Funniest Place Names In Australia & New Zealand

Ever heard of CURLY DICK ROAD!? Well all you Aussies, Kiwis and others, let’s take a look at Australia’s most laughable place names 😂 😆 🤭 😝 🤣
When adding a place, you must put the following info; general info, why it’s funny to you, what people think it is and what it really is. In the name of the place, add a comma and then write the state.
The Top Ten
1 Curly Dick Road, New South Wales

General info: Named after a person, the man's legitimate name was Curly Dick.
Sounds like: A road shaped like a curly penis.
Actually is: A street in Gosford, New South Wales.
Why it's funny: 'Curly' means curved or windy, and 'dick' is a slang word for a penis.

2 Orange, New South Wales

General info: A city with just over 45,000 people, located about 4 hours northwest of Sydney.
Why it's funny: It sounds like it was named after a fruit.
Sounds like: A tropical place known for growing oranges.
Is actually: An elevated place that experiences occasional snowfall and is not suitable for growing oranges. It is a sister city of Orange, California, USA.

3 Useless Loop, Western Australia

General info: A town in Western Australia that has houses and a roadhouse, located in the middle of the outback.
Why it's funny: It sounds like a boring place.
Sounds like: A dull place in the shape of a loop.
Is actually: A rather interesting place. It is owned by Japan and is involved in salt production. It is situated on Western Australia's coral coast.

4 Banana, Queensland

General info: A town bordering Channel Country.
Why it's funny: It sounds bananas!
Sounds like: A tropical area with lots of long yellow fruit.
Is actually: A small town that does not grow bananas but is famous for Banana The Bullock.

5 Lake Disappointment, Western Australia

General info: Just a lake, not a town.
Why it's funny: It sounds disappointing.
Sounds like: Quite a boring lake.
Is actually: Exactly what it sounds like, as it's quite dry. It was named 'Lake Disappointment' by explorer Frank Hann in 1897.

I'm from Western Australia, and I've never heard of this before, haha.

6 Pink Lake, Western Australia

General info: Another lake in WA, more interesting than Lake Disappointment.
Why it's funny: Lakes (and most forms of water) are usually blue and not pink.
Sounds like: A literally pink lake.
Is actually: A tourist spot, and do you want to know why? Because it is pink!

7 Whakapapa, New Zealand

General info: A village on the slopes of Mt. Ruapehu.
Why it's funny: 'Whakapapa' is a Māori name. In the Māori language, 'wh' is pronounced 'f'. So it sounds funny...
Sounds like: 'F*** a papa' or 'f***er papa'.
Is actually: A village that doesn't really deserve the hate.

To foreigners this is probably funny but in New Zealand it's kind of just something we are used to there are many Maori place names beginning with "whaka".

8 Hooker Valley, New Zealand

General info: A valley in New Zealand.
Why it's funny: While it isn't a swear word, 'hooker' is a slang term for a prostitute.
Sounds like: A valley of prostitutes.
Is actually: A popular spot along the scenic walk at Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park.

9 Waipu, New Zealand

General info: A settlement in NZ.
Why it's funny: Pronounce it.
Sounds like: 'Why poo?'
Is actually: A renowned beach settlement with some spots to see glow worms.

10 Tutaekuri River, New Zealand

General info: A river in NZ.
Why it's funny: 'Tutuae' means 'dog' in Māori and 'kuri' means 'poo' or 'poop'.
Sounds like: A river of dog feces.
Is actually: Not a filthy, crappy river.

The Contenders
11 Humpybong, Queensland
12 Break-Me-Neck Hill, Tasmania

General info: A hill in TAS (Tassie).
Why it's funny: 'Me' is slang for 'my'.
Sounds like: Break my neck hill (as in a name) or "break me neck, hill!" (as in talking to a hill).
Is actually: Part of a series of stepped roads connecting Hobart to Orford.

13 Come By Chance, New South Wales

General info: A small and quiet farming town located 100km northwest of the outback town of Coonamble.
Why it's funny: It refers to coming by chance, indicating that it is not always present.
Sounds like: A vanishing town that one can stumble upon by chance.
Is actually: A town that was established in the 1960s by George and William Colless, who named their sheep station and property 'Come By Chance'.

14 Nowhere Else Road, South Australia

General info: A road starting at the town of Sheringa, located 135km north of Port Lincoln.
Why it's funny: It sounds as if there is nowhere else to go.
Sounds like: A road leading nowhere else.
Is actually: A road named after a local 19th-century legend of a shepherd who said, "If it isn't over this hill, it's nowhere else!"

15 Mount Misery, Victoria

General info: A mountain in southern Gippsland.
Why it's funny: It sounds like a sad mountain.
Sounds like: A mountain of misery.
Is actually: A place in south Gippsland. There are many locations in Australia named 'Mount Misery', but most do not meet the qualifications to be classified as mountains.

16 Yass, New South Wales

Home of the famous McDonald's sign.

Also, here's what happened when I tried to tell my family my Spanish teacher was from here. Yes, this is true:

My aunt: So, where's your Spanish teacher from? Spain?

Me: Yass.

My cousin: She's from Spain?

Me: Yass!

My mum: You didn't tell me your Spanish teacher was from Spain!

Me: No, she's not, she's from Yass!

17 Tittybong, Victoria
18 Foul Bay, South Australia
19 Yorkeys Knob, Queensland
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