How to Survive a Zombie Invasion

Alpha101 First, buy weapons. I think you should have five rifles, two shotguns, three pistoles, a lot of knives, and a minigun! Yeah baby!

Next, stock up on ammunition. Have at least three hundred rounds for your rifles, one hundred for your pistoles, have five hundred for your minigun, and lot's of knives!

Next, store up on water. You can't survive without it. Put some all over the house and put some outside too. Even bury some so you can dig it up in extreem measures.

Store up on food. Like water, all over the house, some outside, and bury some.

Store your guns all over the place. I would put most of my rifles on the wall, put the pistoles under the beds, (but keep one in your pocket), Put your minigun in a closet, and keep your knives in some of the cabnets. (but keep three in your other pocket)

Exersize. Practice your running. Keep a song like Till I Collaps by Eminem in your head whil you do it.

Have a generator somewhere safe. Just in case the lights go out.

Practice with your weapon. If you can't use it, what's the point of having it?

Always have a backup plan. If the house is full of zombies, you need a way to get out of the house without getting yourself killed.

Buy a hellicopter. I know it sound's crazy, but we are talking about zombies. Own a hellicopter so you can fly away to saftey if you need to.

Live with friends. I'll do some simple math for you. One person + one million zombies = dead person. Have other people in the house with you.

Own cars. Fast cars. If you need to go away, this will do the trick.

Finally, own a phone. Communicate to your family or other people in the house if they aren't near you.

Okay. Hope you found this interesting. Alpha101 out!


It would be hilarious if you were reading this and a Nazi zombie sneaks up and kills you! - Alpha101

That is a great blog! Probably your best blog I've ether seen that you have!
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Thanks dude! - Alpha101

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