Top Ten Islands in Thailand

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1 Ko Tao

Considered one of the best islands to visit on Thailand; increasingly popular for tourists, many recreational activities are available especially diving & snorkeling are the most popular for tourists; for rock climbers, this island would fit into your interest. It is a considerable place for great experiences as well for exposing yourself into nature. Species of animals, specifically turtles & corals reside on this island. The only disadvantage is that garbage is somewhat littered on the place; overall, it's a beautiful place to visit and the scenery is breathtaking especially when on hill tops.

2 Koh Lipe

An island that's fairly small in scale, but it's known for having a variety of tropical fish species. For people with strong appreciations for nature, this island should give you a strong combination of nature & peaceful vibe; its notable features mainly consists of bright sand on beaches and very clear looking water making snorkeling in this island very ideal. However; like Ko Tao, it's a bit littered with waste and mild pollution; regardless, the overall environment & scenery view is wonderful with not to mention, decent food with various choices provided by restaurant services and resorts.

3 Ko Samui

The second largest island in existence of Thailand. Consisting of beautiful beaches a majority of tourists enjoy the most, especially if you're a beach person; occasional crowding & littering are its main disadvantages but some beaches offer more quieter, less population, and consist of peaceful environments for better experiences. Renting a vehicle (preferably motorcycle) should enhance your experience discovering the most of this island. Foods from highly rated restaurants, resorts offer decent varieties to enjoy and the overall features of nature & scenery of this island are breathtaking.

4 Ko Pha-ngan

Featuring beautiful sceneries of diverse rain forests, waterfalls, and other natural features; quality resorts, bars, food, and mainly notable for hosting a full moon party every month which the vast enjoy most. This place makes it appreciable for tourists providing good beaches for a quiet relaxation and nature; for the best experiences of nature & scenery, renting a motorbike surely can lead you to discovering flawless features, hidden places and other various features of the island.

5 Samae San Island

Considerable island for tourists, known for its rich clean waters and fitting snorkeling/diving locations. Peaceful yet refreshing experiences combined with diverse stunning fauna, this island would be your main interest; however in under the control by the navy, a limit of 500 people are only allowed in the island, but the opportunity to enter this island provides a decent experience getaway for those who prefer the quiet, peaceful environments. Overall, beautiful island recommended to visit.

6 Ko Phi Phi Don

This island consists of beautiful, bright sand, pure waters, scenic views and considered the largest among the archipelago of Ko Phi Phi. Weathers are fairly balanced & calm, people on the place are relatively friendly, eateries have quality food; however there was a bad history where a tsunami event taking place back in late 2004 had hit the island, destroying many buildings & killing many people as a result; this tsunami event left the island almost completely wrecked.

7 Ko Mak

Considered an example of paradise; this island provides flawless beaches, and considered a very beautiful island to visit; additionally, the overall environment is clean compared to most islands consisting of less rubbish littered on the island, locals are generally friendly. Diving & snorkeling activities are generally a great experience to do in the island. It's another island with quieter settings that yet enhance the experience.

8 Ko Phayam

This is a good example of an island consisting of worthy experience beaches, best scenic views (especially sunsets) consisting of quiet, peaceful environments. With restaurants providing delicious food, and barely or no cars of any kind are in the place, lesser tourists are worth to mention. If you like quiet settings, this island is a considerable getaway for minimal & relaxing experiences at best.

9 Ko Poda

Considered a popular place for tourists, with generally clean waters, and appealing bright sand; however, crowded people at times is a disadvantage to those who seek for scenic views, but when you move at a location preferably the sides of the island, it's worth the tranquility. The experience paired with decent fauna, landscapes, and beaches gives you the paradise vibe.

10 Ko Lanta Yai

An island considered popular, it's great as a first visit. Good beaches, making swimming & other activities ideal; nice views; however, the amount of trash is in great quantity. One notable mention back in 2004, it has endured one of the worst earthquakes dated in history; the island was affected during the earthquake but to a lesser severity in comparison in other areas.

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11 Phuket Island
12 Khao Phing Kan
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