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1 Halo 3

The way gaming was meant to be. Halo 1 itself set the standard for First Person Shooter games. Whether you love or hate Halo, you can't argue that fact.
This is one of the best games of the Halo trilogy because it had players emotionally wrapped up in the story line while providing gamers with the thrills of gaming. Both multi-players and single players could enjoy it.
Halo 3 also set the standard in how multi-player matching should take place.
Overall, one of the best games of all time.R.I.P. halo trilogy.

About me: I was always a big gamer. I would go through video games like crazy because there are plenty of great games. I never missed playing the old games after I finished them because it was on to the next one. But the Halo series is the only one I always want to go back to and play every once in a while. That and the Mario Brothers, but Halo tops Mario.

Clearly Bungie was listening to the criticisms of Halo 2. Not only is Chief in the driver's seat once more, but the environments are varied enough that each level feels distinct. Though you will still need to backtrack in a few areas, it's not as tedious as in previous iterations. The levels in Halo 3 lend to spectacular pacing that weaves from close-quarters, intense battles with Chief and a few soldiers, to more epic arenas. It does feel as if the marine presence is lighter than it should be, but there's enough chaos in the field to at least make it appear as if Master Chief is part of something grander.

Halo 3 has always been the most fun for me. It has a well balanced multiplayer (in my humble opinion the best multiplayer I've experienced) and a delightful campaign; although I do prefer the multiplayer section more... Halo 3 is great because it has a place for a variety of different kinds of players, if your a competitive gamer, if you want to have fun with friends, or if you just want to escape reality for a while, halo 3 does a pretty good job of these things... That's my view on things

The first thing I am going to state before I get to this is a disclaimer: every body has their own opinions, so don't assume that if someone plays your favorite game, they should love it as well. Now, I will admit that I've really played more of Halo: Reach than any others in the series, but Halo 3 is definitely the one I have the most nostalgia with. It was the second full Halo game I played, and I played it for hours on end.

2 Halo Reach

Okay why is this number 9... in my opinion it should be in the top 3s for sure. You know why I rate this 1-3 on the list. Because they finally brought invasion. I remember back in the day me and my buddies were talking about how there should be a Spartan vs an elite gamemode. And after reach came out I was happy. I never was addicted to a multiplayer this much before. (halo 3 was all about the custom games, never found multiplayer special. ) but reach invasion was the best. nowadays I still pop the disk in and play a few games of invasion to this day.

This is the end of the Halo road for Bungie -- the group is set to move on to a new original game next while Microsoft takes over responsibility for the franchise's future -- and that sense of this being a finale is in Halo: Reach. It shows clear reference to past games, refines well-established game mechanics, adds a few exciting twists, and polishes the rest to a glossy finish. The result is one of the most complete, fully-featured packages you'll find in gaming.

I don't know how much time I have spent playing this game, but it is a blast. Finished with campaign? take 3 friends with you and do it again. Want something different? Try Firefight. Tired of fighting together? try versus. Had enough fun with firefight? Try custom games. Played all the custom games? Create your own. Want new maps? Build your own. Want to have a blast with a bunch of your friends? System link this game. It is great.

It's the very first game I play of the halo franchise, and this game was what introduced me to this franchise. Basically, I wouldn't have known about halo for a long time without Halo reach. Also I think the experience is quite different and unique from the other games. I love it.

3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

As opposed to earlier games in the Call of Duty series, the game features modern equipment and new features, many exclusive to the multiplayer part of the game, such as "killstreaks"; killing a number of enemies without the player dying in between kills allows access to various assets including airstrikes and helicopter support. A character can be positioned in one of three stances: standing, crouching, or prone; each affecting the character's rate of movement, accuracy, and stealth. Using cover helps the player avoid enemy fire or recover health after taking significant damage. As such, there are no armor or health power ups. When the character has taken damage, the edges of the screen glow red and the character's heartbeat increases. If the character stays out of fire, the character can recover. When the character is within the blast radius of a live grenade, a marker indicates the direction of the grenade, helping the player to either flee or toss it back to the enemy.

Call of Duty 4 finally invented modern era FPS! Before, it was all WW2 games and nothing up to date... until Infinity Ward released this and Call of Duty REALLY became popular on YouTube! Weapons such as the M40A3 sniper, or the M16 three - round burst rifle, or what about the helicopter kill streak! This game redefines FPS as it is now!

Haven't gone back and played this one since getting MW3 so maybe it's the nostalgia talking, but I can't help but think that even though it was the first of a franchise, it still could be considered one of the best.

I know all the newer Call of Dutys seem to be the big hit, but since everybody plays them there is no room for someone bad like me. That's why I like all the older Call of Duty games because it is not very competetive and you can just play.

4 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim's residents are all aware of current events. They'll comment on the civil war, some sympathizing with the rebels, others thinking the establishment sold its soul. The peasants complain about the Jarls who control each settlement, the Jarls complain about the rebels or foreign policy, the over protective College librarian complains when I drop dragon scales all over his floor; many characters feel like whole, distinct personalities instead of vacuous nothings that hand out quests like a downtown greeter hands out flyers for discount jeans. Characters stereotype based on race, they double-cross at even the slightest hint it might be profitable, and they react to your evolving stature within the world. It makes a ridiculous realm, filled with computer-controlled cat people and humanoid reptiles, demon gods and dragons, feel authentic, like a world that existed long before you showed up and will continue to exist long after you leave.

Skyrim is the best game ever! How is it all the way down at 16? I expected it to be in the top 5! There are so many options in the story and the map is breathtaking! You have complete freedom with you character, you can be an honorable warrior, a stealthy assassin, a studious mage, or whatever you want. You can even choose which side of the war to fight for. Skyrim is by far my favorite game and right now the only thing I can think would ever beat it is the Elder Scrolls VI, when Bethesda makes it. SKYRIM for the win!

How did this game get 86! Voted 2011 game of the year and rpg of the year. The ps3 version had some problems but this is an Xbox list! A huge, open world with over 200 locations made by hand. You could play a wizard half the game then switch to a two handed axe almost no problem. Let the thief run away, capture him, or kill him and the guy chasing him. Random events that happen in sink with how you play. To me, this game beat it's predecessor Oblivion. I think it should be the best Xbox game

You can't find a game that compares to this. I have always searched for a game that feels real. It is the awesome medieval feeling makes you whis you were there. It goes many references from Lord of The Rings, which makes it even cooler. You can actually interact with other people and get different reactions.(when you walk in the street with only underwear or get drunk)

5 Grand Theft Auto IV

You play as Niko Bellic, an Eastern European attempting to escape his past and the horrors of the Bosnian war. He arrives in Liberty City to experience the American dream, only to discover his cousin, Roman, may have fibbed a bit in his tales of success. Starting from nothing, Niko makes a living as a killer and enforcer, a bad-ass foreigner who appears to have no morals. The longer we stay with Niko, the more we see that there is a broken human being inside, one who would give anything to escape the person he once was.

Definitely one of the greatest games of all time, a true open-world gaming experience. The story packs in almost 20 hours of game-play, not to mention the vast open-world of Liberty City with tons of opportunity in store. With top-notch voice acting, realistic setting and cars, and hundreds of possibilities, this is a must buy for ANYONE looking for a good time. If you haven't played or bought this game yet, I feel sincerely sorry for you.

Grand Theft Auto IV Is Great! I Had This Game And I Like The Ultra Graphics, Nice Crashing effects and screaming sounds I like Niko Bellic And Roman Cause Roman Takes me to My fun places in the world, I like Niko Bellic, Cause every time I do a mission he gets Money! And I spend money on different places, I Like The Car Honking And The Car Accleration, But When I'm on a bridge, That's connected to a borough above the water a car blocks our way, I like this 9.9/10...… Matthew Torres

Grand Theft Auto IV, the memories. I love how you can date all these different girls and take them on dates, I also love the story mode, the missions are always so eventful, even when you've finished the game you can ask for a Job from Little Jacob, or many other NPC's.

6 Bioshock

Things kick off with your plane smacking into the ocean and your character having to take refuge in Rapture to survive. Irrational plays on the conventions of the first-person perspective by thrusting you through experiences that toy with and vastly strengthen that fragile, intangible bond between in-game protagonist and yourself. At times, it forces upon you moments of reflection, which is so important and rare in games, where you contemplate the nature of blindly accepted game conventions, which we can't get into for fear of spoiling things. It lays a relatively straight narrative path for you, but it never feels linear, a result of the gameplay as much as the narrative.

Got to place the crown of achievements in video game modern marvels on Bioshock! Bioshock perhaps was my first video game from the XBOX library I played and for most of unusual reasons is a profound choice! The game of BIOSHOCK does one thing too good and takes another and welds it altogether to give a player a masterpiece! The multiplayer was over crazy fiendishly fun and fast paced! The big daddy is a revered game in my library of games I've played throughout time! Takes the past, present and future and throws players into an unsettling virtual world of horror surprise and fantasy action suspense! Go BIOSHOCK till the end of eternity in games! - VirtualwarriorJ XBOX 1 Gamer for life!

Sadly enough, this game is not for everyone. Especially not for 12-year olds who doesn't know about anything else than Red Bull and Call of Duty. This is a deep game, with lots of questions asked, and lots of questions answered. It's more of a novel than a game when you think about it. If you have ever read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, this is the game for you.

This game is crazy good. It combines all the elements to make a great game. The graphics, the characters, the action, the suspense, the story! Everything about this game was great. This was a game that made me depressed when it was over just because I wanted more. The Bioshock series should be number one.

7 Red Dead Redemption

It's tempting to say that Red Dead Redemption is ahead of its time, but the reality is that this is a game of and for the times. Rockstar shows an uncanny ability to hold a mirror up to society and remind us that present day hot button issues like racism, immigration, federal government power and personal freedoms are not only nothing new, they are deeply ingrained in American society. They are forces that helped to shape America into what it is, and their inclusion in Red Dead Redemption gives it a sense of authenticity that videogames in general lack.

Yeah GTA 4 is a good game. But for Me Red Dead Redemption is better! It has all the taste of what a Western Style Sandbox Game Should Have. It Has an awesome Story! For the least It Deserves to be in the Top 5! (Though it should be 1st, but oh well). If you haven't played it yet, you should check this game out, I Can be sure you guys will love this game!

Was literally the best game I've ever played. I was so into the story mode, I played the game at least 7 or 8 times, for the story alone. Halo's good, C.O.D. too, but no one even comes close to what this game has to offer. Should be #1 for sure.

I think that red dead redemption has a beautiful landscape and great graphics.
But it is sort of a let down that about the online multiplayer that you can hardly ever find any actual multiplayer gamers.

8 Grand Theft Auto V

Why is this all the way at the bottom?!? It should be all the way at the top. I beat the game and it is the best game for Xbox 360. There are so many missions to do! It really keeps you company and it's so much fun. I would recommend this game to everyone above 10 years old due to the language. The characters are: Michael/Trevor/ Franklin. My personal favorote is mkcheal because he has the ability to slow down time to shoot, and he has a lot of money thanks to the last mission! This game is the best game I've ever had, and I would definitely recommened this game to people 10+ Definitely the best game, and should be at the top.

Grand Theft Auto V will be remembered for years. "Best Graphics In 2015" will definitely be one of them. Its one of the most fun games ever. Even when I've finished the game, there's so much to explore still, you can, go to mount chilliad, do some random events, taxi missions, and lots more!

NUMBER 30?! Is this a joke?
Come on people, you know this game deserves number 1! No question about it. Ever since this game came out, I sold my other games because I only play Grand Theft Auto v! That's how fun it is!

18! For real, this game came out over half a year ago and it still has more daily players than almost any other game, it has something like 300 perfect reviews, and is honesty one of the greatest games ever invented! What 18?

9 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: modern warfare 2 is the best game ever made. It combined the superior maps with the best weapons of any Call of Duty. The highlights were the intervention, the upgraded ump45, the scar-h, and the tar-21. Infinity ward created a revolution of first person shooters.

This game is the best game I have ever played... The best FPS game... You'll love this game. Please vote for the game. And please play this game you'll love it... Really a very realistic game... With ultimate gadgets...

Call of Duty is the best game series ever if you like halo then you don't have a good intrest in good games. A good game is told bye three things graphics, most games are to dark and you can't see anything 2 a good game has a rush fill to it some games don't have a good rush 3 a good game has a good gaming community

This game is like puring silk throuhg the lines to the screen. I have not found a glitch in it yet and have beat it twice in a week not on easy. Love it recomend anyone with a 360 to buy this game or at least rent it and give it a try.

10 Gears of War

Gears series is the best. I have played halo 3 also, but halo sucks really, all my friends are of the same opinion, gears of war original is the best among the trilogy, gears 2 is also good and gears 3 has beast mode which is awesome, the versus mode is spine chilling, this game simply rocks

Gears of War tops all, with all the high graphics and realistic actions in war. I mean most games you would get shot 50 times and not move at all. At least this one is challenging and you have to take cover. Meaning no "BONZAI CHARGES".

By far the best game for the 360, a third person shooter is unheard of in gaming, let alone have a game the makes it so that you are able to mount in and out of cover. A cover system not used since killswitch for the ps2. And make it work. It's gritty bloody, violent and hardcore. 10/10 and my favorite game/game franchise ever.

Best Third Person shooting Game of all. I liked the story, the game play and the maps. The guns are rocking and the kill sequences are awesome.

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11 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

MP was epic, Story was short but nobody plays this for the story. Zombie mode made it feel like you got two games for 1 because it really is a whole different dynamic from playing multiplayer. This is number 1 and I will never sell or trade this game for anything.

Should be in the top 5. Has all different kinds of action including online multiplayer, a good story line and zombies. Zombies adds a whole new level of fun because it is unlimited. Best graphics ever.

Black Ops 2 has an amazing Story Mode and outstanding Zombies Mode.
Also, the weapons are awesome. If you haven't tried Black Ops 2 and love Call of Duty, I suggest you play it, and you wont regret it, trust me.

The best game ever. Could play all day oh wait I do. Laugh out loud.

12 Minecraft

The Xbox 360 version of the game, developed by 4J Studios, is planned to support Kinect play and cross-platform playability with the PC version. The gameworld size is limited to 1024 by 1024 blocks, although this might later be expanded through the next updates. At the Game Developers Conference, it was made known that Minecraft for XBLA would be coming out on March 17, 2012. However, Daniel Kaplan said on Twitter that it is Microsoft's decision on when it will be released, 4J Studios told Microsoft that the game was ready for release, Microsoft waited for a date that they are happy to release. It was announced that Minecraft would be the flagship game in a new Xbox Live promotion called Arcade NEXT. The game was released on May 9, 2012. Currently Minecraft for Xbox 360 is limited, although in time the game will be in sync with the PC version, but on the first release, Xbox Minecraft was many versions behind the current 1.2.5. Although many features are planned, they will not be added ...more

One of the best games ever created. A plain and simple idea placing a single block and creating amazing things. It shows how the most simple of games can become something so compelling. Minecraft is definitely my number 1.

Come on, how is this not top 5? I mean, you can build ANYTHING you want if you set your mind to it. (And have enough free time. ) When I first got the game, I played it for 16 hours straight. I actually kind of miss the old Minecraft though...

Even though Minecraft was made in 2009, its still one of the most played games of 2015. And, its even more fun because you can mod it, or go in servers. Either way, Minecraft is one of my favourite games, its got a lot of fun things to do.

13 Call of Duty: Black Ops

The best Call of Duty by far. Great campaign story that feeds off world at war. The zombies maps blew the old ones out of the water and have yet to be matched by the new zombies all the way up to BLOPs 3. And the multiplayer setup is unmatchable has the greatest maps for online including OG juke town, firing range, and array as well as the best guns ever put into the game and the money system used to buy guns and attachments as well as to gamble in side games was perfect. this game was seamlessly perfect in every way. Should be remastered and made into an Xbox one game

Amazing multiplayer and campaign. Also zombies is really fun and great to play on split screen, solo, or on Xbox live and the first of the two Black Ops. My disc got scratched and I am even thinking of buying another!

The best Call of Duty game! Zombies is the best mode of any game and the multiplayer was amazing. The campaign was a bit of a let down but this game is definitely good enough to make it to my number 2.

In my opinion, it's the best Call of Duty Game! Grand Theft Auto is horrible! I agree with Halo 3 being way up there, but this game should be right there with it! I play it to this day (It is now 2014).

14 Fallout 3

This game is one of the most beautiful, in-depth and outstanding games I have ever had the honour to play. The story line for the entire game series is one of the most interesting yet different- in it's own manner- out of many games I have played, and this game attracts you with it's freedom of customization, free-will to pick a path of life that you desire and also shows you a post-apocalyptic struggle of society that has many different stories to tell from all over the wasteland. To every friend who asks my favorite game, I fangirl, then I immediately suggest "Fallout 3" then I let myself loose with reasons why everyone should play a Fallout game. I will never get bored of exploring, discovering, helping, customizing and chosing. The uniqueness of the Vaults- each with their own independent story that links to the Great War just entice me to look deeper, to search for more. And I wouldn't have any other game than Fallout to play for the rest of my life. It is truly an absolute ...more

Fallout 3 is a special videogame. It's an open-world role-playing game that delivers an experience unlike anything on the market right now. It's a gripping and expansive showcase of how much depth and excitement can be packed into one videogame, and it does justice to the Fallout franchise. This sequel is the first made by Bethesda, the developers responsible for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. You don't need to play any of their past games or any previous Fallout games to enjoy this one. It stands on its own as a memorable and well-crafted videogame.

Fallout 3 will always have that one special place in my heart! I have played this game so many times I have all the DLC and on days when I am bored I find myself turning back to this old faithful friend of mine! I have played all of the Fallouts but 3 just seems to be the one that is the best in my opinion I just absolutely love this game and recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the chance to enjoy it!

An amazing, beautiful game that has kept me entertained for 45 hours and counting. The very openly dynamic world is always entertaining and the ability to chang your playstyle from good guy to bad guy in a few seconds is interesting.

15 Assassin's Creed II

This is way better than AC1. Better man, awesome weapons, climb faster, longer, more fun, real people from the world in the past, and this game actually teaches someone about the true ART-OF-WAR!

Not only is it addictive and fun, anytime you want to get historical SWAG on, you can play this game and enjoy it for what it is: great story, superb graphics and music, and fun gameplay.

I love this game! I'm 14 and my brother downloaded it. ezio is our favorite assassin. this game is so awesome I beat it in like a week and a half. I'm honestly surprised it didn't get a higher rating.


AC games are truly the best. Greatest story ever. Blows C.O. D away. Life is a story and A. C is the greatest story ever told

16 Fable II

While RPG's like Oblivion are great too, don't let the game overshadow this one. It takes place in between medieval and pre-modern times... You can be ALL types of fighters, warrior, mage and thief! Fight with a sword one second, unleash a bunch of elemental power the next, then pull out a gun. Not to mention that the world was much big and beautiful for its time. Fable II was the best 360 RPG during its reign.

I mean if your going to vote shouldn't it be a console exclusive aside from halo this is probably one the best exclusives to the console and is still considered one of the greatest games.

One of the most addicting games I've ever played. Might give it a whirl soon.

17 Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Hundreds of hours or game play, most likely hundreds of ways for you to play the game, AND it's one of the few RPGs to really let you do whatever the hell you want, I've personally never finished the main quest line in my 600 hours of playing over the years.

It's not flawless, though. While some characters like Lucien Lachance are just fabulous many named characters in the game have little back story and you won't learn anything about them, making them feel like they have no purpose in the game.

Its only flaws are the sometimes boring characters, minor glitches (I mean minor, stuff you wouldn't notice) and some of the physics. It's hard to wrong with this game, easily 9/10.

This game, on a scale of limitation, is a 0. Truly amazing. Simply the fact that you can do whatever you want makes it nearly the greatest.

The graphics are superb, with extreme precision involved in attention to detail.

Every last feature, cave, weapon, action, reaction, skill and choice in this game, for me, is terrific.

I would definitely rate this above Gears of War.

Grand Theft Auto IV at number 3? Please. That's not a classic. I agree with Halo and Gears being so high up, but Grand Theft Auto? You've got to be joking. It shouldn't even be in the top ten. Oblivion is the greatest 360 game ever made. Maybe it shouldn't be number 1 based on its fan base (Call of Duty, gears, and halo fans probably beat it), but it is the best to me hands down.

This game should be at least in the top 5. Oblivion is way better than Skyrim becuase Skyrim lets you be a little too free. Also it has a way better main story. Although the graphics and armor is sort of bad. Also in both games it does get annoying when NPCs talk to you like you just killed their brother.

18 Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series revolutionized video game storylines. Carrying over all the decisions, characters, and stats to the next game is simply amazing. The graphics are great. The story is like watching a movie. You won't be disappointed. That, I can guarantee.

Mind-blowing game! Definitely showcases all that 360 is about. Graphics, shading, lighting, gameplay. This game should be in the top 10 very, very soon.

I can't see how CoD 2 is in place #7 at this time. This game should be there for sure and CoD 2 in place 14 heh.

I have to vote for Mass Effect. This has to be one of the only AWESOME RPGs out for the 360. No other RPGs out can compare to Mass Effect. I have to say that I voted for this because if you think about it. There are many great FPS but this one in the RPG genre just sticks out.

Mass Effect is a brilliant game with great graphics and game play. One of the best games I have ever played.

19 Mass Effect 2

This is the continued saga of Commander Shepard. It's the future, and all sentient life across the galaxy is in peril. An advanced race of machines known as Reapers is intent on wiping the slate clean. Shepard, a distinguished soldier, has faced this threat and emerged triumphant once, but victory is far from assured. Now Shepard must take the fight to the enemy -- a mission that is dubbed suicidal from the outset. Things don't look very promising, but Shepard has a plan. It involves recruiting the best and brightest from around the galaxy and somehow convincing them their lives are worth sacrificing for the greater good.

I love this game. Quite possibly my favorite ever. Great story, memorable characters, fun combat, with just the right amount of RPG elements mixed in to make it the best Xbox 360 game.

Arguably the best game of the decade, incorporating RPG and shooter qualities. I can't believe it is so low down!

Call of Duty MW2 is crap. And it is top ten, now you are trying to tell me Mass Effect 2 is near the bottom? Noo way.

20 Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City is one of the greatest games ever! It was Ranked 36 all time and hasn't been out for 2 years! There is a reason why it was Game of The Year. It had so many cool easter eggs and treats for die hard batman fans. It's the greatest game ever.

Arkham City so low! Come on, it's the game of the year 2011! I just can't play this game for under 3 hours. So Addicting!

21 Gears Of War 2

This game is breathtaking. I can't say much more about it...Gears of war 2 set a before and an after in my experience on gaming in my not so short life.

I hate people who play Xbox. The fact that this Is behind three call of duties amazes me.

I have gears of war 1,2 and 3 but nothing beats number 2 NOTHING!

Kind of disgusting at times but good game I guess?...

22 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

The multiplayer experience is amazing. It should be ranked # 1. I also like it way more than black ops because in Mw3 it actually feels like you are in the war and not street fighting. I also like the guns and the maps a lot.

That's bull modern warfare 3 is clearly the best game ever! Anyone who doesn't vote for this game has clearly never played it before!

One of my favourite FPS games ever. I love the graphics and the maps. The Game Modes are cool as well, especially Infected.

Really amazing. Survival mode is like zombies but more realistic and way better. Best Xbox game.

23 Left 4 Dead

This game scares the living hell out of me...

One of the best games to play online with unforgettable characters

24 Half-Life 2 The Orange Box

When I first started Half Life 2 I loved it. The story was great so far. Then I picked up a crowbar and things started feeling a little bit repetitive. Then I picked up a pistol and things got worse. Then I started solving some physics puzzles. That's when things started to get interesting again. I loved the story throughout the whole game. I loved the graphics that are considered fine by todays standards, even though this game is from 2004. I loved the physics elements in the game, which made the game a lot more interesting. I would give this game, overall, 8/10. The only thing wrong with it at all was the shooter aspects of the game. Its not that I hated them. They just got a little boring after awhile. Get into a fight with a bunch of combine, repeat. Excellent game, with a great, original story.

The Orange Box has 3 great games, TF2, Half Life 2, and Portal 2. Why you wouldn't buy this when you see it in the store, I don't know,

This is the Best First person shooter I have ever played in my life!

This is the best game I have played
In a long time.

25 Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

This has got to be the best strategy game out there!

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