Worst Songs of 2020

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1 Yummy - Justin Bieber Yummy - Justin Bieber Cover Art

This is permanently going to stay at number 1 on this list I believe nothing will this year will come close to topping this as the worst song, we may never know though but I highly doubt it.

For once I'm not even agitated that Justin Bieber made the top of the list. This song is pretty bad so whatever.

It's also extremely boring. I thought it wasn't possible to make a song more boring than Maroon 5's "Memories". And then "Yummy" came out and proved me wrong, for all the wrong reasons.

Please if you’re not going to provide something creative or meaningful keep it to yourself or even better just give your career up as a whole, sadly the music industry is dead, The love for music has now turned to love for money and only money. The passion for music itself has gone face it.

Why did he have to come back and make this terrible song that sounds just like Baby? He should've just stayed retired instead.

2 Barefoot Road - Submarine Man

I stopped taking these guys seriously a few months ago because it made me hate this website.

Submarine Man is hilariously bad. I'm honestly glad people fed the Flex Entertainment trolls because we get more ironic enjoyment

Yeah this why I left the site. Feeding the troll into popularity yet y'all get surprised when he grows. *Insert shocked pikachu face*.

This is some good stuff.
@ShrekTheGoat hi your husbands here lol

3 Gooba - 6ix9ine Gooba - 6ix9ine Cover Art

6ix9ine is someone that no clean person can trust. The lyrics are flooded with vulgar language and cruelty and the music video sucks too because it's just the same old normal sexual crap. This makes me want to listen to billie eilish like I'm watching a disney movie.

61 million views in just one day? I have absolutely no words for it. Our generation has fallen to a new low. Sorry to say that.

Who the heck are those idiots who are making this sickening rapist popular?

Only thing about this that I find decent is what the real message of it is, nothing wrong with a comeback directed at certain people...except that he's doing it in a completely godawful and disgusting way, as always. 1/10

4 Best Flow in the Game - Submarine Man

Oh yes this is an amazing song indeed! Submarine Man continues to amaze and impress us with his amazing lyricism and flow, and continues to show why he is one of the most promising artists in the game with amazing songs like this one. This is easily much better than anything Nas, Black Thought, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Lil Wyte, K-Rino, 2Pac, Bishop Nehru or any of those other washed up inferior rappers have ever done and will ever do. Easily a 20/10 song!

Wow, it's 2020 and certain people who shall not be named are STILL feeding an obvious troll artist.

5 What a Man Gotta Do - Jonas Brothers What a Man Gotta Do - Jonas Brothers Cover Art

This is a lazy generic pop song probably written in the same amount of time it took them to write the load of garbage that was "Only Human".

"Only Human" load of crap? Uh uh, it's no crap at all! It's such a catchy and refreshing song that changes from bland trap pop. If you don't like it, it's your problem but you can't call this song crap because it's not. Period end of discussion! - LoveMusicLoveLife

This song is extremely immature but then again what else do you really expect from them.

Nah, this song sounds pretty fresh, better than most of the boring trap-pop that invades the radio. - LoveMusicLoveLife

I actually like this song. My favorite on this list; that's not saying much

Just way too generic and bland honestly but what can you expect from mediocrity like Jonas Brothers?

6 Pussy Lips on Live - Boosie Badazz Pussy Lips on Live - Boosie Badazz Cover Art

The sad thing is that the beat in this is actually really good and a banger.

Dang Boosie what are you doing now? Making music exclusively for instagram thots? Lol.

7 Bohemian Rhapsody 2 - Lil Meerkat Bohemian Rhapsody 2 - Lil Meerkat Cover Art

This song is an insult to Queen. Meerkat just shat on the song and called it 'music'. Terrible excuse of a song and will never be anywhere near as good as the original.

Nice, we got a sequel.

This sounds exactly like the first one!

Stop taking it so seriously! And plus there's an extended part, actually listen to it, ugh. - Bammer73

8 Birthday - Anne Marie Birthday - Anne Marie Cover Art

I hate those scratching and banging noises in the verses they are so annoying and so is this song. I mean how many times have we had songs saying, It's my birthday so I get money now? Just pointless

How old is she again?! Like seriously what’s up with this music, lyrics are so juvenile.

Is this really what she came back with? I mean how many songs have we had about people singing “It’s my birthday” nothing original or good about this song.

Such a childish song for someone of her age

9 Right Dea - Boosie Badazz Right Dea - Boosie Badazz Cover Art

Boosie, what the hell did we do to deserve this? I mean I've accepted that Boosie will never be as good as he once was, but this is just cringe-worthy as hell and he's not the southern 2Pac if he keeps releasing crap like this.

ew what the hell is this-

10 I Do It - Lil Wayne I Do It - Lil Wayne Cover Art

Lil Baby's verse is mediocre, Big Sean has an okay chorus but it's really short and jesus who asked Lil Wayne to screech like this?

Lil Wayne's new album is really average. I guess the title says it all: he knows his time has passed so he tries so hard to stay relevant.

I don't understand why Lil Wayne still tries to "sing", he should just rap because his singing in this is ear-splittingly horrendous.

He’s clearly influenced by these new generation of rappers and he doesn’t really make it work.

So Lil Wayne is influenced by rappers who were influenced by him. Sad lol.

The Newcomers

? Akhir Zaman - Bunkface

While the song sounded good musically. It spawned controversy for anti-LGBT lyrics thus getting it banned from almost every music platform

? Sinning with You - Sam Hunt Sinning with You - Sam Hunt Cover Art

The Contenders

11 P***y Fairy (Otw) - Jhené Aiko P***y Fairy (Otw) - Jhené Aiko Cover Art
12 To Die For - Sam Smith To Die For - Sam Smith Cover Art

Sam Smith: Has good music
Me: Oh cool
Sam Smith: Let's make a generic future pop crap album and overplay it on the radio!

Not a bad song, but can we just have a happy, upbeat song from Sam Smith for once?

Another terrible song from Sam piss only this time worse than usual, A LOT worse

This song is okay, it's just the title that's poorly chosen, especially in those times.

13 Diamonds - Megan Thee Stallion and Normani Diamonds - Megan Thee Stallion and Normani Cover Art

I mean it's a terrible artist and a boring one together so you can't expect much from it.

This is...I'm honestly mixed. Some parts sound cluttered while some of it sounds decent.

14 A Journey To The Sea - Magnus Murel
15 U Played - Moneybagg Yo
16 Bang! - AJR Bang! - AJR Cover Art

Oh go away, AJR. Retire now

I live in the UK so I don’t think AJR have ever been popular over here but gave their music a listen now I see why lol.

Oh no... I was hoping they wouldn’t make anymore music they all sound the same 😖

I think I'm the only one who actually likes this song.

17 Gymnasium - Tom Sawyer
18 Minecraft Bad - Tom Sawyer Minecraft Bad - Tom Sawyer Cover Art

This is an insult to minecraft

This is a masterpiece.

He Should Make Songs Called "Minecraft" And "Fortnite Bad"

Same with Fortnite

19 2019 (Diss Track) - Big Baller B 2019 (Diss Track) - Big Baller B Cover Art

Not one of Big Baller B's better songs. Just an mediore parody of Hot Shower that's not even particularly funny. That's all really.
Rating: 4/10

first rule of writing a diss track: don't put "diss track" in the title of your diss track
also this dude has a crap voice.

20 On a Dick - Boosie Badazz On a Dick - Boosie Badazz Cover Art

SMH, another bad song from Badazz. I think I'll go bump "For My Thugs" instead.

21 Thanosdies - Tom Sawyer

haha Thanos Dies
that's right

22 Intro (F*** Flex Entertainment) - Tom Sawyer
23 Rare - Selena Gomez Rare - Selena Gomez Cover Art

This is not Rare. This is a dime a dozen pop song that features. Selena Gomez at her most annoying.

I've never believed that Selena Gomez was good but I did have some expectations for her. This song's boringess was expected from her.

Fun fact: this song got so many tweets because millions of Rareware fans were tricked into retweeting it because it said #rareiscoming.

This song sounds so similar to another song I can’t think of it though.

24 Intentions - Justin Bieber Intentions - Justin Bieber Cover Art

One of the more regressive songs where I am not certain if Bieber is singing about a girl or doing his property taxes, the "Heart full of equity, you're an asset" line throws that into some question. Also telling her to stay in the kitchen cooking...Bieber...you do realize we are in 2020 not 1959, right?
Throw in the limp production and Quavo's uninteresting verse, you get one of the worst songs to become a hit this year so far and that's even before Drake releases his mess.

Wow such shallow lyrics, you can tell a lot of thought when into his new music.

This is no different to the music he started out with, just recycled it a little bit differently by adding a few rappers here and there take those featured artists away from the songs then you’ll realise this no different what so ever to his previous music.

Sounds pretty generic to me.

25 Fortnite - Tom Sawyer Fortnite - Tom Sawyer Cover Art

Literally the title repeated throughout the entire song

stop right now

what again?

I’ve not heard it, but it sounds like it’d be bad.

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