Best Ways to Prepare for a Zombie Invasion

Things to prepare yourself for the rising of the dead.
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1 Keep Up the Cardio

Zombies don't tire. The better and longer you can run, the more likely you are to survive. You'll also be more healthy and able to sustain the hardships that are sure to come.

Oh yes, this is important. Keep running. Think about a song, preferably your favorite. I recommend Don't Stop Me Now by Queen, to keep you going.

2 Get a Firearm

Best case scenario, get a rifle, a shotgun, and a handgun.

3 Stock Up on Water

Pallets of bottled water are good, but big, gallon drums are even better. Both are a good idea. Start strong on this one. You never know when you're going to need a water supply.

4 Invest in Food Storage

Each time you go to the grocery store, get a few extra cans of food or a container of dried food every now and then. MREs are good, especially for traveling, but for storage, they have a short shelf life and too much fiber. However, dehydrated food and dried food are great.

If you want to start a little stronger, less gradually, hit up Costco for cases of food or visit

5 Stock Up on Ammunition

Again, this is something you can do slowly over time, but it's best to have at least 300 rounds for each weapon.

6 Have an Alternate Source of Power

Have a generator handy in case the electricity goes out. It's best to just use it for heating and the cooking of food, unless you have a way to black out all light so as to not draw the undead to your location.

7 Practice with Your Firearm

All the ammunition in the world won't help you if you can't properly operate your weapon or fire it with accuracy.

8 Have a Backup Plan

Know where to go in case your position is compromised. Have an alternate source of food and water. Plan ahead.

9 Reinforce Your Domicile

A good fence can go a long way in keeping the zombies away from your dwelling. If you have the space to store plywood and other such building materials, do so.

10 Keep a Travel Pack Ready

Keep a pack ready to go, in case a speedy retreat is needed. You won't be out on a limb.

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11 Buy a Helicopter

I know this sounds crazy, but we all are talking about zombies, right? So, buy a helicopter so you can escape if you're in a tight situation.

12 Have Friends Live with You

If you're alone, you'll get killed. The more people, the better.

13 Store Weapons Everywhere

If you keep all the weapons in a closet, that's good, but what if the zombies are by the closet? Hang them on the walls, keep knives in your pocket, put some under the bed, stuff like that.

14 Pack a Melee Weapon

In emergency situations, in the case of running out of ammunition, a melee weapon such as a bat, club, or better, a long machete is a useful tool for knocking down zombies. Pack a long melee weapon to ensure zombies won't be able to injure you in the process of knocking them down.

15 Have a Variety of Weapons

Don't just have ten pistols. To me, have one shotgun, five rifles, two pistols, a bunch of knives, and have a minigun. Yeah baby!

16 Go to the Garden Store
17 Store Medicine Supplies

In intense situations, medicine supplies and first aid kits can come in handy.

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