Worst My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Characters

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1 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

I became a fan of twilight when she was a unicorn. But until she became an Alicorn, she became mean and rude. Here are examples, in the movie she almost stole the queen pearl without nova permission and she almost did. Then, she yelled at Pinkie Pie because of the pearl part. The part she didn't tell Celestia she not good of being an actor but instead she told her friends, while she listened the whole conversation, which hurts her feelings. She even banished the crusaders without them explaining to her that they did the right things than the bad ones. Even she told them not to talk to her students ever again! That brought me to hating her character even more.

I need to disclaim that I do not value my opinions on Twilight, but I do champion my knowledge on the story so far. In her strengths and weaknesses, Twilight's actions have always been domineering. If you take away her fake empathy and empty benevolence, she would be one of the biggest villains in the franchise. She doesn't have malicious intent, but she doesn't value her relationships either. It's all about collecting friends instead of establishing a relationship. It wasn't until season 5 that she started to treat friendship like a curriculum for the damaged and depressed. That's not friendship. That's... I don't even know what that is! And do I have talk about how she's a terrible guardian? To Spike no less?

She's not the worst written character (that would be Pinkie Pie), but she is my most hated character for her worst actions and character goal.

I hate that people do not analyze the characters. Twilight was something unbearable before, but now is indifferent to other ponies, except her friends, Starlight and the other princesses. She is a hypocrite, believed, and may be the cause of a type of flanderization. People love Rainbow Dash, only because of its design and its (unbearable) attitude that attracts many, and Twilight, defending it in a discussion, only say that "Twilight is smart and kind". Well, first: YES, SHE IS INTELLIGENT, but it does not make her a better character. Second: She only appears to be "kind" when it suits her or to look "right", but... in the Pinkie Sense chapter, she was hateful and disgusting, in not Second Prances, she sees her double standards and hypocrisy, What about Discord - she is also hypocritical and immature. He appears certain virtues to protect his reputation as a princess. But nobody analyzes, this. And do not make me comment on Rainbow Dash...

She is the worst I have to say. She gets all the attention for what? Nothing. None of the fans like her anymore because she is a brat and a selfish little mischievious girl who always goes like oh I am the best to follow me. And she is like always saying I know I know I know. This doesn't tell little kids that this is the right thing to do. And at lesson zero she got all crazy just because she was really worried that she could've failed. And I have never gotten so mad in my life because of her because she ignores her friends when she reads books and she stomped on her fans in the cartoons. Do you think it is a right thing to do to your fellows? NOT!

2 Fluttershy Fluttershy is a female pegasus pony from the 2010-2019 animated TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She is a kind pegasus and is very timid and shy. She takes care of the animals. She represents the element of kindness

I agree with this, not to be rude to the Fluttershy Fans. Speaking of the Fluttershy Fans they are ANNOYING. Not all of them but MOST of them, I am trying not to offend anyone here. Fluttershy almost gets her friends killed over her 'shyness' in Dragon Shy. Sure, she saved them but she HID! Oh, but she forgets forgiven for it because she's so 'kawaii' or 'cute'! Her powers with animals is mary sue-ish. People keep on saying how Angel is the bad guy. But actually male bunnies ARE like that. If you don't like Angel you don't like male bunnies. Honestly, I hate Fluttershy. There are LOTS of drawings about her. Don't get me wrong some of them are gorgeous and outstanding! But honestly she's so overrated it actually gets boring and dull. She doubts her own thoughts and let ponies stomp all over her. Heck, if they can stomp all over her so can I.

I don't hate Fluttershy, but there are moments that she gets away with that make me mad. Case in point, Dragon Quest. RD wants Flutters to go to the dragon migration with her, and Fluttershy owes her a favor because Rainbow Dash went to butterfly migration with her. Not only does Flutters NOT return the owed favor, she trampled poor RD, but opens the window with the upmost care before making her escape. Really, Element of Kindness?

And then there's the double standard in regards to the shy Pegasus. People rag on Pinkie Pie for making her cry in Fillie Vanilli. But no one said a word when Fluttershy did pretty much the same thing to Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom. Yeah, how is that fair? Oh, that's right, it's not.

I hate Fluttershy because of the following reasons...

1. She has the least amount of character development! She will have an episode where she becomes all brave then in the next episode she will be all shy and timid again. It's pathetic!

2. She's mean and selfish! In one episode (I can't remember it's name) Rainbow Dash is trying to get Fluttershy to come and watch the dragon migration as a favour because she watched the butterfly migration with her! That's what a good friend would do right? But no! Fluttershy gets angry and stamps on poor Rainbow leaving her in a daze but when she opens the window she opens it gently before running away! She cares more about her window than one of her best friends!

3. She became REALLY mean in Putting your hoof down and don't say that was Iron Will's fault because it wasn't! He tried to help her develop her character and become braver and less of a pushover! He didn't tell her to berate her friends! She made Pinkie Pie and Rarity ...more

I don't hate Fluttershy that much, its just there are way better characters! Her hardcore fans are what annoy me most. Whenever someone says the slightest mean thing to Fluttershy the fans get all annoyed and hate that characters guts. My opinion is probably impacted by the fact that RD is my top favorite and the fact that heaps of people are horrible to her cause she can be quite blunt towards Fluttershy. But that is just me so no offense if you do like her but the fact is I don't.

3 Diamond Tiara Diamond Tiara is a female school-age Earth pony and minor antagonist who first appears in Call of the Cutie. She and Silver Spoon are classmates of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Yeah. As much as I hate Applejack, she at least had SOME positive attributes. Like honesty and determination. Diamond Tiara is just a one-note douche bag. If there is ONE pony at all that I really liked aside from Rarity, Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy, it's Applebloom. I REALLY feel for her as a character and as a motivation to keep watching Friendship is Magic. Will and when will she get her cutie mark? And that's the root of my hatred for Diamond Tiara. Or who I'd like to call, accessory to annoyance. All she does is get shoehorned into bullying the CMC. And nothing else. She is a pointless character that needs to be shipped to an insanity island.

I'm partially not perturbed by Diamond Tiara's antics as she is young. And being well known in the community makes her the easiest target for such ridicule. If anything, the number one spot is more akin to Garble or Hoops who may have had more experience. But we wouldn't know that because they're one note bullies! That's not to say I'm defending her. She's a one-dimensional character with unknown quarrels against the CMC, we know nothing of her personal life and she has no aspirations! Exploit this, writers! Back story, new character traits! You don't have to make her the nicest pony, but it would be great to know how she operates!

I cannot believe why Fluttershy is on the top. Fluttershy is a great character what's wrong with you people? Diamond Tiara is far worse than Fluttershy. This filly is stupid, cruel, nasty, and heartless to everyone but herself, even to her friend, Silver Spoon. Diamond Tiara deserves to be on top. Her cutie mark is just stupid and meaningless. I mean, it's just a crown. I hope that someday Silver Spoon will stop being her friend. She doesn't belong with Diamond Tiara.

Diamond and the rest of the ponies may look brand new, but their personalities are NOT original, which is why haters made this list. People who have been commenting about these characters are just too butthurt to realize and they just need to get over it, is that really why you've been complaining? I may be an egotistical hypocrite, but as usual, I'm only trying to make a point here! Thumbs down this comment to let me know if you disagree! Because I'm surrounded by way too many fans of this show!

4 Prince Blueblood Prince Blueblood is a royal male unicorn pony from the American-Canadian animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He resides in Canterlot. He is the distant nephew of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna and the cousin of Princess Cadance. He starts out as the object of Rarity's affections, ...read more.

He is a jerk on so many levels. He is vain, selfish, and rude. He uses Rarity as a shield and treats her like a pushover, insults Applejacks food after she gives it to them for FREE! "Royal Pain" is too kind too call him. If I were Rarity, I would've left him and went to Spike, because he doesn't deserve the title of being a Prince

Words can't describe how much I hate Prince Blueblood. He is selfish, rude, vain, stupid and self centred. He only cares about himself and his looks. He should be called Prince Jerkblood, if you ask me. He treats Rarity like dirt and insulted Applejack's food. Rarity should have called him somethings MUCH worse thank "Royal Pain." Prince Jerkblood is my most hated MLP character.

Not only is he a jerk, but he's a bland and boring character. What made me firmly hate him was how he used Rarity as a cake shield to avoid getting hit by cake, then he didn't even apologize for it!

Prince Blueblood is a royal! Rarity was the one in the wrong in this point! At the Gala Rarity was trying to get a Prince to do stuff for her! You don't see Twilight like 'Hey Celestia! Open the door for me! ' do you?

5 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty and is one of the 6 main characters on the show. ...read more.

Screw Rainbow Dash! She sucks. She's an overrated showoff who everyone likes just because she said 20% cooler. She cheated by flying against Applejack (who even pointed out she was flying... Get Applejack off the list! )

She complained about the dress even though Rarity put her heart and soul into the dress.

She still made fun of Fluttershy even when she was scared.

She is an annoying showoff who saved the town and took advantage of the towns gratitude and became an overly annoying jerk.

She replaced her best friend, Pinkie Pie, with a random party planner who showed up in Ponyville which almost made Pinkie leave Ponyville!

She called Twilight an egghead when she started to enjoy reading as well. Shouldn't the mane 6 be mocking her and laughing at her?

Honestly I wish Rainbow Dash was right under Fluttershy. Applejack deserves someone fair to play against and I think Rainbow Dash doesn't deserve the element of loyalty. Her element should be ...more

Gotta say, I definitely disliked her character in earlier seasons. I'm a fan of tom-boy characters, but I just couldn't make Rainbow Dash an exception. Probably because I am not a fan of characters who are over egotistical, this was certainly one of my greatest hates for her. As much as her fans deny it: she IS selfish, and ignorant. She is seen being down right rude to her friends. An example: calling Twilight an egghead, using her wings to cheat when versing Applejack, insulting Fluttershy in the episode Dragon Shy, and calling Pinkie annoying.

Not like I hate her, but she's definitely made great character development, making her a more enjoyable character for me. I understand that not every character can be flawless, but you can't prevent someone for not liking another. Rainbow is my least favourite out of the main six, probably because I can't relate to her at all, or I just can't forget about how she used to be. There have been plenty of episodes where I have enjoyed her ...more

"You guys are mean for putting Rainbow Dash on here."

Actually, it's not mean because we all have our opinions. And if you ask me, I don't like Rainbow Dash. She's an over-confident show-off who thinks she is better than everypony. She has done so many mean things to her friends and this is a list of them.

1. She hurt Fluttershy's feelings even though she knew she was scared. (Dragonshy)

2. When Rarity tried making a pretty dress for her, all she did was complain and say it had to be cooler. (Suited for Success)

3. After she bragged and started slacking off on saving the town, she and everybody else got all mad just because Twilight and the others tried to teach her a friendship lesson. (The Mysterious Mare Do Well)

4. She called Twilight an egghead for trying to cheer up when she broke her wing. (Read it and Weep)

5. Even though Pinkie Pie was kind enough to throw her a big party, Rainbow tried to replace her with Cheese Sandwich and insulted ...more

I really don't hate Rainbow Dash, though, and I absolutely have no problem with people liking her because of her abilities. I know she's well-known for her Sonic Rainboom and her super-fast flying. But yeah, the REAL reason why she had to be on the list anyways is because apparently, she is an unoriginal concept based off Firefly and makes real tomboys look bad. If you remember Firefly back in the original series, you would know what I'm talking about.

Here's a fact:
Lauren Faust, the creator of this show, wanted Firefly, her favorite character to be in the G4 series. But since Hasbro didn't let her because of copyright issues, she had to base Rainbow Dash off of Firefly.

6 Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon is the second in command alongside Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon is actually a character that I like. My top 10 reasons why. 10- She is loyal to Diamond Tiara, except in Crusaders of the Lost Mark. 9- She isn't as bad of a pony as Diamond Tiara. 8- She doesn't bully the crusaders in every episode that she's in. 7- She isn't that annoying in the show. 6- She's actually friendly to some characters in the show. 5- She is very optimistic to Diamond Tiara. 4- She turns good in Crusaders of the Lost Mark. 3- She's caring, to Diamond Tiara by trying to cheer her up, but it doesn't work. 2- She was the first on to applaud after Granny Smith's story in Family Appreciation Day. 1- She's not a doormat of Diamond Tiara, because she finally stood up to Diamond Tiara in Crusaders of the Lost Mark. My top 10 worst characters ever. 10- Gilda 9- Queen Chrysalis 8- Film and Flam brothers 7- Nightmare Moon 6- Discord 5- Angel Bunny 4- Meanie Pie 3- Spoiled Rich 2- King Sombra 1- Diamond ...more

Silver Spoon is kinda (not all the time) a jerk. First thing, she kinda said she'll abandon her BEST friend. I'd never do that or any sane person. Next, she doesn't have a reason to bully the CMC. Diamond Tiara has a reason to bully the CMC, her mother is just a big snob and makes her do it (kinda), you'll know it if you watched the episode where the CMC get their cutiemarks. So, I gave two examples but their ok (I hope so) to prove that Silver Spoon is a jerk.

Outside of fanon, she has no character or basis for whether she's less or more evil. She also tends to be the one to say the worst things and going so far as to flick and poke at Scootaloo's wings.

She's just DT's shadow. Still a better character then Fluttershy though.

Silver spoon isn't as bad as diamond tiara, but that doesn't mean I like her. And I don't hate her either. I pity her. I have a feeling that she's forced to be friends with diamond because of diamond wanting to win more. That just goes to show.

7 Pinkie Pie Pinkie Pie is a major character in the 2010 show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, based on Surprise from My Little Pony G1, She represents the element of Laughter.

Pinkie Pie is far too hyper and energetic for some of the fandom. I get that, but why is she on the list? Better question: why are any of the mane six on the list? They are the main characters after all. Either way I also dislike Pinkie Pie she's far too hyper for some of us like me. She acts like she's a filly all over again. I get that her main goal is to make ponies laugh but she tries too hard. WAY too hard. In the episode where they introduce Cranky -- I absolutely HATED Pinkie Pie she tries to talk to someone who CLEARLY doesn't want to talk to anyone and wants to live a quite life, she bothers him until he just gets mad at her. Pinkie Pie doesn't get much character development and sometimes she just feels like the writers just use her for comedic relief.

Pinkie Pie is best pony! She is the glue that holds Ponyville together! In Magical Mystery Cure without Pinkie everyone was angry and mean! I love Pinkie Pie! She is nearly always happy and positive and bouncy! She doesn't care what anyone thinks of her and she always willing to make new friends! She knows everyone's birthday is Ponyville! (Asides her own...) She throws great parties and will always give you a big hug if your feeling sad!

I really don't see what there is to like about her to be honest. Though, one episode really ruined her for me. It's the one woth the grochie old pony man and she wouldn't leave him the F alone no matter that he didn't want to be her friend. She just became beyond annoying and she just seems so dumb that shes beyond likeable to me. And her fans, don't get me started on how they... but that's not why I dislike her

Pinkie Pie is my second favorite character. She hasn't done anything wrong and she loves to be friends with everyone! She has a special filing cabinet for everyone and their favorite party supplies and their least favorite party supplies.

8 Tirek

Wow. Season 4, you are the worst season of the series so far. Even Gilda is better than Tirek. And she sucks. I think the reason he sucks is because he has a dumb motivation. Luna wants to be appreciated, Discord just wants a friend, Chrysalis needs to feed her hive, Tirek... wants power. He just wants power. He goes through no real character development, making him one-dimensional and bland, and despite his awesome design, he sucks. He's like Sunset Shimmer: they both started out as bland potato bags. The only difference is that Sunset started bad but got good. Tirek started bad... and stayed that way.

I dislike Tirek. He was taken from G1 but obviously did something much more child-friendly. He would have been 3 spots up in my opinion if her turned the ponies into dragons like in G1

They took a character from G1 and put him in G4. While there were some epic parts of the finale overall his character is flat along with the story.

I originally wasn't gonna vote for him because he is one of the better villains but then I remembered the treehouse!

9 Princess Celestia

Ok, she hardly helps at all. But that's because she wants Twilight to learn, how is Celestia supposed to help without the elements? We can't presume that she has strong magic without the EoH because she can raise the sun. She is awesome though, people only hate her because she banished her sister to the moon. Guess what? Luna was not hesitating to keep it as night forever, and that would kill all life, flowers, ponies also need sunlight for vitamins. I think that Celestia done the right thing by banishing Luna. At least she does slightly more than Luna herself, I think Luna is a bit useless, she is a good character though. Luna can manipulate dreams which is pretty cool though.

Why do some people say that about celestia? she is amazing! The only reason some people hate her is because she sent the "best pony" to the moon. She is not lazy. She only sent nightmare moon to the moon because she had to! or else equestria would be covers in darkness forever. Do you guys even remember in the episode princess twilight sparkle? celestial did not even want to send her to the moon celestia was actually crying. And she is not perfect either didn't you see celestial and her sister arguing in slice of life? Anyway the bottom Line is celestia is an amazing character I don't Even know why she is on this list.

Why is Celestia here..? Oh.. Right.. The overrated so called, "best princess" was banished to the moon by her.. She turned into a villain! Celestia had choices, but made the choice of moon banishing. So what?!?! She was turned into a villain! Got that? Okay. Now stop hating Celestia because she did something REASONABLE!

Is it just me or does she just sit back and let Twilight and her friends save Equestria? Like seriously, what if Twilight hasn't come along? She's a PRINCESS for god's sakes, and she doesn't have the power to stop any of the villains? At least Cadence is trying, but Celestia's just like "whatevs" all the time.

10 Rarity Rarity is a female Unicorn pony from the 2010 Animated Television Series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. She is the element of Generosity and her main passion is fashion.

Clearly Rarity is worse character because she triggers some brony's memories of being rejected by a girl they liked.
Other then that I guess she is too funny, too well voice acted and has too many good lines and moments that you laugh with her and laugh at her.
"But she's a drama queen" So are Twilight, Rainbowdash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. At least Rarity does it for laughs.
"She not generous" Except she is and more so then anyone else in the show. The few times she's not it is the same amount of times the other 5 break their elements too.
"But she was bad in that one episode" The other 5 had their episodes with the idiot ball. In short, cherry picking.
"Manipulative" You mean basic social interaction? You want examples of manipulative try Trixie, Flim and Flam and any other minor antagonist. Saying nice things to a friend isn't manipulation when you mean it.

I absolutely can't stand this pathetic excuse for a pony! She's annoying, selfish, egotistical, superficial, and does not even deserve to be in the Mane Six! When the show has specials that include all six ponies, Rarity always has the least to say or do because she is so irrelevant to the plots! In the very first episode, she only wanted to be friends with Twilight because she is from Canterlot. How shallow can you get? I especially feel bad for Applejack when she is paired off with Rarity (to make the godawful Rarijack shipping *shudder*). Applejack is a MUCH better pony and does not deserve to be tortured by her presence just for a cheap laugh. Rarity is also unfair to Spike- she uses him basically as a servant and a pack mule. She is just a horrible and absolutely pointless character. If she was kicked off the show or at least the Mane Six, I would be 101% okay with it.

Why the heck is she way up here?! She is the absolute best character on the show! She may be a bit of a drama queen, but she's pretty and cute too. And if you watch my Top 10 Best Cartoon Characters list, you'll find her at number 3, in front of Ed, Spot the Jaguar, Homer Simpson, Miles "Tails" Prower, GIR, Yakko Warner and Stewie Griffin. And behind only Kenny McCormick and Jerry Mouse! Please put her all the way to last place, you don't deserve to treat her like such a bad cartoon character!

Rarity should be higher on this list. I dislike her because...

1. She kicked Twilight in sonic rainboom, and showed her stupid wings and makes Rainbow Dash feel bad when she is supposed to help Rainbow. RD is much more generous than Rarity in that episode.

2. She is very ladylike. I actually think is okay to be ladylike, but she is too ladylike and girly for me because I'm sort of a tomboy.

3. She blames many things on Applejack (my favourite pony) and is quite mean towards her.

4. She is bossy.

5. She is a drama queen.

6. She is picky, choosy and fussy.

7. She is scared of getting dirty.

8. She gives a lot of commands.

9. In Return of Harmony part 2, she scolded Fluttershy for not flying fast enough when she was trying her best.

10. She is mean to her friends (maybe except Pinkie) and everypony.

11. She is selfish.

12. She expects everything to be neat and clean, and not-so-clean is not a big ...more

The Contenders
11 Angel

I stopped watching MLP after season 4 but still remember what an annoying, selfish, bratty, evil, greedy, demanding, petty, lazy, uncompromising, insufferable little ball of fur manufactured straight from the depths of hell this poor excuse of a companion for Fluttershy vermin he was.

Angel is more of an abusive husband towards Fluttershy. The worst part is that he knows he can get away with being a jerk because he's using Fluttershy's kind nature as his shield. He's the whole reason Fluttershy secretly has repressed rage. His name is even played for irony.
"... Into the bunny fire you go."-Fluttershy (FIW)

Angel is possibly the worst character ever. I hate that rabbit so much. When Discord was messing with him, I was PRAYING to see more. Poor Fluttershy, she doesn't deserve that. Angel must burn in the pits of Tartarus.

Did you know that Angel is based off real male rabbits? Because male rabbits have a tendency to be picky and mischievous and they can screw things up; not just Angel.

12 Snips

How come Snips is this far up but Snails, who is basically his sidekick, is all the way down there? Either put both of them up here or both of them down there; make up your minds!
Plus, in their defense, they're just kids. Trust me, real life boys their intended age are idiots as well. I think they're funny characters, but that's just me. Everybody's entitled to an opinion.

What a character:
*Unleashes wild animal into a sleeping town at nighttime.
*Expects his idol (Trixie) to fight a huge bear for his own amusement.
*Almost gets Trixie killed by the bear, and shows little to no interest in her safety.
*Gets a slap-in-the wrist punishment.
*Gets treated as a good friend by everyone, for no apparent reason.

A Karma Hoodini, with no redeeming traits.

You know, I don't really hate snips as much as I really hate SNAILS. Many male characters are portrait as either stupid, evil, stupidly evil, or just have little character or just don't get enough attention. Snails is one of those.

Snips or Snails I don't care! But they are UGLY and big misunderstanding we see them in a school of children of 10-12 years! (the same at the Cutie Mark Crusaders! ) while they are adults! It mean that in addition to being ugly AND stupid!

13 Gilda

I don't know why I am commenting on this. But I can give a good reason.
Not just as a character is she bad, her writing, voicing, and look is bad. Her writing for one is some of the most annoying slang from the 90's and 80's that we would of rather forgotten existed, she said lame so many times if you made it a drinking game you would be dead, and her forced voice was annoying, sometimes her actor broke out of it.

Now as writing, as a "villain" she was just bad and pointless, there was no reason to have her in the show. There were so many easier ways they couldve danced around the episodes topic in hand.

All in all, Gilda takes the cake of worst MLP character and one of the worst cartoon characters period. Bad episode, bad character.

Gilda should be the first on this list! Gilda has no regard for anyone other than herself and Dash, and could've murdered Pinkie Pie and not cared! She also scared Granny Smith (NOT cool; she could've had a heart attack) and yelled at Fluttershy for bumping into her when she could've easily moved out of the way. At the end of Griffon the Brush Off, she just leaves behind Dash only to return in Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell to try and destroy Twilight Sparkle's relationship with the rest of the Mane Six, amd try to hang out with Twilight just because she's a princess. Gilda is honestly one of the most despicable characters in MLP:FiM.

Damn you lot need to chill out. Fine you guys hate her, but I like Gilda and even yeah sh can be mean, I can understand where she is coming from. Example, is whenever she's hanging out with her old friend Rainbow Dash, Pinkie pie becomes the cockblocker and gets in Gilda's way. (For those saying gilda steals RD from Pinkie pie, I disagree because Gilda and RD has been friends before Pinkie Pie). And another time is when Pinkie decided to pull some pranks on her at the party. Even though, yes I admit Gilda can be over the top with her mood, it's at least annoying when someone pulls a prank on her out of nowhere. And I actually hoped and believed that Gilda will have a small change of character in her, and I'm happy she does.

I don't think she should be on this list! Sure, she was a jerk, but she probably has something good in her. Rainbow Dash doesn't make friends with any old pony. Let's give her a chance and see what happens.

14 King Sombra

What is wrong with you guys!?!?
He is the best villain of MLP. (Maybe even one of the best characters in MLP)

He has a very deep and a sensitive character if you read the comic FIENDship is magic issue #1.
Then he is inspired by the one of the greatest villain that has ever been created Souron.
He has the coolest OC.
And like the best origin I ever heard from a villain in my life! (Inculuding things outside of Mlp universe)
And he is smart and powerful.
What more can you want from a villain like this!?!?
If you are not agreeing with me it's your loss then? (and you are probably a very annoying person.)
Don't judge a book by its cover.
Or you will pay!

I can't really say I agree with Sombra being a weak villain... He knew the Crystal Heart would be essential to his defeat and as such placed a whole lot of stairs, protected it against teleportation, and made sure the only way someone could get to it was if they were willing to sacrifice themselves... which the Crystal ponies were unlikely to do in their depression.

He is de Best villan in the show and my 3th favorite character in the whole show.

1. He has a very deep and sensitive character just read FIENDship is magic issue #1 comic.
2. He is inspired from one of the best villains that ever visited cinematic universe: Sauron.
3. He has a origin that is the most epic origin that I heard in the whole history of Mlp.
4. He has the coolest OC look in the show.

If you are a hater of this character then you are a really noob fan of this show.

The mere fact that Sombra was inspired by the great and powerful villain called Sauron should be more than enough to prove that he's worthy of being a decent villain.
Discord was inspired by Q and was only a comic relief.
Sombra was inspired by Sauron, and just like him, was a dark presence that EVERYONE feared.

15 Spoiled Rich

Diamond Tiara is unbearable. Until Crusaders of the Lost Mark when we learn that she is like that because of her horrible, horrible mother. Really, all you need to do is just look at her design. If that won't convince you, then just constantly remind yourself of what her name is. Spoiled Rich is not a name I expect a nice person to have.

I do not blame Diamond Tiara for anything anymore. It was her stupid, stuck-up, mother who is to blame. Diamond just wants to be a better pony and actually have friends but she doesn't know how to change until the CMC show her! Not only does her terrible mother call the Crusaders "Blank Flanks" she yells at her daughter for not being re-elected for class president! Seriously, instead of being reassuring and kind to her daughter she screamed in her face about status and how she couldn't believe she lost to that "transplant from Trottingham" of which she was referring to Tip who did win. Honestly, you didn't even have to read my whole entire super long post to get an idea of Spoiled Rich's personality. Just reading her name will tell you all you need to know about that spoiled brat! A terrible mother and pony in general! I suddenly feel so bad for poor little Diamond Tiara who has to live with that awful pony! 😕

Look at her and her name. That's all the information you'll need.

I don't blame her daughter anymore. Terrible mother.

16 Derpy

It's not that I hate Derpy, but I think all the fans go too crazy about her. Sure, she's kinda cute, but come on, why is she all of a sudden a million bronies' favorite of all time pony?!
She is a background character, people! Think about it. How many times has she appeared on the screen? Like, in three episodes or something! Overall, I like Derpy okay, but I just don't like how bronies get obsessed with her, so, no, I don't really like Derpy. Deal with it.

From what I believe, this scavenger hunt about Derpy has gone on long enough. Anyone who became a brony, probably after season 2, probably didn't know about this whole Derpy Hooves, and was practically forced to know her because if Derpy is seen during an episode, they'll mention it all over. That's why Derpy has my vote for worst character ever.

Derpy is just overrated. She is just a normal pony but for some reason people just act all obsessed about her. She's not even that god of a character. I just don't understand why people make such a huge fuss. This is also the reason I dislike Fluttershy and Luna, they are both ok characters but people act like they're amazing when they are not.

I don't think she is a horrible character, but she is just overrated. All she is is a mistake by the animators. And then one or two bronies found her, uploaded her, and some other guy liked it and so did you and probably you might make a lame excuse if I tell you you do not know why you like her.

17 Scootaloo

TwilightKitsune, don't call handicapped ponies "annoying", it's not polite. Not trying to be rude. Also I love Scootaloo and that your favorite movie "Twilight" sucks. No offense. Sorry! :(

I feel so bad for Scootaloo. She's the least popular Cutie Mark Crusader, and look up her name with "cute" at the end of it and you find very few pictures. Weird enough, though, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom get all the glory and love. Scootaloo deserves better, I spit on this list.

Why... Why is she here?
She's a great character and I feel that she really shows what it's like to look up to someone (RD); there are times you'll be cocky and times you'll doubt yourself. Also she's the best CMC to be honest, Sweetie Belle has like no character and Apple Bloom can get annoying...

Why does Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle get love when Scootaloo deserves it more?

18 Button Mash

He was one background character. Good to know you can ship one off characters that don't talk with main characters now, I was worried.

Button is 1 of the best characters even though the only words he said were vote for pip in crusaders of the lost mark episode buttonmash we will be with u.

He actually only made a cameo in slice of life and people hate him that much!? Wow. I am flattered.

I liked this guy in Button's Adventures. He should have his own sitcom.

19 Applebloom

AppleBloom or should I say AppleBOOB is spoiled and whiny! She wants to have everything but when she doesn't get it she throws a hissy fit and gets her two slaves to help her! Like when she didn't want Granny Smith to come to her classroom so she wouldn't be laughed at. That's pretty mean in the fact that she's a senior citizen. AppleBloom also says pegisai are dumb. Poor Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash! So basically, AppleBloom is a whiny brat, and she deserves to be a blank flank.

I don't like Apple Bloom because she called Scootaloo (my favorite CMC) a chicken! I honestly don't like characters that insult my favorites. So I'm sorry to say but, Apple Bloom is a jerk. They should replace Fluttershy with her on this list. I'm sorry if I'm offending you Apple Bloom fans, I'm just giving my honest opinion, I still like you, even if you love the pony I hate so much. Brohoof /)

I like her because she's cute! Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are cute too, and shouldn't be on this list! To me, Twilight is the worst character on the show!

Who put her here? I really like her. Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are cool, but I like Applebloom better than both of them.

20 Opalescence

I fail to see why people immediately get hateful towards any character that is not completely perfect. Opalecense is funny in my opinion, and is pretty similar to a regular cat. Though she can be annoying sometimes I think that is just who her character is supposed to be: a spoiled kitty who is in some aspects similar to her owner.

Easily the worst character in mlp. And why the heck is DT and FS on top 2, it makes no sense, also, if a character is not perfect these days, people would hate on them.

I don't like her, but does she even count? She's hardly in the show, anyway.

I really like opalescence and don't know why she's here.

21 Applejack Applejack is a female Earth pony and one of the main characters of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She lives and works at Sweet Apple Acres with her grandmother Granny Smith, her older brother Big McIntosh, her younger sister Apple Bloom, and her dog Winona. She represents the element of honesty. ...read more.

Apple Jack is the best and here is why!

1. She is the only one to apologize to Twilight fr turning against her at the Wedding!

2. One of the only two ponies (besides Fluttershy) who insisted on keeping the original dress Rarity made for the Gala!

3. She refuses to cheat even if it means losing her home, and when the inevitable comes, she just gives up and accepts her defeat

4. Losing her parents at an early age, she never gave up and eventually grew to become a strong and independent mare

5. She is the only one to go to the Gala, Not for personal benefit, but to help her family.

6. And despite having the most important reason to go, she is the first to give up her ticket, the moment she see's how upset Twilight is!

7. She patiently put up with Fluttershy's cowardice all the way up to the dragons cave while the others had it getting on their nerves

8. She doesn't hesitate a second to save Spike from the timber wolves

9. In ...more

I vote Applejack because she is boring as heck. Also she's a sexist and racist. And I'm not joking either. In the Ticket Master, she called Spike out for being a boy and saying all boys can't handle touching moments without gagging. And that pissed me off. Another time was when she asked Spike why he would like to be like other dragons in Dragon Quest. To anyone else, think about it in this light.

You don't act like other boys but why would you want to?

You don't act like other girls but why would you want to?

You don't act like others of your race but why would you want to?


Applejack is the most underrated of the Mane 6. Her, Pinkie Pie and Rarity (I'm not sure if Twilight Sparkle is underrated or overrated) are the most underrated. Applejack is my second favourite of the Mane 6.
1. Pinkie Pie
2. Applejack
3. Rainbow Dash
4. Fluttershy
5. Twilight Sparkle
6. Rarity
No offense Rarity fans, I love Rarity, I just prefer the other characers over her :)
Anyway, back to Applejack. I don't get why people think she is boring and racist. She's not! Infact, I think that she is the opposite of boring. I love Applejack! She is loyal to her friends and family, and she is imperfect, which I admire about her. I'll admit, she was overprotective about Applebloom in Somepony to Watch Over me, but she was just worried about the safety of her little sister! She fought against the Chimera and saved Applebloom's life! She also saved Spike in Spike at your service and risked her life when she got stuck and told Spike to save himself when a massive ...more

In my opinion, applejack makes a better main character than Twilight. Applejack is a strong, independent, and loyal mare. She doesn't betray her family for anything and has suffered through the death of her parents. Applejack really is a good example of leadership and sets a good example for little girls: be honest, be brave, be strong.

22 Flurry Heart

I hate her so much! She is SUPER annoying and obnoxious, and she makes me want to cover my ears! The only cute thing about her is her hair! Otherwise, she is ugly! I HATE this abomination!

I don't know if it's just the fact that I hate babies, but flurry is insufferable to me. Maybe it'll be better once she grows up, but as it stands I can't even tolerate her.

Almost caused the fall of the Crystal Empire. Why is no one acknowledging this?

Why does she even exist! She is super ugly!

23 Owlowiscious

I think he's cute. Stop being mean to him. He didn't do anything wrong.

I miss Owlowiscious! Twi's house was burned down and Owlowiscious flew away! so sad we will never see him again!

Don't be mean to the poor owl. I think he is adorable.

I think he's pretty cut. I just hate her owner.

24 Discord Discord, also known as the Spirit of Disharmony, is a former-antagonist-turned-supporting-protagonist in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Every comment here says how much they love Discord! I love him too! He is really funny and I love how he and Fluttershy are such good friends! My favorite character in the whole show! Whoever did this only knows him from when he was evil!

The most interesting villain in my opinion and he's still hilarious when reformed!

Discord is the great villain, and we want him back into a villain and stay like that.

Discord is so funny and awesome and weird, a great villain!

25 Trixie Lulamoon Trixie Lulamoon, is a female unicorn pony and traveling magician. She tends to speak in the third person and refer to herself as "The Great and Powerful Trixie".

Definitely the worst overrated character in the show, actually the only one from which I can say that I really dislike. Her Character shows no sign of good traits and everyone worships her anyway due to a fanfic or most commonly due to her design. When you look at her character and evalueate him corrctly without making stuff up you will see a character who is narsistic cynical and possesses no sence for rightcousnes.

Even if Trixie starts making up and becomes a friend from now on, I STILL won't forgive her! Like other villains, Trixie is also unoriginal and cliched! Her only strength is being a stage magician as well as her appearance and voice, but that's all there is.

I don't understand why you hate Trixie.
Her job is showing off. All magicians shows off.. But everyone thinks she's evil because of that.
Yeah after that she gets amulet but come on she just wanted to have revenge to Ponyville because they ruined her job.

FINALLY! Trixie deserves to replace Applejack on the list! She's bossy, her voice sounds stupid, and I'll never forgive her for doing what she did to Twilight and her friends.

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