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Breaking Bad is an American crime drama television series created and produced by Vince Gilligan. The show originally aired on the AMC network for five seasons, from January 20, 2008, to September 29, 2013.


Breaking Bad manages to do difficult techniques of complex storytelling and filmaking better than most high-production movies. It will go down as one the few truly perfect shows from start to finish. Each season manages to be better than the last, and every character is awesome in some way. Also one of the most quoteable shows ever.

I binge watched every season and I loved it so much the characters are all really good and likeable and you feel for every one of them as each has their own struggles especially Walter and Jesse. Walter White is a chemistry teacher who got diagnosed with cancer and has to provide money to his family before he dies by going in the meth business along with his former student Jesse Pinkman who is a druggie together they cook the meth and gain popularity because of its purity but through the journey they have each had a lot of problems. Jesse loses lots of people he loves because of drugs and trouble with other gangs and Walter loses the love and support of his family and his brother gets killed in the episode Ozymadius which is considered one of the greatest episodes of television history. The story does have a good amount of action and you constantly want more after each episode. It is funny, emotional, awesome, heart wrenching at times and there are some pretty amazing scenes that will ...more

For No. 5 this is still too low. The way this show is laid out and told is so wonderfully done. No show in the entire world has a group of writers better than Vince Gilligan and his team. They were able to perfectly have a beginning, middle, and an incredible ending to a series that will definitely have a spot in television history. And its not just the storyline, it's the incredible cast they have... There is no weak link that drags them all down, they are a ll wonderful especially Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul... Before this I wasn't a huge fan of drama television but this show was so perfectly done, that I can't help but fall in love with it.

Glad one of the best is finally at the top. Breaking Bad has remarkable characters, twisted plot, and questionable morals : everything to keep a fan on the edge of their feet. Did you know the actor who played Jesse was an amateur? Fantastic. Bryan Cranston shows his evil side playing Walter White, an ego-filled genius. Also, unlike many shows, SPOILER WARNING it has hidden meanings. Every "villain" killed, Walt copies one of their traits without even realizing it (Krazy 8's crust-cut on sandwiches, Gustavo's folded towel-on-ground thing, and copying Mike's with-rocks drink, etc.) It's bloody brilliant.

The intensity of this show is just incredibly massive, from a end of a season you just cannot wait until the next season it will leave you thinking all day honestly, that's how good it is. Walter White the main character is a chemistry teacher and now he's this drug Meth dealer but, is really intelligent. If you love science specifically chemistry it will just add the icing on the cake for you I am a witness, trust me
. They even make up some of their own laws of chemistry, like how hydroflouric acid can eat through a bath tub but, really can't although it can eat through some metals. Also red phosphorus can't mix with hot water and he tells I'll teach you to cook crystal Meth but uses that false technique to cause some gas explosion. But, its great because from episode to episode is so good and it's so good they can make their own laws of chemistry.

This show... Let me just inform you, if you haven't seen this show... Cancel your. Plans for the night and sit. Grab the remote and watch this. This show is... No words can describe the journey this show takes you on. I fell in love with it even more after I finished it. There will never be a show like this... It is truly perfection. The fact that this is ranked 6 is blasphemy. People simply didn't see this if they didn't vote for this. Simply amazing

This is probably the best, most realistic THING I have ever watched EVER! The writing, the editing, the acting, everything is FLAWLESS! Breaking Bad is the reason I have interest in acting, film and television because it defines just how far the film industry can go in creating great stories accompanied with actors who portray such well developed characters. Vince Gilligan did an excellent job in creating such a well crafted show and Bryan Cranston is such an amazing actor!

This show constructs real-world realism and struggles in such a sophisticated fashion. I honestly think that this show deserves the top spot, it is one of the small handful of shows that has an extreme effect on the emotions from the entire running. This show deserves the top spot, even as I like every show above it, this show has something that the others don't. Please give it a vote.

Breaking Bad is simply life-changing. It's amazingly concieved and amazingly performed, by great actors (EVERY single one of them), writers, directors and producers. Only the very best: intense suspense, drama, and even comedy. Top-notch. Amazing plot twists, and character development. The idea for the show is original and every episode has something very enthralling and addictive about it (some more than others, that's for sure). Totally addictive. And for me, as good as any T.V. series could EVER reach to be.

Every episode has a pure crystal structure - the most perfect tension of elements in change and balance. Every series replicates this balanced, crystalline structure. The show IS the blue... Gilligan IS Heisenberg. The writing, the direction, the acting; and their synergy IS perfect chemistry. Technically pure in all its elements.

Way better than The Simpsons, The Simpsons lost comedy and quality since Season 10, as all of the original writers left and replaced with new writers, and Breaking Bad hasn't, yet it was epic and not lazy, yet had lots of elements that keep you watching, and it had a great run, even the finale was awesome, and there will never even be a better show than this.

Such an incredible show, with 3 episodes left I just have no idea what is going to happen, and that's what I love so dearly about this show. I just get annoyed when people say that the Walking Dead is better. I mean I like the series but it extremely pales in comparison to the television masterpiece that is Breaking Bad.

Perfectly written. Perfectly cast. Perfectly directed. Perfectly acted. Breaking bad shows what can happen when artists are given liberty to execute their craft to the fullest extent. Kudos to the producers for allowing a modern masterpiece to be made in a time where so little allowance is given for detail.

Easily the best show I've ever seen. Every episode was an exhilarating ride and left me on the edge of my seat. The plot, characters and everything about it is done so incredibly well done, and it lead up to a very great ending. We all know this show should be number one...

Anyone who says that this show isn't at LEAST #2 has clearly never seen it! Please just give this show a watch - it will instantly become a favorite! I mean seriously, how can you say that "Family Guy" and "Friends" are better? That's insulting!

This made The Simpsons look like crap, Why choose a show about yellow couch potatoes, that went drastically downhill after season 10, over this masterpiece, just because The Simpsons is ran longer than this doesn't make it any better, this will ALWAYS be the masterpiece of all television shows.

This is television at it's best. It's a masterpiece, and I think everyone should watch. Not only is it overall well done, it works on those tiny little details and makes the show much better. Everything is just put perfectly in place. I wouldn't change a thing. Breaking Bad should be at the top.

I do not think The Simpsons should be above Breaking Bad, but then again I do not believe that they should be categorized together, they are very different shows. I love serious serial dramas over episodic comedies anyway so I guess that is why I'd watch Breaking Bad over The Obsolete Simpsons anyday. The Simpsons should have ended years ago, it's getting bland, unoriginal, repetitive and boring now. - SuperMugen95

The all-time most addicting show. AMAZING! You will not be able to stop watching this outstanding show. Be careful with it, however, as you may find yourself locked in your bedroom for 2 weeks watching every episode back to back. Just don't forget to eat!

Breaking Bad is the best T.V. show of all time! I can't believe the bad taste people have. In this show, you actually have to think. It's the most unpredictable show out there. It plays with your emotions, and it always keeps you at the edge of your seat.

I love you so much fun and addicting but it is a great day to be a good day to be a little bit of a sudden urge to be a good time to get the same ti

The best acted show in history, hands down. If these episodes were movies, Bryan Cranston would have won Oscar after Oscar. There are absolutely no weak points in this show. Every character is great, it is written perfectly, and shot with stunning realism.

After making no attempt to watch it at all during it's actual run, I finally decided to see what the fuss was about after the series won it's last round of Emmy's and I was absolutely blown away by this magnificent, breathtaking show. Basically everything about it makes it a must-see drama powerhouse. 10/10. - BKAllmighty

The best show on television. No need to share my opinion because it is a fact. High quality storyline, excellent acting, and never a dull scene. Bryan Cranston.

Breaking Bad deserves to be number one. Plain and simple. It is the best show ever. The writing is fantastic, the acting in unreal, and everything about it is just pure awesome! Plus, Walter White is the best T.V. anti hero in history. He grows from a normal chemistry teacher, to Heisenberg, the amazing meth cooking drug lord! Breaking Bad is truly an epic that needs to be watched by everyone!