customization, but they've gotten rid of all of that and now the layout is dull and and an eye sore.

I wish they made you change back to the old layout...

Oh wait, they did, but I never knew, and in March of 2018, they removed it!

I feel like they're getting worse every time. Please decide on one layout, for the love of Trump.

19 The 10 Minute Rule

It's so annoying, when you're watching a T.V. episode it's cut into parts because of this stupid rule and then you have to switch to the next part.

One time I tried to post a 20 minute video to YouTube but it said that I couldn't upload a video longer than 15 minutes.

So… a video can only be 10 minutes? This ain't gonna be good for my YouTube channel in a couple of days.

20 Dotted Circle Appears While Playing a Video

That's when it buffers. You can also play the snake game with them!

That stupid dotted circle drives me insane!

This is really annoying when this happens during a video it drives me nuts

21 Sponsored Videos
22 Errors

It is VERY annoying when you are trying to watch a video, only to see "An error occurred. Please try again later." in the middle of the video, or when you go to your channel page and something like 1% of the time you get an error very similar to the video player ("An error occurred. Please try again.") Or how about when you try to upload a video only for it to sit at 0% for five seconds and then say that an error has occurred while "sending data over the network"? That makes me want to bang my head on the keyboard!

I HATE THIS! I try to watch the shadow reader's videos to listen to his scary stories sometimes and this comes ugh. And when I watch the backyardigans on a VPN I HATE IT?!

I agree that it's annoying, but don't blame YouTube for it. It's probably your internet.

23 False Flagging

You're like "Okay why is this censored?! " And then you find the video on another site and you find out it was flagged for only ONE little scene, or worse, there was nothing inappropriate about it!

You know Animation Rewind's Meme 4 All? It somehow got flagged by someone.When its just a normal AR fight. I watched it on the day it was uploaded but it doesn't have any inappropriate content.

This should be number 1

24 Porn Spam

Porn spam is appearing in history even when they videos were never watched. YouTube does not answer to this anywhere that I have found. someone needs to sue their asses for that abuse.

Ick! Porn. This topic, sex, puberty, and seeing a picture on accident of a naked ladyboy (no offense to those people) ruined my childhood. #Bring back the young days.

So porn isn't removed but audio from good videos are. The hell YouTube.

25 Multiple Postings of One Video

I just found that someone stole some of my subscribers videos and reuploaded them to a different channel, they also have the same channel name, so they are an imposter out of him

Even more annoying when people claim it as their own, and due to much compression, you get a 160*120 video with scratch sound. You can nver find the original, good version.

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