Top 10 Lakes in the World

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1 Baikal Lake

Located at the south of Russia, near the country of Mongolia. Famous for not only being a humongous lake, but primarily recorded as the deepest lake in the world, with its deepest depth point being 1,600+ meters below; having considered the largest freshwater lake in the world (in volume, not surface), consisting of over 5,600+ cubic miles of water; finally, known for its existence for 20+ million or possibly 30+ million years in estimation, making it the oldest lake in the world. Due to its deep depth, the lake holds approximately 20% of overall fresh water worldwide. This lake is also known for having one of the most crystal clearest waters; occasionally, you can see objects over a hundred feet below. A broad number of species consisting up to over a thousand different species reside on this lake; most of them being unique and cannot found in the rest of the world. It is an increasingly popular attraction to tourists, and unfortunately prone to threats due to change of climate, pollution, industrialization, and algae invasion.

2 Lake Superior

Famous for having considered the largest lake in comparison of the Great Lakes in USA, and the largest freshwater lake (surface area terms) in the world covering up to 10% of the world's overall surface freshwater; the lake scaling up to 31,700 square miles in terms of area along with having the deepest depth point which is about approximately 400 meters deep; the overall water in Lake Superior is also known for having approximately 3 quadrillion gallons, and consists of usually very clear waters to the point that you can see visible surfaces/objects more than several meters below; during the winter, complete freezing of the superior lake is a very rare occurence. Numerous species of different fish also reside on this lake; all of this if you visit this worldly known lake, it would be a sure lifetime experience.

3 Great Salt Lake

A famous attraction for visitors. Known as America's Dead Sea, and for its obviously very high salt levels consisting about over four billion tons of salt in total, which is far more saltier than typical seawater, it was also known for having high concentrations of mercury; its average depth consisting of about only four to five meters, while the maximum depth 10 meters in average. Considered the largest salt water lake at the west hemisphere; millions of migrating birds, and especially shrimp reside on this lake, of hundreds of different species. The lake also produces a putrid smell resembling rotten eggs due to hydrogen sulfide. The water evaporates at this lake, but leaving salt on behind; as there is no outlet to an ocean, this terminal lake's major threats are water loss and pollution.

4 Balkhash Lake

One of the largest lakes in Asia which is located in Kazakhstan, but also classified as the fifteenth largest lakes in the world; its size scaling up to 6,300 square miles, consisting of over 40 islands and counting, meaning more islands may appear later overtime due to shrinking of water level, which is mainly caused by industry and rapid changes on water levels; past decades, the lake area grew and shrunk; the shrinking of the lake was caused due to a disturbance on supporting rivers. The water on the lake consists of fresh, and salt water on the west & east halfs of the lake. This lake was used to be popular as a habitat for various animals of all kinds, but faded due to dissatisfaction of the water and other smaller causes. Various birds of different up to a hundred unique types reside on this lake.

5 Crater Lake

In the USA at Oregon, this is a well known lake due to being considered the deepest depths in USA, with maximum depths stretching at almost 600 meters (594 meters to be precise) and placing at third in terms of average depth reaching at 350 meters precisely. Crater lake has only two notable islands: Phantom Ship & Wizard Island. Additionally, Crater Lake is the source of one of the purest and its appealing blue bodies of water. Crater Lake also has a notable old tree stump named The Old Man of The Lake, speculated to be around several centuries old. For visitors of the lake, it's overall an outstanding place especially fishing, and other recreational purposes.

6 Malawi Lake

Located in Africa. Mainly being known for having numerous unique fish species in comparison to other lakes, and for being the fourth largest fresh water lake in terms of volume, consisting of about 2,000 cubic miles of water. Since this lake having enormous amounts of fish, it's a popular lake for fishers, which however to the point that is a threat to the lake due to overfishing. Considered as an ancient lake, it's approximately a million or over years old and at occasional points the lake water used to dry off almost entirely.

7 Onega Lake

Considered the second largest lake only to be topped by Ladoga Lake in Europe, with an area sizing about 3,700 miles squared. It's notable that the lake contains a very well known island named Kizhi, consisting of very old churches and other historical structures constructed from the 19th, 18th centuries and so on; additionally, this lake contains of approximately over a thousand islands overall. Also containing broad diversity of wildlife & many fish, the banks of the lake is relatively shallow making it ideal for fishing.

8 Lake Vostok

Currently regarded as the one of the largest known subglacial lake that's located in Antarctica, with a surface area scaling up to 4,830 square miles, making it the sixteenth largest lake in area terms, and considered the sixth largest lake in volume terms consisting of about 400 cubic miles volume. Water on this lake may have been sealed by ice approximately 15 million years in the past. It is said that microbes were discovered and thought to reside on the lake; in one of the layers of the lake, some have speculated that exotic life may also reside in the lake since it contains a habitat potentially capable of hosting life under ice, though after all it's just a theory. By means of temperature, it has reached into such frigid temperatures of roughly almost -130 degrees in F, or -90 degrees in C, in past decades.

9 Caspian Sea
10 Wular Lake

Known in Asia; in India, it is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the continent, and a fairly popular place for tourists. However it's constantly facing multiple risks due being used as mainly agricultural purposes; other smaller factors contribute additionally. Several types of fish & birds reside in this lake, making it a popular place for fishing.

The Contenders
11 Lake Huron
12 Vancouver Lake
13 Kraken Mare
14 Ligeia Mare

Bigger than lake superior and the 2nd largest lake on titan

15 Punga Mare

Bigger than lake victoria and is the third largest lake on titan

16 Jellyfish Lake

A very well-known unusual lake mainly for having enormous quantities of specifically golden jellyfish, and moon jellyfish; as these jellyfish usually do not sting and tend to be generally harmless, this lake a considerable place for rare but lifetime experiences by many tourists in Palau.

17 Lake Victoria
18 Lake Como
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