Best Reasons to Use GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the biggest, most popular domain registrar and a leader in website hosting for a good reason, they rock at what they do. Here is a list of the best reasons to do business with GoDaddy.
The Top Ten
1 Great Prices

Get hosting with unlimited storage and bandwidth on the GRID platform, ensuring that your site doesn't get overwhelmed, for less than $5 a month. Add three bucks, and you can host multiple domains on the same account. This doesn't even take into account the excellent domain pricing.

2 Quality Customer Service

It's not just about submitting a trouble ticket and waiting for someone to get back to you. GoDaddy is big-time, and they have non-outsourced people on the phones anytime you need them.

3 GRID Hosting

Typical shared hosting plans can only handle so much traffic. If your site gets mentioned somewhere, like in a news article or on a Digg page, or you start ranking for a high-traffic search term in Google, expect your site to bog down or stop responding. Not only will you lose those visitors, but people aren't going to link to a dead site, and Google will stop ranking a site that people can't get to.

With GoDaddy's GRID hosting, resources are automatically reallocated to your site during times of high traffic. So unless their entire network crashes, your site will stay online.

4 Easy Setup of Blogs and Forums

Using the easy online tools, free of charge, you can add a WordPress blog or a fully functional forum to your site in a matter of minutes, even if you know nothing about writing code.

5 Browser Based FTP Access

If you need to upload or download some files from your site and are using a computer without a standard FTP client, you can still manage the files on your site using your web browser and the FTP client in the Hosting Control Center.

6 Online File Manager

Even if you don't have FTP access (perhaps the computer you are using has FTP blocked), you can still add, edit, and delete the files on your site using the file manager. No matter where you are, if you notice something that needs to be changed on your site (such as a typo, price change, or broken link) and you have internet access, you can make the change.

7 Comprehensive Knowledge Base

If you don't want to call customer service, chances are you can find an answer to your questions in the online knowledge base.

8 Domain Smart Search

Instead of the same old routine of thinking up a domain name, checking to see if it is available, finding out it is taken, and then repeating the process over and over, Smart Search lets you input keywords you want in your domain name and returns a list of domains that are available.

9 Tons of Advertising Credits

The most basic hosting solution will get your site online for less than $5 a month, but you still get $185 worth of advertising credits when you combine the credits from AdWords, MySpace, and Facebook.

10 404 Error Page Designation on Shared / GRID Hosting

On ASP sites, being able to control the 404 page is a great way to create dynamic, database-driven sites. This is much like how htaccess is used for rewriting on PHP servers. However, many hosting companies don't allow you to customize 404 behavior on their basic packages. As a result, you have to upgrade to a virtual or dedicated server, which is far more expensive.

With GoDaddy, you can designate any file you want as the 404 page. This allows you to examine the URL the user is requesting and generate a page on the fly that returns a 200 status.

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