B1ue Rants: Youtube Rewind 2018

B1ueNew He guys So I havent made a rant in a really while now. But I just wanted to make an extreme rant on Youtube Rewid 2018 before it becomes "Irrelevant", Recently. It just became the most disliked video of ALL TIME on Youtube. Ha a video by Youtube spotlight is the most disliked video on Youtube. Haha how ironic. Justin Bieber isn't the number one most disliked video anymore. But what's funny is that JB got Nearly 10 million dislikes in 8 years! This got nearly 10M dislikes in a week. It's that bad. So without further ado let's get right into it.

So the video starts off with Will Smith. Ok first of all. Why is Will Smith in this? Will Smith is a good actor now he is going to be associated with the most hated youtube video of all time but he's not even a youtuber. Yeah you can say "But he has a youtube channel and uploads on it!" Yes but he isn't known for that. Would you remember Will Smith the actor that stars in movies like The Men In Black series, I Robot, etc? OR his youtube channel? Just think about that. So about that he says "Fortnite" yeah many people were mad at this because "fortnite" is in it. I didn't mind it that much because I am not a fortnite hater. But it's still not that much. But either way next

So THEN A Fortnite Battle bus is here, And guess who's driving the battle bus? Yep you guessed it. Ninja. The dictator of fortnite. Why the heck is Ninja even in this? He's NOT a youtuber Ok I know you guys will say "But B1UENEW YOU ALWAYS PUT NINJA ON LISTS OF WORST YOUTUBERS!!!!" Ok I'm a bit of a hypocrite for that. But I'm refering to Ninja as a whole when I add him to those lists. But the fact Ninja is in it and Pewdiepie is not just makes me mad. Say what you want about The Paul Brothers being in last years rewind but at least they were youtubers. Sure maybe not all of us including me like The 2 but there are people who do. Then he says "Play me some of that jumping music" And of ALL the songs they play they play one of the worst songs this year "I Like It" by Farti B, Like just why? Of all the songs they play they play that. At least we got a bit of Marshmello/Bastille's Happier and High Hopes from Panic at the Disco but still. I won't rant too much on this because it was one of the most popular songs of the year so yeah they were going to put it in there.

Then they go into K-Pop, Like what did KPop have to do with Youtube this year? So why is it in this video? I thought this was "Rewind" for Youtube.

There's this advitiser friendly type thing/segment. Where they are like giving shoutouts to all these different types of people. Now I didn't mind this too much but what is stupid is that they say "We should read the comments". Ok the Youtube comment section is like one of the most toxic places online on the internet on any site/app/anything. WHY would you want that? Maybe you should read the comments for THIS video. Yeah maybe you'll learn. Then they say "Lets give the people what they want" Oh REALLou want to give us what we want? Ok if so. Then WHERE THE HECK is pewdiepie? And other popular youtubers? Huh? That's what me and mostly all of the other over 10 million people who disliked this crap wanted. So NO you didn't give us what we wanted you gave us what YOU wanted. Then it cuts to a Lele Pons and other crappy "comedians" in Roblox Kanye West and Lil Pump outfits. Yeah... Because we ALL really wanted to see Lele Pons dressed in a Roblox Lil Pump/Kanye suit? Right? (Obvious sarcasm), Then the video has a bunch of random crap that I mostly don't know about.

Now for the GOOD partsThere is barely any good parts. There is High Hopes from Panic! At the Disco and Marshmello and Bastille's Happier which are good songs but that's not too much. We got the animators part. Which COULD of been great. If it wasn't for the awful Drake In My feelings song and challenge they were doing. But thankfully. There was one good part... That was... Jaiden Animations... In Pewdiepie's 399 chair... That's it. But that's not even anything enough to make up for the terrible cringe. They also had Big Shaq and A Bongo Cat, Despite Big Shaq being a popular meme from LAST year. I still liked his part.

Now for the Fortnite bits. Yeah we already covered the Battle bus Ninja thing. But why were they dancing in some crappy costumes in the woods? Hmmmm.... MAYBE it was a coincidence to Logan Pau's dead body video...But where's the Default Dance? Give defaults some love youtube! Also where is the Orange Shirt Kid/Orange Justice? The Orange Justice and Default Dance are like the most popular fortnite dances. Why weren't they in it?

There's like 0 memes in this rewind once so ever other than Yodeling Kid. Like last year in Rewind we got plenty of memes like Shooting Stars, All-Star, And Big Shaq, But this year... Where's the Spaghet meme? Where's Uganda Knuckles? Where's Sprite Cranberry? Wheres the Ali-A intro? Where's all the "This is America" memes? Where's Despacito 2? Pretty much no love for the meme community at all and I'm mad, at least in 2017 Rewind got a decent amount of memes.

There's so many things missing for this rewind. Where's The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match? Where's Mr beast? Where's all the Thanos and his memes? Where's all the Uganda Knuckles and Foot Lettuce and other memes? Where's all the Shane Dawson and Jake Paul serietype thing? And most importantly where is Pewdiepie vs T-Series? Huh? Pewds BARELY got into any controversies/drama this year so why is he not here? And if you use the excuse "HE SWEARS" Yeah well Ninja also swears in his older streams (*Plays clip of him raging in H1Z1*) And other youtubers in the Rewind swear too. They talk about helping people and Pewdiepie made a stream to donate to poor kids in India and he wasn't it. Like yeah pretty much everything that was very popular and trending and pretty much blew up this year on Youtube wasn't in it at all. So disappointed with Youtube.

Honestly instead of Youtube, It should CooperateTube, I said how much Youtube declined and my ricegum rant and oh my gosh. I wasn't wrong at all. Honestly this video is possibly one of the WORST youtube videos I have sat down and watched all the way through. It's really bad. And YEAH I'd even say this deserves to be the Most disliked video of all time. This vid deserves all the hate that it gets. Hopefully Youtube will "give the people what they want" instead of what they want next year. Or else Youtube will be worse than ever. So disappointed. I don't think it could get worse than this at this point. Either way that's it guys I'm sorry I had to rant on this piece of crap but it's that bad I needed to. Either way hope you guys enjoyed this rant and I will see next time guys.


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They should have had Mr Beast.He was like the most popular youtuber of 2018 and they didn't even show him. - DarkBoi-X