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1 Nobody likes you

A kid told me this in first grade in front of the teacher. Eight years later and I remember it just like it was yesterday. I remember that I cried for an hour over it and I got punished for crying while the kid got away with it. - DogsUnleashed

I wouldn't mind saying that to a bully as long as he or she doesn't get back at me for it.

Just because nobody likes me doesn't mean that you're better than me. How about you go tell someone else about that because nobody likes your attitude

Say thank you and walk away

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2 Go kill yourself

I'd like to hear a bully hater say to a bully as long as he or she (the anti-bully) doesn't suffer any consequences for it.

This is probably one of the worst things you could say to someone. It could be the reason someone actually commits suicide, and they think that everyone wants them dead. Its terrible, and you should consider yourself a murderer.

A kid once said this to me. I punched him in the face.

Why would I do that? Unlike you, I actually have a life.

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3 You're ugly

If any bully says that to me, I'd say, "Right back at you."

I get this a lot it really sucks should be top

If someone said this to me I would ignore them

100% always said to me

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4 Why do people like you?

How would bullies like it if their victims ask them that? I don't think that they would. If they wouldn't like it, they shouldn't say it to their victims.

This hurts a LOT when people say this to you. It makes me wonder why do people like me. It makes you doubt your friendships. It makes you think that you are just a charity case.

Response: Because I'm not you.

I never trust any people telling me what do to.

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5 You're fat

Ha! Not all fat people are bad.

If there are non-bullies who are fat, then bullies shouldn't mind their own business instead of making their chubby victims feel bad about being fat.

Bullies are the ones with a fat mouth

I might be fat with a big brain

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6 You gonna cry?

I heard this on the bus once going to work. A group of girls were chanting this to another girl. I felt so sorry for her so I sat next to her and talked to her for the rest of her journey. She was on my mind the whole day after that, wondering if she was all right. - Britgirl

That should be asked of bullies. They should go boo-hoo because of all the rotten things that they did, do, and will do.

I hate it when people do this one, if I did cry they would try to hide the fact that they did anything wrong. Or maybe I will cry, because if I was crying the teachers would find out.

My reply

People who cry, had a life. People who didn't cry, never had a life. Go get a life before I send your soul to hell

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7 You're gay

I may not be gay homosexually. But that doesn't mean I'm against all gay guys.

My Brother calls me Gay even though I'm not. Who the HELL wants to be called something they're not? It's OFFENSIVE and HUMILIATING.

Most of the people who say this probably don't know what the hell the word gay means and just say it because they hear other people say it, that's why people today say cuss words left and right, I don't mind cussing, but it gets repetitive if you hear it 20 times a minute - Sanicball

I'm called that

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8 You're a bitch

It's ironic when a bully uses that word considering that she or he (most likely, she) is one.

Get this off

That's atcually a compliment to me. That means I'm hardcore. My reply:Thank you. - roseybloody

Most common thing girl bullies say, they'd text u "bitch" and call you that over and over again, when they're being the real bitches. Worst of all, when you try and defend yourself they'll either her start playing victim or just keep saying it even more.

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9 You were born by mistake

I'd tell that to those bullies and see how they like it. Besides, bullying should NEVER EVER exist no matter what.

I hate this one

Unless I was told this by my parents, I don't care because they were the ones who TURNED OUT to be the mistake.

A girl named Kelly said this to me, I said "well, you are."

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10 You're annoying

Well, that's ironic coming from them.

God, I'm sick of people like them. I'm one of the quietest kids in the class and this one person keeps calling me annoying when I tell them to stop bullying the other kids. It gets infuriating real fast, especially that it's coming from them.

It's something bullies can make their victim believe for the rest of their lives.

I’d take it as a compliment I mean if your annoying them then you are getting back at them right?

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? I am going to kill you

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11 Why don't you just go cut yourself some more and run around trying to get attention.

Oops. I forgot to put "those" between "do" and "things." My apologies.

Bullies should do things and see if they enjoy them.

Bullies often make fun of others for attention, so if a bully tells that to you, it's hypocrisy at it's finest. - LemonComputer

Because they might have family problems

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12 I wish you were dead

I'd tells someone to drop dead if he or she says that to me.

How would they like it if others tell them that?

That can apply to all the other things on this list, so there was no point in tying that - Sanicball

A good comeback:

Good thing I'm not! Otherwise I couldn't hang out with you - cdxtreme

I would say, ''Would you like it if I said that to you? ''

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13 You're weird.

Bullies should take a good look at themselves before calling other people weird.

I'm not weird,I'm just more interesting than you. - SamuiNeko

I know I am. It makes me come up with unique ideas and strange points of view. - LemonComputer

I say that I’m weird because I am. I personally don’t think that is an insult, but that’s just my opinion.

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14 Ew.

That's it? Well, maybe bullies should hear that from their adversaries if they say and/or do one or more gross things.

People always say this to me. I just say "If I had a face like yours, I'd sue my parents! " Then they always shut up!

A bully said this to me for SNEEZING. - SamuiNeko

Bullies say: "Ew. Your disgstusting. "
Me say: "Yes. I'm Ew. Well your a whore ;). Mind your own bussiness bitch." that's how I go on

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15 Why don't you just get hit by a truck, nobody would care!

I dare them to have their enemies say that to them and see if they like it.

And the worst thing is people say this when your right next to your friends

I would say back why don't you just get hit by a bus or racecar/sports car, NOBODY IN THE WORLD WILL CARE! but of course, I would never say that.

Hi f someone said that to me I would say "why don't you fall out of a plane! Nobody will remember you existed" but I wouldn't say that it would be to mean.

16 Asian

I get called that all the time and I'm not asian its just really mean

I'm Asian so that insult is invalid. :/ - CappuccinoMochi

That happens to me too...

They keep telling me go back to china or they say some different languages what they didn't know that I live in the Philippines and you know what I just said to them
"Wow you are racist oh wait you were born that way,bitch"

17 Haha noob you are acting like little kid

This does nothing POP

18 It was just a joke!

*Groans* Ah yes, the usual excuse that many bullies mention when they try to make what they said and/or did seem harmless even though it isn't. I'm just so sick of it! No wonder I don't have much of a sense of humor.

Many jerks use humor as an excuse to antagonize whoever doesn't deserve it.

Just say, "Are you serious?! Was that a joke? Man, your so bad at making jokes that even the joker would be disappointed."

Bullies don't mean it they are such idiots, oh I forgot how could they be idiots when they don't have a life.

Yeah people do that

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19 You have a tiny penis

"So you look at me while I'm getting changed? That's gross! " I'm a girl by the way.

GROSS, bullies so disgusting like their face

They do not even know - USGC

:( I cry myself to sleep thinking of this every night.

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20 The world and everyone in it hates you.

If anyone says that to me, I'd say, "Right back at you."

This has happened to me and for all of you guys that get told this look up and smile even if your upset! God put you here for a reason...don't let anyone change that your are fine just the way you are

Funny that, that's what people say about you when you are not about - gruppenfuhrer

OThis phrase is to overpowered.

21 Shut up Weirdo

If a bully told me this I'll just say how about you you ugly ass bitch

Make me... dick!

22 You're a loser

How ironic it is for bullies to call their foes losers when they're losers themselves.

I always get vengeance on bullies

Yes. Give in to your Hate. Don't ever let ANYONE push you around without REVENGE. Make them PAY.

3 kids bullied me for being Christian

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23 F*** you

If I own this world and someone says that to me, I'd beat the hell out of him or her.

You have to shut the hell up. It is never nice to swear or call anyone this.

*gives them the double finger and runs away*

My reply:Right back at you.*flips them off* - roseybloody

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24 Why you so short?

Nobody should care too much that there will always be short people in the world.

If someone tels me I'm short I'll kick them I'm the balls!

I am short a lower year said to me your so short I just put my thumb up to him

A lot of cool kids at my school are short. - roseybloody

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25 I love you

That's probably a phrase that bullies use to lure their victims into false sense of security.

Only on Opposite Day.

I experienced this before,it made me lost hope for the rest of my elementary school. - SamuiNeko

26 Why don't your mum slip into something more comfortable like a coma

This is what I herd someone say to a girl and she ran straight past me and I ran after and I told her that her mum would not slip into a coma and she just hugged me

27 They tell the ugliest person in the class you like them

Doing that makes those bullies/hooligans liars.

28 You're so fake
29 OMG You're so dumb and stupid. You're a nerd

A nerd is considered to be extremely smart and drawn towards a specific hobby or passion that they seem to be obsessed with such as reading or playing video games. The bully that is saying that sentence is the one that is dumb because that person doesn't seem to know what is the difference between the words nerd and stupid.

I'd like to see one or more bullies get beaten for saying that. I mean, what's wrong with being a nerd? Without them, Earth will still be stuck in either the Middle Ages or ancient times.

A nerd is a smart person! If you call someone stupid and than you call him a nerd you are Turing a bad deed into a good deed!

Nerd is just a mean word for smart people, it's not like someone telling you you're smart. It's like the n-word for smart people.

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30 If you died nobody would even care!

If those bullies die, I wouldn't care.

Excuse me but I can't die I have no life. - CappuccinoMochi

How could they die if they don't have a life.😊

I feel that this one is said a lot. They just want the victims to feel upset because they don’t have as many friends e.t.c. They also say this just to make them feel more appreciated.

31 You make out with Donald Trump

They're better off making out with themselves.

I would never do it not even drunk

"I hope you let this slide"

Gay - USGC

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32 You are noob

Learn what noob means - USGC

33 You are Ugly and Losers
34 You don't have one

Don't have what?

Yep that's one of the things that makes me very angry. Saying that to overweight people like me is cruel.

What does this even mean?

Bullies are the ones without a heart or a life

35 What the hell?

I'd slap and/or punch anyone for asking for me that.

It is bad words

That's not mean - 1507563

36 Shut up

Bullies deserve to be told that, especially since they have big mouths.

My reply:Right back at you. - roseybloody

37 You're a nerd

What's wrong with being a nerd? Many nerds are awesome. Without them, this world will still be stuck in either the Middle Ages or ancient times.

99% of video games are from nerds - lol2016

I take this as a compliment

Console peasents - USGC

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38 Calling you the opposite gender

This has Happened to me Many times. I've been called a Girl many times based on how high my Voice is because I'm Autistic. I don't even sound like a Girl but I'm 18 almost 19 and my voice is higher than it should be. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't know. Now I'm just Assuming things because I've been called a Girl so much in my Life. I once had a Friend who would call me Squeakers based on how high my Voice is. I was Friends with her for years. I have no Idea why. I thought she was my Best Friend but she Bullied me for years. And she would call me Squeakers because of how high my Voice is. It's not fun being called the Opposite Gender of what you are based on how your Voice sounds. She would always call me a Girl. Then other people would start calling me Squeakers too. It wasn't Fun. Now I want REVENGE.

Well, that's pretty stupid. How would hoodlums like it if their called that?

I've been called that for a very long time and I really get dead furious I actually punched someone in the neck it was a light punch. Then a couple of friends came up to me and said to me that he was teasing them as well

If your autistic you wouldn't even be able to comment on this.

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39 Oh, i didn't know someone like you could do that, because you're... you know

No, sorry, I don't know. Care to share? I got this said to me when I came first in sports. it was really horrible, like, are you just jealous or what?

40 Admit it! You had plastic surgery!

I'd rather that bullies get surgery.

Maybe they need surgery! But on their personality, not their face!

Like 13 year old kids get plastic surgery - CappuccinoMochi

Oh, so you’re saying I’m pretty? Thanks!

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41 Why do you even have friends?

I dare bullies to be asked that by their victims.

Because I'm better than you. - roseybloody

Say, because they hate you! - gruppenfuhrer

I do have friends unlike them😊

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42 Retard

That term describes are a bully.

Mean word

43 Your car is garbage and trashed

Well, at least I have a car. Thanks!

44 Haha dumbo
45 Why don't you shut up little nerd

Well it's better to be a nerd to be completely dumb like you.

46 You smell

If anyone says that to me, I'd respond by saying, "Look who's talking."

If a bully says that, reply with, funny that it's the same deodorant/ perfume that you use - gruppenfuhrer

Yah - 1507563

Oh, looks like your smell is so strong that it seems like it’s coming from me.

47 I ought to kill you!

Saying that can land anyone in jail.

Bullies ought to die in hell

Bullies ought to burn in hell.

48 I wish you were a monkey! Because it really suits you!

Well, how would bullies like it if someone says that to them?

Just Shut Up! Your always talking about YOUR FAMILY!

Monkeys are actually one of the smartest animals.

49 Hahaha!!
50 I'm going to punch you in the teeth
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