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1 Halo 3

The way gaming was meant to be, Halo 1 itself set the standard for First Person Shooter games. Whether you love or hate Halo, you can't argue that fact. This is one of the best games of the Halo trilogy because it had players emotionally wrapped up in the storyline while providing gamers with the thrills of gaming. Both multiplayer and single players could enjoy it. Halo 3 also set the standard in how multiplayer matching should take place. Overall, one of the best games of all time. R.I.P. Halo trilogy.

About me: I was always a big gamer. I would go through video games like crazy because there are plenty of great games. I never missed playing the old games after I finished them because it was on to the next one. But the Halo series is the only one I always want to go back to and play every once in a while. That and the Mario Brothers, but Halo tops Mario.

2 Halo Reach

I don't know how much time I have spent playing this game, but it is a blast. Finished with the campaign? Take three friends with you and do it again. Want something different? Try Firefight. Tired of fighting together? Try versus. Had enough fun with Firefight? Try custom games. Played all the custom games? Create your own. Want new maps? Build your own. Want to have a blast with a bunch of your friends? System link this game. It is great.

The game has the best graphics in the entire Halo series, including Halo 4. It features a great campaign that demonstrates that the good guys don't always emerge victorious. Additionally, you have a wider range of armor options to choose from, and you can customize your character's size to be either massive or small, which sets it apart from the other Halos. In my opinion, it deserves to be ranked as number one.

3 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim is the best game ever! How is it all the way down at 16? I expected it to be in the top 5! There are so many options in the story and the map is breathtaking! You have complete freedom with your character. You can be an honorable warrior, a stealthy assassin, a studious mage, or whatever you want. You can even choose which side of the war to fight for. Skyrim is by far my favorite game, and right now the only thing I can think of that would ever beat it is the Elder Scrolls VI when Bethesda makes it. Skyrim for the win!

4 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I understand that the newer Call of Duty games seem to be the big hit, but since everybody plays them, there is no room for someone bad like me. That's why I prefer the older Call of Duty games because they are not very competitive, and you can just play.

Haven't gone back and played this one since getting MW3, so maybe it's the nostalgia talking, but I can't help but think that even though it was the first of a franchise, it still could be considered one of the best.

Call of Duty 4 finally invented the modern era FPS! Before, it was all WWII games and nothing up to date... until Infinity Ward released this, and Call of Duty REALLY became popular on YouTube! Weapons such as the M40A3 sniper, or the M16 three-round burst rifle, or what about the helicopter kill streak! This game redefines FPS as it is now!

5 Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is great! I had this game and I like the ultra graphics, nice crashing effects, and screaming sounds. I like Niko Bellic and Roman because Roman takes me to my fun places in the world. I like Niko Bellic because every time I do a mission, he gets money! And I spend money on different places. I like the car honking and the car acceleration. But when I'm on a bridge that's connected to a borough above the water, a car blocks our way. I like this game 9.9/10... Matthew Torres.

Definitely one of the greatest games of all time, a true open-world gaming experience. The story packs in almost 20 hours of gameplay, not to mention the vast open world of Liberty City with tons of opportunities in store. With top-notch voice acting, a realistic setting, and cars, and hundreds of possibilities, this is a must-buy for ANYONE looking for a good time. If you haven't played or bought this game yet, I feel sincerely sorry for you.

6 Red Dead Redemption

Yeah, GTA 4 is a good game. But for me, Red Dead Redemption is better! It has all the taste of what a Western-style sandbox game should have. It has an awesome story! At the very least, it deserves to be in the top 5! (Though it should be 1st, but oh well.) If you haven't played it yet, you should check this game out. I can be sure you guys will love this game!

My favorite sandbox game (yes, I even like it better than Grand Theft Auto 4) and a thousand times better than all the Call of Duty games combined. I would trade any one game in the top five for this one any day.

7 Grand Theft Auto V

Why is this all the way at the bottom?!? It should be all the way at the top. I beat the game, and it is the best game for Xbox 360. There are so many missions to do! It really keeps you company and it's so much fun. I would recommend this game to everyone above 10 years old due to the language. The characters are Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. My personal favorite is Michael because he has the ability to slow down time to shoot, and he has a lot of money thanks to the last mission! This game is the best game I've ever had, and I would definitely recommend this game to people 10+. Definitely the best game and should be at the top.

8 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty is the best game series ever. If you like Halo, then you don't have a good interest in good games. A good game is told by three things: graphics. Most games are too dark, and you can't see anything. Secondly, a good game has a rush feeling to it. Some games don't have a good rush. And finally, a good game has a good gaming community.

This game is like pouring silk through the lines to the screen. I have not found a glitch in it yet and have beaten it twice in a week, not on easy. Love it! I recommend anyone with a 360 to buy this game or at least rent it and give it a try.

9 Bioshock

Got to place the crown of achievements in the video game Modern Marvels on Bioshock! Bioshock perhaps was my first video game from the Xbox library I played, and for most of unusual reasons, it is a profound choice! The game of Bioshock does one thing too well and takes another and welds it altogether to give a player a masterpiece! The multiplayer was insanely fun and fast-paced! The Big Daddy is a revered game in my library of games I've played throughout time! It takes the past, present, and future and throws players into an unsettling virtual world of horror, surprise, and fantasy action suspense! Go Bioshock till the end of eternity in games! - VirtualwarriorJ, Xbox 1 Gamer for life!

10 Gears of War

By far the best game for the Xbox 360, a third-person shooter is unheard of in gaming, let alone having a game that makes it so that you are able to move in and out of cover. A cover system has not been used since Killswitch for the PS2, and to make it work is impressive. It's gritty, bloody, violent, and hardcore. I give it a 10/10, and it's my favorite game/franchise ever.

The Gears series is the best. I have played Halo 3 also, but Halo sucks, really. All my friends share the same opinion. Gears of War original is the best among the trilogy. Gears 2 is also good, and Gears 3 has Beast Mode, which is awesome. The Versus Mode is spine-chilling. This game simply rocks.

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11 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

MP was epic. The story was short, but nobody plays this for the story. Zombie mode made it feel like you got two games for 1 because it really is a whole different dynamic from playing multiplayer. This is number 1, and I will never sell or trade this game for anything.

This game should be in the top 5. It has all kinds of action, including online multiplayer, a good storyline, and zombies. Zombies add a whole new level of fun because it is unlimited. It has the best graphics ever.

Black Ops 2 has an amazing Story Mode and outstanding Zombies Mode. Also, the weapons are awesome. If you haven't tried Black Ops 2 and love Call of Duty, I suggest you play it, and you won't regret it, trust me.

12 Minecraft

Mojang is very creative. They named it Cave Game first, then Minecraft! Minecraft has inspired many people to play it, and my friends keep talking about it! Notch first had a company called Mojang. Next, he created Minecraft with his assistant, Jeb. First, it's pre-classic, then classic, then Indev, then Infdev, then Alpha. Next is Beta, and finally Minecraft 1.0.

One of the best games ever created, a plain and simple idea placing a single block and creating amazing things. It shows how the most simple of games can become something so compelling. Minecraft is definitely my number 1.

13 Assassin's Creed II

I love this game! I'm 14, and my brother downloaded it. Ezio is our favorite assassin. This game is so awesome. I beat it in like a week and a half. I'm honestly surprised it didn't get a higher rating.


Not only is it addictive and fun, anytime you want to get historical SWAG on, you can play this game and enjoy it for what it is: great story, superb graphics and music, and fun gameplay.

This is way better than AC1. Better, man! Awesome weapons, climb faster, longer, more fun, real people from the world in the past, and this game actually teaches someone about the true art of war!

14 Call of Duty: Black Ops

The best Call of Duty by far. Great campaign story that draws inspiration from World at War. The zombies maps surpass the quality of the old ones and have yet to be equaled by the new zombies, all the way up to BLOPs 3. Moreover, the multiplayer setup is unparalleled, featuring the greatest online maps, including OG Juke Town, Firing Range, and Array. Additionally, it includes the best guns ever introduced in the game. The money system used to purchase guns, attachments, and engage in side games was flawless. This game was seamlessly perfect in every way. It should be remastered and made available as an Xbox One game.

15 Fallout 3

This game is one of the most beautiful, in-depth, and outstanding games I have ever had the honor to play. The storyline for the entire game series is one of the most interesting, yet different, in its own manner, out of many games I have played. This game attracts you with its freedom of customization, free will to pick a path of life that you desire, and also shows you a post-apocalyptic struggle of society that has many different stories to tell from all over the wasteland. To every friend who asks about my favorite game, I fangirl, and then I immediately suggest "Fallout 3," and then I let myself loose with reasons why everyone should play a Fallout game. I will never get bored of exploring, discovering, helping, customizing, and choosing. The uniqueness of the Vaults - each with their own independent story that links to the Great War - just entices me to look deeper, to search for more. And I wouldn't have any other game than Fallout to play for the rest of my life. It is truly an absolute masterpiece, and I will always love it. Thanks to Bethesda and Obsidian.

16 Fable II

While RPGs like Oblivion are great too, don't let the game overshadow this one. It takes place between medieval and pre-modern times. You can be all types of fighters: warrior, mage, and thief! Fight with a sword one second, unleash a bunch of elemental power the next, then pull out a gun. Not to mention that the world was much bigger and more beautiful for its time. Fable II was the best 360 RPG during its reign.

I mean, if you're going to vote, shouldn't it be a console exclusive? Aside from Halo, this is probably one of the best exclusives to the console and is still considered one of the greatest games.

17 Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion

Hundreds of hours of gameplay, most likely hundreds of ways for you to play the game, and it's one of the few RPGs to really let you do whatever the hell you want. I've personally never finished the main quest line in my 600 hours of playing over the years.

It's not flawless, though. While some characters like Lucien Lachance are just fabulous, many named characters in the game have little backstory, and you won't learn anything about them, making them feel like they have no purpose in the game.

Its only flaws are the sometimes boring characters, minor glitches (I mean minor, stuff you wouldn't notice), and some of the physics. It's hard to go wrong with this game, easily 9/10.

18 Mass Effect

The Mass Effect series revolutionized video game storylines, carrying over all the decisions, characters, and stats to the next game is simply amazing. The graphics are great, and the story is like watching a movie. You won't be disappointed; that, I can guarantee.

Mind-blowing game! Definitely showcases all that 360 is about. Graphics, shading, lighting, gameplay. This game should be in the top 10 very, very soon.

I can't see how CoD 2 is in place #7 at this time. This game should be there for sure and CoD 2 in place 14, heh.

19 Mass Effect 2

I love this game. Quite possibly my favorite ever. Great story, memorable characters, fun combat, with just the right amount of RPG elements mixed in to make it the best Xbox 360 game.

Arguably the best game of the decade, incorporating RPG and shooter qualities. I can't believe it is so low down!

Call of Duty MW2 is crap. And it's in the top ten. Now you're trying to tell me Mass Effect 2 is near the bottom? No way.

20 Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City is one of the greatest games ever! It was ranked 36 all-time and hasn't been out for 2 years! There is a reason why it was Game of the Year. It had so many cool Easter eggs and treats for die-hard Batman fans. It's the greatest game ever.

Arkham City so low! Come on, it's the game of the year 2011! I just can't play this game for under 3 hours. So addicting!

21 Gears Of War 2

This and Halo 3 are awesome. It should be this first and Halo second, and then the rest of the list is okay, obviously besides this being at number 14.

This game is breathtaking. I can't say much more about it... Gears of War 2 set a before and an after in my experience of gaming in my not-so-short life.

I hate people who play Xbox. The fact that this is behind three Call of Duties amazes me.

22 Halo 4

Halo is probably the most immersive franchise on any console. Everything from the graphics, to multiplayer, to the storyline is exceptional. Halo is the reason you buy an Xbox, and you can see why with Halo 4. I have never played a game as good as this. The only other game I'd consider is Halo Reach.

Halo 4 is the best Halo yet. It has everything from all the other Halos plus more. It also has a better story than the other Halos and introduces different enemies you can fight. Halo 4 should be number one!

Halo 4 is the best out of all the Halo games, even though I have never been a Halo fan. However, I like Halo 4, but it isn't the best Xbox 360 game of all time.

23 Half-Life 2 The Orange Box

When I first started Half-Life 2, I loved it. The story was great so far. Then I picked up a crowbar and things started feeling a little repetitive. Then I picked up a pistol and things got worse. Then I started solving some physics puzzles. That's when things started to get interesting again. I loved the story throughout the whole game. I loved the graphics that are considered fine by today's standards, even though this game is from 2004. I loved the physics elements in the game, which made the game a lot more interesting. I would give this game, overall, 8/10. The only thing wrong with it at all was the shooter aspects of the game. It's not that I hated them. They just got a little boring after a while. Get into a fight with a bunch of Combine, repeat. Excellent game, with a great, original story.

24 Halo 3: ODST

Great! Simply great! Beats Viva PiƱata any given day! The single-player campaign rocks!

25 Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

This has got to be the best strategy game out there!

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