Top 10 Worst Things Bullies Say

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1 Nobody likes you

Its kind of sad to think about it. For instance I got suicidal because someone said that.

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A kid told me this in first grade in front of the teacher. Eight years later and I remember it just like it was yesterday. I remember that I cried for an hour over it and I got punished for crying while the kid got away with it.

Just because nobody likes me doesn't mean that you're better than me. How about you go tell someone else about that because nobody likes your attitude

My sister says this a lot and it kinda makes me feel sorry for her. SHe targets someone with social anxietuy and extreme introvertedness to get over her social problems.

2 Go kill yourself

Look, don't do what they say. Bullies like getting a reaction out of you. Just ignore them or tell a teacher. If it isn't easy, find support in friends and family.

I've never got this said directly, but it was hinted. Anyways, if someone ever says that to you, (online: say lol, or smt rlly dry or even better leave them on seen/ghost them) (irl: just say lol, or cool, again say smt dry, it'll make them mad)

This is probably one of the worst things you could say to someone. It could be the reason someone actually commits suicide, and they think that everyone wants them dead. Its terrible, and you should consider yourself a murderer.

If a bully said this to me id say "please, if I wanted to kill myself, I would climb up to your ego and jump down to your IQ level, and end up starving on the way down.

3 You're ugly

If any bully says you are ugly say this: The way you are so ugly made Madusa turn into stone

Go to hell however this cause you are beautiful on the inside.

If any bully says that to me, I'd say, "Right back at you."

Because I'm trying to look like you today, is what you should say.

4 Why do people like you?

Say this:

(IRL) I don't know why do they?
(Online) Ghost them / Leave seen

If you rlly wanna risk it then you can say.

"because I'm not two faced like you."

This hurts a LOT when people say this to you. It makes me wonder why do people like me. It makes you doubt your friendships. It makes you think that you are just a charity case.

How would bullies like it if their victims ask them that? I don't think that they would. If they wouldn't like it, they shouldn't say it to their victims.

That hurts so much because people think that they are actually worthless. And that is exactly what bullies do to be mean.

5 You gonna cry?

Bullies do that to sort of make you sob in front of them, which can be humiliating. Be strong, don't listen to them, and steer clear from bullies.

My older brother always said said this to me in the past and it made me feel weak because all I ever did was cry because I wanted fight back but I didn't want to harm him in any way but whenever I did fight back he'd just say is that all you've got then he'd scoff at me like I'm nothing I cared for my brother and it hurt so much to know he didn't, and doesn't care about me.

I heard this on the bus once going to work. A group of girls were chanting this to another girl. I felt so sorry for her so I sat next to her and talked to her for the rest of her journey. She was on my mind the whole day after that, wondering if she was all right.

I hate it when people do this one, if I did cry they would try to hide the fact that they did anything wrong. Or maybe I will cry, because if I was crying the teachers would find out.

6 You're fat

Fat is such a misused word. It is used as an insult, when really it is should be used as a way to describe someone. I wish people would stop not using the word fat and start using it simply as a way to portray someone. Then instead of it being a negative word, it just becomes a word. Sadly, in this day in age, people have grown accustomed to it being a bad word and use it to destroy people’s self-confidence and cause people to become self-conscious of their bodies due to it being used as a negative word.

If there are non-bullies who are fat, then bullies shouldn't mind their own business instead of making their chubby victims feel bad about being fat.

I've gotten called far but when I got called far I just ignored him and walked away. I was in fourth grade and it was 2years ago

This honestly got me badly because everyone teased me for being overweight and one day I was walking into class and a bunch of kids got together just to make fun of me by saying ho ho ho while holding their arms in front of them it just made me feel rejected to see a big group of kids all making fun of me and I just couldn't help but cry. Then again I am just a wimp so what do I know.

7 You're gay

This is a insult? Wow people need stop making fun of people who are gay I support people who are gay being gay is not a sin it's not wrong plus it's there choice you can't force someone to be something there not.

My Brother calls me Gay even though I'm not. It is one of the most OFFENSIVE things anyone can say to you when you're a Straight Guy.

I hate it when people use the word gay as an insult. Like, come on, are you too brainless to come up with a better insult?

Young bullies in my primary school thought that gay was a synonym to idiot, which is very insulting and offensive.

8 You're a bitch

It's ironic when a bully uses that word considering that she or he (most likely, she) is one.

This is the worst thing that bullies might say. The B word is REALLY bad.

That's messed up. A more polite way to say it is your a female dog geez

That's atcually a compliment to me. That means I'm hardcore. My reply:Thank you.

9 You were born by mistake

I'd tell that to those bullies and see how they like it. Besides, bullying should NEVER EVER exist no matter what.

Unless I was told this by my parents, I don't care because they were the ones who TURNED OUT to be the mistake.

I was told this once
So I said
"Well then I was one damn good mistake"

It's a really mean thing to say. I'm a child and even I know that! -ever

10 You're annoying

Like one of the comments, I am also a quiet student. Because of things people said to me, it changed who I was. It was a drastic change. A talkative, cheerful girl who turned into the always frowning, shy, clumsy girl. My mother has been try to figure out what happened and I won't tell her.

God, I'm sick of people like them. I'm one of the quietest kids in the class and this one person keeps calling me annoying when I tell them to stop bullying the other kids. It gets infuriating real fast, especially that it's coming from them.

This is hurts because I'm a person who talks a lot of someone said this to me it would hurt I wish everyone world was... NICE!

It's something bullies can make their victim believe for the rest of their lives.

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11 You're weird.

Perfect comeback:
Bully: You're weird.
You: There is no problem in being weird.
Bully: So?
You: So if you think being weird could be used as an insult, then you're weird yourself.

TriggerTrashKid if you're going to tell someone that their not good at roasting at least keep it to yourself. It's not your problem if anyone can roast or not!

Bullies should take a good look at themselves before calling other people weird.

I know I am. It makes me come up with unique ideas and strange points of view.

12 I wish you were dead

Child, wait until I have cancer, get run over by a car, get sick, commit suicide, or etc.

A good comeback:

Good thing I'm not! Otherwise I couldn't hang out with you

I'd tells someone to drop dead if he or she says that to me.

How would they like it if others tell them that?

13 Why don't you just go cut yourself some more and run around trying to get attention.

Laugh out loud, you're saying that to me? You're the boring bully cliche around here, bullying me because you have mental problems or angry about you're life or something. But I will not feel sorry for you. Why don't you go back to your room and cry to Mommy so she can give you a cookie? Seriously, I had enough brats in my life, and your an asset that should belong in a crappy Dork Diaries book or something.

Technically, people cut them self to get rid of mental pain. The physical pain is still there but it relieves them so the mental pain is not there.
How do I know this? I have been thinking about it for a while. Wither I should it not.

I self-harm and this hit really close to home. No one has ever said this to me, but this is one of the worst things I've ever heard.

Bullies often make fun of others for attention, so if a bully tells that to you, it's hypocrisy at it's finest.

14 Why don't you just get hit by a truck, nobody would care!

Hi f someone said that to me I would say "why don't you fall out of a plane! Nobody will remember you existed" but I wouldn't say that it would be to mean.

I dare them to have their enemies say that to them and see if they like it.

And the worst thing is people say this when your right next to your friends

I got told this almost everything in this has been said to me

15 Asian

Did you know that 75% of things in the world are made in an Asian country?
It is true. I bet most of your clothes and things that you use every day have the words written on it: MADE IN CHINA or MADE IN MALAYSIA. Plus, Sushi, is from Japan!

I am Chinese, by the way.

I’m Indian, (which is in Asia however they don’t consider it Asia) And this White girl says m, omg your Asian. Your a Wannabe! She’s dating a Asian guy!

If it weren't for us Asians you wouldn't be able to cry to your body pillow waifu about how you had a bad day and that she's the only one who cares about you.

If those bullies are going to have anything against Asians, then they should keep it to themselves.

16 Ew

That's it? Well, maybe bullies should hear that from their adversaries if they say and/or do one or more gross things.

People always say this to me. I just say "If I had a face like yours, I'd sue my parents! " Then they always shut up!

17 You have a tiny penis

That's downright stupid and bad! No one should care what anyone's penis size is because doing that is too private and offensive.

If someone says that to another person, the latter could likely clobber the former.

"So you look at me while I'm getting changed? That's gross! " I'm a girl by the way.

Tip for boys: If a guy says this to you, say "At least I have one".

Why is this offensive? Like this is a genuine question

18 Haha noob, you are acting like little kid

Haha dumbass you are acting like a 7 year old on Roblox.

Haha hacker you act like a grandpa.

Ew your gay people who are gay are gross

This does nothing POP

19 I love you

That's probably a phrase that bullies use to lure their victims into false sense of security.

Reminds me of patrick carrying a bag of chocolates

I experienced this before,it made me lost hope for the rest of my elementary school.

I don't love hippos.

20 The world and everyone in it hates you.

This has happened to me and for all of you guys that get told this look up and smile even if your upset! God put you here for a reason...don't let anyone change that your are fine just the way you are

Funny that, that's what people say about you when you are not about

If anyone says that to me, I'd say, "Right back at you."

That's one of the most meanest things to say

21 F*** you

If I own this world and someone says that to me, I'd beat the hell out of him or her.

You have to shut the hell up. It is never nice to swear or call anyone this.

And I'll do this to your crush/girlfriend.

My reply:Right back at you.*flips them off*

22 It was just a joke!

*Groans* Ah yes, the usual excuse that many bullies mention when they try to make what they said and/or did seem harmless even though it isn't. I'm just so sick of it! No wonder I don't have much of a sense of humor.

Many jerks use humor as an excuse to antagonize whoever doesn't deserve it.

Just say, "Are you serious?! Was that a joke? Man, your so bad at making jokes that even the joker would be disappointed."

Bullies don't mean it they are such idiots, oh I forgot how could they be idiots when they don't have a life.

Every time I said somebody was bullying me the main bully says it was just a joke! I KNOW IT WASN'T.

23 You're a loser

"Sorry, I don't deal with ignorance."

"sorry, I don't deal with lies."

"Sorry, I don't deal with self-centered people."

How ironic it is for bullies to call their foes losers when they're losers themselves.

Well then, I'll work my butt off to become a winner. Just watch, you'll be the one falling behind.

This happens every day to me. I learn to ignore it, as hard as it may be.

24 If you died nobody would even care!

If those bullies die, I wouldn't care.

Excuse me but I can't die I have no life.

I could name a list of people who would

At least I will be left alone.

25 Why you so short?

This one would really hit me hard by I would say "so I can look cool when I beat up talk guys like you" and if they said "ha they want to be cool" I'd say "no, I don't but honestly I am doing better then you"

I get this a LOT. I've always been the smallest in the class. And teachers mistaken me, a fifth grader as a 2nd or 3rd grader. Even some of the 1st graders are taller than me!

Nobody should care too much that there will always be short people in the world.

I am short a lower year said to me your so short I just put my thumb up to him

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