Top 10 Reasons Why the Xbox One S is Better Than the PS4 Pro

The Top Ten
1 The PS4 Pro lacks 4K Blu-ray
2 Backwards compatibility without the price
3 It has more storage options
4 Xbox games can be played anywhere

Anywhere, and every way possible, like other consoles (sarcasm).

Nah only a handful countries

5 A newly designed controller

Xbox one controller feel good use that ps4 controller

6 The Xbox One S will control your devices

Right it will watch my every move, Microsoft how dare you spy on your customers.

Yes if you have a Portable device you can get Apps such as Xbox Smartglass. The Xbox
App to keep up on you friends activitys. The Xbox Store. Avatar Creator, etc

7 Your electricity bill will be lower
8 It'll take up less space
9 The PS4 Pro is more expensive
10 The Xbox One S's games have better graphics
The Contenders
11 The Xbox One S has a better Online Connection than Ps4 Pro
12 PS4 Pro Sucks
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