Top Ten Most Over-Hated Users On TheTopTens

Not that I'm saying we should hate these users. These are the users on this website who, despite actually not being that bad, get lots and lots of criticism for whatever they do. Why are they getting it? These users deserve less hate.
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1 Puga

He's not that bad. A lot of people these days joke around about things that shouldn't be joked around with. But I don't think he deserves the hate.

While his humor is at par at Leafyishere, it doesn't really bug me munch however he can go too far at times. Other than that he's semi-decent at best.

Thanks so much whoever added this, I've felt like a punching bag on this site recently.

2 SelfDestruct

Huh? He didn't do anything wrong. I mean he likes Rae Sremmurd which is my least favorite band but it doesn't remake him awful. I'm starting to feel bad for the guy because his comments are always disliked. I think people Hate him because of his unpopular opinions and I'm pretty sure everyone has them. Yes, Especially me since I have a lot

Why is he hated? For being honest with his opinions? Please! He's OK really. I don't suppose he really cares what you think of him anyway.
And why am I calling this user "him"? I have no idea what gender this user is haha. Whatever - leave him / her alone.

3 Britboy

Judged by the username before even reading his description. He's in a happy relationship and regrets the list. Let's move on!

Oh because of one infamous list that makes him a top 3 hated user.

Did he make 'top Ten people who should go out with Britgirl?

4 Disney1994

OK, so he likes shows and movies other people hate such as Liv and Maddie and Frozen. But at least he can tell you why he likes these shows and movies. Other people never give a good reason to hate them other than because it's popular to. It's not his fault he was born autistic, it just happened. He's still the perfect person to talk to about Disney. Still, he can be very emotional about all this stuff.

He says he's going to turn over a new leaf once he deletes this account and makes a new one. I really hope he becomes a more mature and respectful user.


I've never even seen a comment from here, I searched up her profile so who cares about her trolling?

She deserves it. I'm not mad at her, I just pity her for not knowing when to use her actual logic.

Now THIS man or woman knew how to troll properly and really get to weak minded people.

6 TopTensFan

Let's forget my earlier comment on him, and let me word it differently. I think he's an OK person in messaging, and I consider what he did to be in the past. However,he still did some disgusting things here, and I understand why he was so controversial.

We judged him too fast. Give him a chance and maybe you'll find that he's a good friend! He apologized too! Why must the site be a warzone? Can't it be a friendly zone?

Just because he apologised doesn't mean he didn't do it. If Hitler apologised, does that mean he was in the right? Of course not.

7 NegatronWildhawk

Because, you know if somebody has the slightest distaste for Positron, they're automatically bad. NOT. Even so, it's just a username. Maybe they just liked his username.

When I think about it, this is a pretty smart username!

8 andre56

He hasn't really done anything in months.

How is he overhated? I think he shouldn't be on this list.

Guess who doesn't care about the haters? Me

9 DoraYes_EpicJakeNo

He was bad, no doubt, but he only got popular because people kept going on his list/blog and commenting, and thus they're feeding the troll.

She also dersves a lot of hate. The fact that her username is "DoraYes_EpicJakeNo" is the reason why. Nobody disses EpicJake

He's one of the worst users for picking one of the dumbest usernames.

10 admin

Why is he so hated? Just because he has made some stupid things does not make him bad! Not everyone is perfect! And besides he created this site! I feel like people hate him either to be cool or to be on a certain users side

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11 Comparisans

What he did was over a month ago, the tension has completely died off, there's no reason to keep hating him.

He isn't even on anymore. He's just a past memory and will on,y get a 1 page summary about him if TheTopTens was a history book

He hasn't done much wrong accept for 'the list' and he so needs to improve his grammar. Translation into Comparisonsish- mee haven't done much wron cept list this need to improv gramme

12 VideoGamefan5

I don't know why people hate him so much. He's pretty cool and a nice guy although his hate on something gets annoying like Suicide Zootopia Squad he's pretty cool.

He made some bad statements on this site, but hey, a lot of users do. He's good now.

13 birdechosplash

She is overhated for sure. I don't get why people hate her anyway.

14 SuperHyperdude

He gets a lot of criticism for his blog posts being "offensive" yet they're some of the most accurate things I've ever read.

He can be harsh sometimes, but I rarely feel like he's ill-intentioned.

I never met him but he's funny and makes good posts from what I've seen

15 Piplup
16 BarneyTheDinosaurRocks

I've never thought of him being over-hated because I've honestly seen more love comments than hate comments about him. Plus he was the only "troll" where I couldn't be bothered to look at the butthurt comments on his lists. He made one list about alcohol that I liked but even then it wasn't that funny (I agree with his view, not the points on the list). The rest of them were bland.
Just stop obsessing over him. He's an old meme.

17 EpicJake

I'm not being hated that much. I have a lot of followers. So I'm glad I'm in last.

Jake is great user, he shouldn't be on here.

I certainly don't like him anymore.

18 cosmo

Cosmo doesn't deserve hate. She hasn't done anything to anyone.

I don't like the fact there is a visitor that hates me.

19 Danteem

Overhated? You should have seen how much he bashed on his haters and act immaturely here on TTT and outside. I don't think he's overhated.

Danteem got hated by some users but not a lot. There's a lot of users who don't know him but he go like 90 followers.

He made "Top Ten Reasons to Hate Christians" and was a Mario Is Mental Supporter.

He's Metts now, but Danteem should not be here.

20 Therandom

He's decent but once you bring up politics he becomes a prick easily. Other than that he's decent I guess.

21 htoutlaws2012
22 Britgirl

I don't think she has been hated by anyone? Well good because she is very admirable and kind hearted user, how could you hate her?

She barely gets hate to be honest. Shes really nice and everyone loves her.

23 darthvadern

Possibly the most overhated user in the last two years. Ever since I joined this site, I saw this guy getting hate for having courage and making high quality lists. Actually shouldn't recall this, but this gang you all know about hated him either for being a stat padder or for the fact that he is fearless and not afraid to argue with the gang. Who cares if someone makes tons of Mario lists? It's his account and at least he puts effort in them and doesn't make lots of lazy self moderated lists. He may have had a controversial past but he redeemed himself well and has been more consistent than other users. End of story.

From what I've seen so far people seem to hate me because of unpopular opinions, and mostly because I'm very sensitive. But if you don't bother to give me constructive critism and just leave it as it is then don't expect at all that I should improve as I wouldn't know in what way to improve, besides if you didn't know it, I can take critism, just do it in a nice manner and in a constructive way, and everything will be good

24 iliekpiez

I'm guessing people hate the guy since he's so harsh, but you gotta admit his content is really good.

25 SammMinajj

Who cares if someone likes Nicki Minaj? That shouldn't be our problem. Let's just do something productive with our lives and not let Minaj bother us all the time. Besides, she's starting to lose popularity.

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