Top Ten Unpopular Opinions About Music

The Top Ten

1 Bohemian Rhapsody Sucks

Whoever created this, I respect your opinion, but I really like that song. - Luckys

I strongly disagree. - Misfire

2 Stairway to Heaven Sucks

StH is alright but Led Zeppelin is crap - AlphaQ

3 Nickelback is awesome
4 Baby is a Good Song
5 The Beatles is a terrible band
6 Justin Bieber is the Best Singer Ever
7 Nicki Minaj is the Best Singer

I agree with this. - Luckys

8 Lil Wayne is a Great Rapper

I agree with this. - Luckys

9 Blood on the Dance Floor Rocks

Well I detest their music. Ugh. - AlphaQ

10 Lulu is a Good Metallica Album

The Contenders

11 One Direction is Awesome

I agree, they may of had a few bad songs, but overall I like them. I used to be a directioner. - Luckys

I disagree. - Misfire

12 St. Anger is a Good Metallica Album
13 Imagine (John Lennon) Sucks

Many seem to have that opinion on this site. I’m not one of them though. - Misfire

14 Anaconda is a Good Song

Okay... - Misfire

Why is this below "K pop is overrated" I would have thought K pop being overrated was a fairly popular opinion actually

15 Gucci Gang is One of the Best and Most Inspirational Songs of All Time

Nice joke! LOL - Misfire

Yes this would be a very unpopular opinion repeating the same meaningless phrase dozens of times is so inspiring right?

16 Metal is Satanic

That’s not an opinion. It’s either satanic or it’s not. - 3DG20

17 Panic! at the Disco is not that good
18 Look What You Made Me Do is Not a Cool Song

Taylor was trying too hard to be edgy with this song. - Misfire

I used to like it. - Luckys

19 Teen Pop is more talented than Classical

I agree. - Luckys

20 We Built this City is one of the best rock songs ever
21 K-Pop is Overrated

It is, but it isn't bad though. - Luckys

It is! It is for me too! - Misfire

22 Dark Side of the Moon was a Terrible Album

*dies of laughing! * - Userguy44

23 Lil Wayne is a Great Guitarist

Lil Wayne doesn’t play guitar. - BlazingParasol

24 Stupid Hoe is better than Smells Like Teen Spirit

It is.
In my opinion I didn't like smells like teen spirit (waits to be attacked) - Luckys

25 Baby by Justin Bieber is better than the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Never have I ever heard anyone say this. That’s the way it should be. - Misfire

26 Led Zeppelin is overrated

That’s a fairly popular opinion. - Misfire

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