Worst Songs of 2020

The Top Ten

1 Yummy - Justin Bieber

This is permanently going to stay at number 1 on this list I believe nothing will this year will come close to topping this as the worst song, we may never know though but I highly doubt it.

Why did he have to come back and make this terrible song that sounds just like Baby? He should've just stayed retired instead. - RiverVibeZ

This song is hilarious but bad still better than most of the crap released last year, A song about food is better than a song about partying and love but it still sucks. - B1ueNew

The song is about sex. Why else would he be singing "girl you got that yummy yum that yummy yum". Lol. It's definitely not about food. - RiverVibeZ

For once I'm not even agitated that Justin Bieber made the top of the list. This song is pretty bad so whatever. - DCfnaf

2 Barefoot Road - Submarine Man

Yeah this why I left the site. Feeding the troll into popularity yet y'all get surprised when he grows. *Insert shocked pikachu face*. - B1ueNew

Seriously, people still care about this guy in 2020? He isn’t even popular. Also, he is obviously a troll artist. He rips off other songs, raps about feet and uses tons of autotune on purpose. I can’t even find these new songs by him anywhere yet. Just stop giving him attention by now. - Userguy44

3 Best Flow in the Game - Submarine Man

Wow, it's 2020 and certain people who shall not be named are STILL feeding an obvious troll artist. - RiverVibeZ

4 Bohemian Rhapsody 2 - Lil Meerkat

This sounds exactly like the first one! - SanicWantsHisSandwich

Stop taking it so seriously! And plus there's an extended part, actually listen to it, ugh. - Bammer73

5 A Journey To The Sea - Magnus Murel
6 Gymnasium - Tom Sawyer
7 Communicate - Jaan
8 Close From Afar - CASI CAS
9 Intro (F*** Flex Entertainment) - Tom Sawyer
10 Thanosdies - Tom Sawyer

The Contenders

11 U Played - Moneybagg Yo
12 Change - Treeskin
13 Outro (Unstoppable) - Tom Sawyer
14 Diamonds - Megan Thee Stallion and Normani
15 Solitude - Alexander Pettigrew
16 Smash - Tom Sawyer
17 2019 (Diss Track) - Big Baller B

Not one of Big Baller B's better songs. Just an mediore parody of Hot Shower that's not even particularly funny. That's all really.
Rating: 4/10 - Smashball23

18 Fortnite - Tom Sawyer

Literally the title repeated throughout the entire song - BounceBackHater

19 Minecraft Bad - Tom Sawyer

Same with Fortnite - BounceBackHater

Whats next, Tom Sawyer? Iron Man ****?

20 English - Tom Sawyer

Same as Fortnite - BounceBackHater

21 Other - Pax Pura
22 Muévelo - Nicky Jam

Yet another lazy Latin song with a washed up sample of a well-known song. I'd rather listen to "Here Comes the Hotstepper" than this boring piece of crap. - LoveMusicLoveLife

23 Speed Me Up - Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Sueco the Child & Lil Yachty
24 Mellow Assault - CASI CAS
25 Full Circle - Five Finger Death Punch


26 Original - Sia

Sia is unfortunately repeating herself on this song. I usually like her songs but this is pretty underwhelming.

Whats wrong with this song? I like this song actually.

27 Black Swan - BTS

K Pop is getting old - Magikarpgirl

28 Rare - Selena Gomez

Fun fact: this song got so many tweets because millions of Rareware fans were tricked into retweeting it because it said #rareiscoming.

Annoying - Magikarpgirl

29 Important - DJ Khaled and Lil Blurry

DJ Khaled brings nothing to the song just like his own songs and Lil Blurry seems like an Jacob Satorious wannabe that brings nothing new to the table.
Rating: 2/10 - Smashball23

30 All That - Yung Schmoobin
31 Sweater - Black Midi
32 What a Man Gotta Do - Jonas Brothers

This song is extremely immature but then again what else do you really expect from them.

33 Tough Lovin' - The Colonies
34 Life is Good - Future
35 Wrong Direction - Hailee Steinfeld
36 Whole Lotta Money - Antonio Brown
37 History of Violence - Theory of a Deadman
38 Mirrors Don't Lie - Rose Mulet
39 Birthday - Anne Marie

Is this really what she came back with? I mean how many songs have we had about people singing “It’s my birthday” nothing original or good about this song.

40 Tattoos Together - Lauv

I can’t believe people like his generic and boring songs, also the lyrics to this song are really pathetic.

Why does the instrumental sound like something from snoopy the cartoon 😂 for real though 😂

Really... I mean really? These are the lyrics “Tattoos together, something to remember if it’s way to soon f*** it whatever” then goes on to say “if it’s not forever at least we’ll have tattoos together”. I’ve never laughed so much at a songs lyrics in my life, like honestly who listens to this sorry excuse of a song or his music in general for that matter.

41 Swallowing the Rabbit Whole - Code Orange

This song is dope not sure what y'all are on - BlueTelegraph

42 Give No Fxk - Migos

Migos are back with the one of worst songs of 2018 oh sorry I mean 2020 every year they sound the same please forgive me.

43 Bang! - AJR

I mean who’s really asking for new music from these guys once you’ve heard one you’ve heard them all.

44 To Die For - Sam Smith
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