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1 Members Have Everything

I am a member and I feel really bad for people who are nonmembers! Ever since 2009, Disney planted a bomb into club penguin ( not literally) and made almost everything bad! This is basically like rich vs poor which is basically like slavery. Come on Disney, I bet lots of people really hate club penguin even if you think everyone LOVES club penguin. That's not that case here because it's just mean to add memberships for no reason just to have "fun". It's unfair and what if someone cannot afford a membership? What are you gonna do Disney? I bet anyone who is reading this that Disney has gotten hundreds or even thousands of complaints from parents all across the world. I'm not saying club penguin is the worst game ever, but it doesn't sound like a kid-friendly game anymore! Memberships are basically forcing you to give money into Disney for no reason. Do we have to summon a website hero? I don't know why I said that but you really need less memberships and more fun.

I am currently a Club Penguin member, and I find it EXTREMELY unfair that almost everything in CP is limited to members only. For instance, the only things non members can unlock are crappy clothes and cheap furniture items that nobody wants. It's so pointless because the only reason Disney is doing this is because they want to make more money. When children see they can get more stuff by becoming a member, they will have to pay about $10 at least. This just adds to the fact that Disney doesn't even care about the quality of their game or about a child's happiness, but rather if they are making enough money to go to the Bahamas for a supposed "staff meeting".

I'm a nonmember and basically if you want to get by you have to collect stuff over the years as a nonmember and now that's hard since they don't give out things like hats and whatnot at parties anymore, now nonmembers get stupid trash that no one wants like backgrounds and pins. However, go to the Club Penguin Wiki for a list of free codes and you can unlock some really cool items like a dragon costume even if you aren't a member and you will feel better! Trust me! I've used tons of codes and they all still work!

There was one page of nonmember CP clothing, which didn't look slightly good, then there were TOMES (yes, like the old big book) of clothes for members. And what was that about RED OR BLUE? And the missions... And I bet it's worse in CP island. I haven't mustered the courage to try it yet...

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2 New CP Island Change

I don't even play it anymore, no lie. Its bad now. I used to love this game when I was little. The old graphics were super nostalgic. Now.. CP is ruined... :( - ShyGuySwag

I want the old island back with the snow forts it's better like really a police station. Plus a mall with the most boring escalator and costume.

This topic pretty much covers everything wrong with CP so yeah it is the worst

It's like Club Penguin but with all the fun and unique stuff gone
Seriously, we need someone to raid CP Island. - wrests

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3 Club Penguin Shutting Down

Shutting down Club Penguin to replace it with a soulless, cheap, glitchy abomination which manages to be more play to win than the original was one of the worst decisions Disney ever made. Also the fact Disney is now trying to get Club Penguin Rewritten shut down as it's more popular than Club Penguin Island shows how much this new mobile game has failed.

Thank you. This game banned me for no reason more than once. The chat system is SO broken. I'm not the only one with this problem. - Transformers234

READ THIS! This is dumb disney ran itself down with club penguin than replaced it with an even worse club penguin island this is dumb and the real reason they shut it down was hacking people hacked kids accounts and sent them messages like build the wall and make america great I think this is what started the anti-trump rally so this is why they shut it down and replaced it with an animal jam knockoff

I left CP in like 2015 and I am upset with the shutdown. It's sad to see a game that I've played on so long (2012-2015) go, just like that, for no reason whatsoever.. - LemonComputer

This deserves to be 1 club penguin was my favorote

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4 Removing the Theatre

I loved the stage! I get that the mall was really popular, but that does NOT mean you can just decide to take away our stage FOREVER and replace it with that mall! Couldn't you have at least asked what WE thought of the idea? I'm sure like 99% would have said no! Please bring back our stage! I may be tempted to quit if you don't! And if I do quit, I'm cancelling my membership so you can't rob me while I am gone! Bring back the stage or else! I will make a petition if you don't listen now! If one unhappy penguin isn't enough to make a change, millions of them will!

I loved the stage. Even though the years went by and less and less people used it. It was so fun to hang out there with my friends. The stage just wasn't there for plays it held the Penguin Awards too which were super fun. Now we have the "Puffle Berry Mall" which is a pointless place that takes up space. It's just a place where penguins can go "shopping"

Club Penguin has now pulled their last straw on these poor kids. And now the stage is gone forever. I've been playing the game since 2008 and I still do occasionally, but it's NOT THE SAME. I remember the joyful and spectacular feeling of playing this game with my friends a long time ago and enjoying the parties and take overs. Now they add a puffleberry mall and think its okay?! You can't even buy anything or go into any of the stores! its totally a waste of space and time. And also how come they have transformed the whole plaza into a giant Puffle museum? We need the old club penguin makers back!

This was my favorite part of CP! I'm just so sad! Oh, here come the tears...

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5 Bad Parties

Frozen Fever is by far the worst. - SheepBuggy

These parties are terrible what happened to the members parties

CP you won't get away with this. These new parties sucks the old parties are gold and awesome. Beta Test Party is the awesomer parties ever

The parties in Club Penguin Rewritten aren't so bad.

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6 Takeovers

This one definitely deserves the top. All the other options are things that are alien to the old penguins; they'll get used to the changes with time. However, Takeovers are new things that only last for a month --- then they RETURN to haunt us! It irritated me that our dear Club Penguin, ad free and original, had advertisement parties for something most of us don't care about. We don't care that you now own Marvel and Star Wars, Disney. We want creative parties that we can enjoy! Kids don't pay attention to these types of things.

I don't really appreciate being lied to, especially when I was promised an "ad-free website". - Eclipse-Magician

All because of Disney, this is really bad because they just seem to last for months and aren't creative all.

The takeovers started off good in 2012-2013 but in 2014 was the year when it started going down hill and 2015-2016 was really bad and it got to the point where every party was a takeover that lasted for months takeovers destroyed clubpenguin and the uniqueness of it! check out clubpenguin rewritten it brings back memories of 2008-2010

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7 New Graphics

The new graphics are too sappy, all the penguins don't even look like penguins anymore, they stretch and bend in ways that a regular penguin shouldn't. The colouring is awful and sickening. And the shading looks like the grime under rotten fingernails. - SheepBuggy

It was kind of disappointing the new art style. I miss the old and cute penguins from past years

The graphics have changed so much. The home screen look's so bad and super cheesy. The old ones actually looked realistic

Truly agree.the new penguins walk as if they are made of clay.penguins in ORIGINAL CP truly WADDLED.And they looked so cute. ;(

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8 Pookies and Others

I have no idea how this is only Number Ten on the list. It should be much higher. These monsters are a complete poison that ruined the entire community of Club Penguin beyond repair and would act incredibly inappropriately. They hogged up every single player slot in the Pet Shop so buying a puffle (the reason for the Pet Shop's existence) was about as difficult as becoming a moderator sometimes. Many of them are probably middle-aged men with sick minds but let's not go further than that. I hate these horrid demons with every last fiber of my being and would absolutely love it if every single one of them got banned forever.

I hate this! I'm a girl and other girl penguins wearing wigs and sunglasses walk up to me wearing my neutral stuff (a tour guide hat, sunglasses, a cape and a ghost catching outfit) and make the "heart" emote, and when I tell them I'm a girl, they make the "mad" emote and walk away! Seriously, Club Penguin is NOT a dating site!

Not even a lesbian web site. But why are they so mad? They started It - MLPFan

It's sooo annoying how now if I walk into the pet shop, I see fake rich girls all like "Steps out of solid gold limo! " and "Waves at screaming fans and pookies! " I also CANNOT stand the pookies! They pick their nose and chew on their nasty toes and act like they are so cute, when in reality, they are just fat lumps that cry, complain, and run away after five seconds.

I just don't get them. They don't act their age and hang out at the pet shop calling their "parents." I added someone as a friend on club penguin and he asked me If he can move into my igloo. Then he asks me If We can adopt a pookie, and I thought he meant a puffle. I knew what he meant after, so I was like "Sorry, I got homework" and left.

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9 Voice Acting

What's with the big deal about voice acting in the game? THIS ISN'T A VIDEO GAME IT'S A ROLEPLAY! Cadence's voice is terrible. JB's voice is better the. Cadence. Remove the voice acting

Cadence's voice is annoying.. The band just sound like 20 year old YouTubers - SheepBuggy

I totally agree CP YOU RUINED IT! IDIOTS

10 CP School

When I read the newspaper and heard that there was a new ''school'' coming out, I was really confused. I thought that the map didn't have any space for a new place.. So a few weeks later, I logged on and was about to go to the recycling plant, like always.. The recycling plant was absolutely gone! You wouldn't believe how MAD I was! The recycling tree was absolutely gone...

I remember when I used to throw snowballs into the mine and it'd water the vegetable garden. It was a cute feature, they should bring it back. The school is just full of stupid idiots and dumb preps.. - SheepBuggy

When I first heard of a CP University coming out, I was pretty excited. But when I realized that they were getting rid of the recycling plant, I was livid. I ranted to CPHQ and everything, but I guess they don't really care about all of the memories of old CP. Now, the university is just a hang out for snobby preps and fake athletes.

It was better when the mine shack actually felt abandoned.

Nobody ever roleplayed in there. - LemonComputer

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11 PSA -> EPF

I really wish they still made PSA missions or even EPF missions. I'm starting to get bored redoing all of the PSA missions.

EPF seems like a side feature of CP now. Nothing is being made to keep it updated other than the place being rebuilt into something new rather than keeping it the same.

I think the initiation is stupid. All the is is a phone call from the director. Before there used to be a whole challenge thing to become a secret agent.

The EPF was actually much better, you guys are just blinded by nostalgia. - XtremeNerdz12

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12 New Sound Effects

There is nothing wrong with them

Nevermind I hate them

Remove sound effects

Who cares about the sound affects

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13 Disney Taking Over

I guess Disney wasn't really ok in the first place but they really started to make things worse back around 2013 - 2014 and still are

Disney has always owned Club Penguin.

The sole reason to why I don't play CP anymore is because of Disney. They flippin' ruined CP completely! What ever happened to the original company who hosted awesome CP parties not Disney movie crap! Seriously though, old CP was by far an amazing game now it's just...DISNEY! EVERYWHERE! Everyone who agrees and wants old CP back, there is a website called old CP where you can play old CP again! Disney needs to get a grip on video games and stop buying everything!...

Ever since Disney bought club penguin it been about frozen frozen frozen FROZEN

14 Clothing for members only

Most of the clothing is for members only I'm a member but still, that's pretty harsh

It's so unfair they only give you 3 shirts but the people with membership gets everything like I got so mad.

I think this a stupid rule. It like saying no clothing for black people.

Disney only wants money

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15 Removed Places

There are removed places in CP my favorite Removed Place is the recycling plant because its like throwing trash on the giant bucket thing and it makes a real item like Anvil, Lamp, Life donut thing

Bring this back

Ninja Hideout, Recycling Plant, Stage, BRING THEM BACK! The new rooms like the mall, the school, skate park, etc are terrible! - SheepBuggy

One of the worst things. We liked places like these because they were fun but of course Disney had to fix something that wasn't a problem or broken.

There's a new finding Dory I was so excited but then really they only let the members watch finding dory

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16 They Got Rid of the Stage

I liked the stage. Now they replaced it with that horrible excuse of a mall and that DEATHTRAP they call an escalator.

I hate the mall! I HATE IT! It's so cheesy. What was wrong with stage? I LOVED ACTING! Plus, there's 3 stores in there you can't even go in! Why?

There is plenty of room left on the island, why didn't they make the school and mall there?

This is on the list twice - SheepBuggy

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17 Cheerleader and QB outfits

The people that wear this just go to the stadium and sit there. They aren't cheerleaders, They just wear it to get boys and have pretend sex with them. It's disgusting. - SheepBuggy

I don't understand why they would do that because people take advantage of it. THEY USE IT TO GET BOYS!

I agree with sheep buggy

No, it's because they like sports. And this has been around since 2008, so not a cash grap.

18 Getting Banned for No Reason

This is so annoying. I do nothing and I get kicked from the server or get banned. It happens to much and it gets so annoying. That even made me hate the game less. But the game is still good in ways

U are mean those guys reporting for no reson

I know right. This is exactly why I hate this website. I got banned permanently for no reason. My username was appropriate (Dragonlover23) and I never bullied anyone. I tried to log on one day, then it said "You are banned forever". What the hell?!


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19 Pay 2 Win
20 Spam Bots

I absolutely HATE it when I walk into the coffee shop (or something like that) and the first comment I see be from a spam bot going "VIRTUAL PENGUIN" "WANT TO BECOME MEMBER? ". And I'm surprised that Disney hasn't gotten rid of them yet. - AllAboutLists

All I hear is irrelevant things about other club penguin websites. I'm okay with people talking about coming to their parties.

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