Top Ten T Rated Xbox 360 Games

All the really popular and best Xbox games are rated M, so here are some good T rated Xbox games.
The Top Ten
1 Batman: Arkham City

The graphics are great. I think this is the best Arkham game yet. Why is joker even in Arkham origins if he already died

The only other good one on this list is Portal. Arkham City and Arkham Asylum are great games.

Hi this game sucks too

2 Injustice: Gods Among Us

A very fun fighting game with a really good line from the joker

I have this on my I pad and I love it

3 Battlefield 1943

The picture is 42

4 Call of Duty 2
5 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

I love the series. Why is this game so underrated

6 Alan Wake
7 WWE 13

This game is really fun yeah it's a WWE game but this redefined WWE games.

8 Portal

This game is epic, maybe this and some sonic games are the only good Xbox games

Haven't played it yet but its on my list

The cake is a lie!

9 Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition
10 Skate 3

What is this game doing on 11? This game has cooler glitches than in Big Rigs! And so fun when you hit people, skaters, do tricks, and super jumping.

Spent a month+ on this game so fun with friends and self a bit like masturbation

The Contenders
11 Asura's Wrath

Very good game but now it's unknown

12 Destiny
13 Castle Crashers

Love this game wish there was a 2nd one

14 UFC Undisputed 3
15 Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition

YES my favorite racing game

16 Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark
17 The Simpsons Game
18 Batman: Arkham Asylum
19 Battlefield: Bad Company
20 Transformers War/fall of Cybertron

It't technically 2 games, but both have an amazing story, epic multiplayer, and great character customization. Overall, easily one of my favorite games.

21 Call of Duty 3
22 Batman: Arkham Origins
23 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Much fun very spiderman

24 GoldenEye 007: Reloaded
25 Super Meat Boy
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