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1 Protection

Yeah Massive Attack had really cool songs, but with this one they just overpassed the unreachable limit on the sky. I meant of how this song weren't taked so serious to its time but listen it right now it's like have a lot of money close to your heands and your eyes.

I heard of it in Massive Attack but never realize there's no option to take it to Tracey Thorns catalogue! simply good for the bussines Massive Attack will say...!

Best by massive attack and tracey thorn together, such a timeless and relaxing song of 1990, I love it.

2 It's All True

Cool song! This one has to overpass a lot of songs on the list. It's simply a very underrated song and it deserves a lot of more attention in my versatile opinion of course people!

How this song isn't first if is the most electrifying and thrilling tracey thorn's song?

Better than any other song Featuring. Massive Attack (Aka; Protection)

3 Why Does the Wind?

a very smooth song to spend a good night on a night club and keept relaxed after your problems, so don't worry... smash your mind off and turn out the bad lights on. Why Does the Wind?

Should be number #1

Her best song

4 Sister Winter

How damn this song ain't not number one?
this is the probably greatest song sung by Tracey Thorn. I'm pretty sure about that! But anyguy has an a different opinion, but I would be glad to see more people agree with me on this one.

5 Grand Canyon

The best song in earth! No wonder how much people vote it. It's still one of the most wonderful songs...

I wouldn't say Top five.
But I would say Top 3 baby!

Better than protection

6 Plain Sailing

The guitar work on this song it's absolutely spechless, I couldn't describe the beautiful things I feel on my heart every time; this song's on the radio... I simply wonder why this beauty ain't it reached the top possitions on this list? I don't know but either it's to low to be number 4. Thanks for remind me this song... thanks! A LOT...

This song should be number 1 and not 'Protection' since it a song with massive attack, not a solo song by tracey at all. know the difference please!

This gotta' be the greatest song included on this list. Come On! vote it.

7 Joy
8 King's Cross

I wouldn't call this song one of bests of all time, but yeah it's a good and very decent song at least...

I tough this song was even in the Official Rollin' Stone magazine ¡Ranked on the definitive TOP 50 Songs of all time! such a beautiful song which it takes its time.

One of the best indie songs ever, I really believe it.

9 Raise the Roof
10 Goodbye Joe

One of her most boring songs but also should be in the Top 5 even if is so boring to me.

This song is so underrated, ;( how is it the last one on the list? I hope this good track got voted in the next few hours.

One of her best songs.

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11 Better Things

One of her best songs ever, this song just could enter in the top 4 at least and keept relevant on the list-

12 Small Town Girl
13 Night Time
14 Get Around to It
15 Under the Ivy
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