Awful Animation #6) Putting Your Hoof Down (MLP: FiM)

Puga This is the first of my "dud" reviews. For thise who don't know, a dud is a bad episode from a good show. Let's start with the WORST dud I know of. MLP:FiM's dud. Before we start, I would like to say that I am a brony.

The episode begins with Fluttershy doing stuff in her house for the animals when she gets slapped in the face for being helpful. Okay then. Anyway, Fluttershy gies to town where there are a******s all over the place. They keep pushing Fluttershy around to puzh her off the edge. Why? Because the plot would take any kind of drug to keep moving. So Fluttershy goes to this sort of camp thingymajig where this guy called Iron Will is trying to make Fluttershy stronger and keeps on making Fluttershy stand up for herself. Its just filler. Later, we get even MORE a******s to keep the plot moving. Fluttershy has had enough and decides to stand up for herself. She is morphing into the WORST character in the episode. Then when Pinkie Pie and Rarity come over, Fluttershy insults tgeir way of living life! !!!! What the hell! The characters were unlikable and the plot was forced and stupid.

Annoyance 1/10 Awful Audio 0/10 Confusion 0/10 Disturbance 0/10 Envious Ending 8/10 Flanderization 5/10 Gaping Plot Holes 4/10 Ludacris Low Budget 0/10 Mauling Morals 6/10 Total Awful Points: 24/100

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What do you mean first bad episode of a good show? You reviewed 2 SpongeBob episodes. SpongeBob is a good show. Season 5 and beyond is overall to me half good and half bad episodes. For me the only bad pre-movie episode is I'm With Stupid. I know The Great Snail Race will make your list but I love that one personally. - Garythesnail

Pre-Movie and Post-Movie are two different shows in my eyes. - Puga

This should be renamed "Flutter Shy Abuse"

P.S. I have never seen FiM. - Turkeyasylum

Yeah Fluttershy just wasn't herself in this episode - bobbythebrony

(.../ - visitor

The writers of this episodes didn't get fired for some reason - TwilightKitsune

It's not really an issue to fire them though... - Neonco31

Bro-ny? Bronies exist? - SteveKing

Yes - JPK

This episode is good to be honest because... the moral, theme, and dark tones for sure. Also, I'm guessing people hate this only because Mr. Enter does too! - Neonco31