Top Ten Reasons Why TheTopTens Users Retire

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1 They get sick of TheTopTens

This is the only reason that would even put me close to leaving, but even then, it would probably only be a temporary thing.

I am noticing that the most common reason why users retire is because of losing intererest in this site. This is something that cannot be prevented (I think)

I retired because I finally got out of the phase thinking that I was "edgy." (Edgy actually means nervous or anxious I think, so stop using it for being cool.) Also JB is given WAY too much attention here. Higher than Musolini on "Top Ten Worst People in the World" (I think, I'm not bothered to check. You get the idea, anyway.)

I'm starting to get sick of this site. I've been on here for a while, and It's getting boring.

2 Mean users

Some of them are mean, and they still are nice compared to the people at my school who just randomly pick one person to bash. These people just bash the controversial users, and not let them have second chances.

THat's one reason why I was about to leave my account. I was acting like a butthead sometimes. Now I'm trying to become nicer.

I don't care if anybody's mean to me, if they're mean to me than who cares. People are people.

Once a user messaged me something mean but retired the next day.

3 They ran out of list ideas

Yeah, that happens in life, you run out of ideas. But sometimes, we find something and explore more about it, and we could get enough information to make it as a list.

I've actually considered retiring several times because of this.

4 They don't like TheTopTens
5 They think that the website is not popular

Just because it's not that much popular as websites like Instagram doesn't mean you have to leave. It's an underrated site and doesn't even have a Wikipedia page yet. This site is pretty enjoyable at times, and it is becoming much popular for internet surfers. I found this website on 2019.

That's the way it should stay, really. Honestly, I thinks it's too popular RIGHT NOW.

6 No quality posts
7 People obsess over something

I hate the whole Bieber hate obsession, but it's not enough to get me to retire.

I'm looking at you, people who complain that Justin Bieber is on every list.

I'm looking at you, person who keeps adding Justin Beiber to every list...

8 College

Welp, I'm still pretty far from college, and if I get into a good enough university, I might retire. :/ This is a rreally good website, though(not counting the part where there's some mean people)!

When I go to college, I will probably have less activity, but will still be on here.

Hate to say it, but when I get to college, I'll probably post sparingly, and once I get a job and children and a more demanding life, I'd probably retire or just slowly drift away from TheTopTens

Completely understandable, but don't leave us positron!

9 They get a wife and kids

Once this happens, I might just retire then without annoucement.

10 Some of my favorite users retired

I would still stay if my favorite users quit but it might not be the same because a lot of the times I message my favorite users but it is still not a reason to quit.

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11 Repetitive list types
12 Barely Anyone Respects Opinions
13 Haters

I barely have haters

14 Too much work
15 No one votes on their lists
16 They are not popular

On other sites, Popularity doesn't matter. On this site, all people care about is popularity. They treat users such as PositronWildhawk and Britgirl like Gods and Goddesses, and unknown users like CrimsonShark, SammySpore, and OhioStateBuckeyes like filthy peasants and slaves. Even worse, is that if you mess up, like Danteem, Gamecubesarecool193, SelfDestruct, and I did, then you're going to be treated worse than Justin Bieber, but treated like a demonic criminal.

17 They get criticized
18 So I can move on with my life

This is the exact reason why I'll retire at a time. Moving on with my life is more important than this site. Just need to do it at a time.

19 Bullies

This is just me, but I'm immune to bullies, both in real life and on TheTopTens. They're more annoying than mean on TheTopTens, anyway.

20 Die hard fans
21 They get bored quickly

I think this is it most of the time. I quit this site once because I got bored of it and then I came back like 2 years after (because I was bored and decided to come on this site to waste time) and now I'm still here but, definitely not one of the most active members

Yup. This is true for most cases.

22 Not in the top 100 most followed users at the stats

Why do people even care for 100 followers? It's just a bunch of people clicking to follow you.

I'm not even in the top 300 and I don't give a care! I just do what I love on this site!

23 Some have trouble logging in
24 TheTopTens is full of kids who think they're mature

The whole rustler group act like some sort of league of extraordinary gentlemen, yet they not only act the exact opposite, but actually make others act the exact opposite. it's a no-win scenario if you get into conflict with them because they take advantage of people getting mad all the time, then they cause retirement, hiatus, or potentially even driving to suicide.

25 They're being cyberbullied

Then turn off the computer or ignore them.

That's another reason why I was going to leave.

You can block the bully.

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