Top Ten Best Things Happening to Xbox One In 2015

This last quarter of 2015 is going to see possibly the biggest jump ever for a console. The already brilliant One is gonna have some massive updates, the likes of which haven't yet been seen this generation on any console, that is likely aimed at closing the gap in sales with the PS4. These updates will make the console truly next gen. Hello Cortana...
The Top Ten
1 Huge games coming out, including exclusives

The stunning Forza 6, Halo 5 Guardians, Gears Of War 4,Fable Legends are examples of exclusives. Also cross platform massive games such as AC Syndicate and Black Ops 3.

I have an Xbox ONE. I'm sure the games will be great!

2 Backwards compatibility

Coming the end of the year. Play all the 360 games on One, in an Emulator, so you can actually switch between One and full 360 on your One console. Want the 360 dashboard? You got it.

This is probably how I think Microsoft won cause when I heard that I went they beat Sony that E3

3 Addition of Cortana integrated into Kinect for free

Go on, have a conversation with your Xbox. It's almost alive.

4 New One dashboard

A new dashboard that just from videos is already my favourite dashboard / home of any console I've ever played. Love it.

5 New controller

First customizable controller anyone? Want to be able to rearrange buttons, change sticks, have new sensitive pad on controller, new modes and buttons to back? You got it. Biggest update for controller I've seen on any console in my life thusfar.

My Xbox came with a black controller.

6 New 1TB console

If 500GB isn't enough, there is a 1TB option with matte finish available right now.

7 Many free games with gold

Including the amazing, beautiful game Child Of Light. You always have A LOT of free games and apps with Xbox.

8 Rare Replay
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